A Guide to Magento Security Patches

A Guide to Magento Security Patches

Security is one of the most crucial factors of an ecommerce store. A report states that online stores are at risk of losing over $20 billion in 2021. The increase in digital fraud is a threat to online stores.

Magento is an innovative open source platform for the ecommerce industry. There is a crucial drawback to using an open source solution.

Earlier, Magento enhanced the application by adding features. It meant that the security issues did not have a “fix”. It had an “upgrade” to the current software.

In 2015, Magento started releasing Magento security patches.

What are Magento Security Patches?

Magento Security Patches

Developers fix security errors by giving software updates. A Magento security patch is a software release. It provides the newest updates for Magento to fix security issues.

The patch file helps in fixing major bugs. It adds new functions to the old version of the software. Patches ensure the security updates of the website.

There are 2 types of security patches in Magento:

  • Official Patches: These patches are on Magento Security Center.

  • Custom Patches: These patches are created and distributed by developers on Github.

Availability of the patch is announced by a message pop-up to Magento admin. It is also announced through email to all customers and partners.

Note: Beware of fake Magento patch

Beware of fake patches on the internet. Hackers disguise malware as a Magento patch. They release fake patches with malware code. This code pretends to be an applied security patch.

We highly recommend downloading patches only from the official Magento website. You can find them at the Magento Security Center. You can see the patches for specific Magento versions on the Magento Downloads page.

What are SUPEE Patches?

Magento SUPEE Patches -Apply Magento security patches

Magento uses the JIRA system for bug tracking. Patches named SUPEE Patches are released to provide support tickets.

For example, SUPEE-11346.

It includes a self-installing script. The script contains the code to update the existing Magento code files.

Why are Magento Security Patches Important?

Any security hole has the potential to bring bigger risks. Hackers look for security holes to exploit them.

After identifying security holes, the developer releases security patches. Magento offers different versions of security patches to minimize security holes.

The purpose of a security patch is to fix the potential problems at hand. As well as prevent other damages.

Users update a security patch to correct the weakness. This action will help you avoid big problems like data loss.

Security patches protect your website against potential threats. It protects your Magento page from security breaches.

Why apply the latest patches as soon as they are released?

Apply Magento security patches

Many Magento shop owners avoid updates. They fear that it may change customized features.

Hackers wait for Magento security releases. From the patch, they identify the existing security issues. They scan the web for unpatched Magento websites.

Delays in applying patches lead to risk. You should add a Magento patch as soon as it is released. This will help you save your website from getting hacked.


Patches protect your website against security threats. It maintains data integrity.

We strongly recommend keeping your website up-to-date. Keep it fully patched all the time. Install security patches as soon as they are available.

You should install and test the patch in a development environment. It is mandatory to test the patch before going live.

For more information on Magento store security, check the Web Application Firewall.

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