Importance of Reliable Magento Hosting Support

Importance of Reliable Magento Hosting Support

Magento hosting support is essential for the overall customer experience. The quality of technical support offered by the hosting providers is important. You require trained Magento specialists to solve technical issues in case of an emergency.

The support team is responsible for managing server-side tasks.

You may encounter many difficulties while managing your website. There may be site downtime and security issues. You have to resize the server to avoid excess resources constantly.

Without proper server management, your system may become slow & unresponsive, and outdated.

You may lack the resources & expertise to resolve these issues.

The hosting environment impacts uptime & sales of your Magento store. Exceptional technical support ensures high availability and performance.

In this article, we look at the importance of having reliable Magento hosting support.

What is Magento Hosting Support?

Magento hosting is a web-hosting service for the Magento software. In the hosting plan, you can also opt for Magento hosting support.

The hosting provider will offer Magento specialists who will take care of your site’s server. They also manage the infrastructure & Magento systems.

Some primary tasks of Magento hosting support include:

  • Keeping the server updated
  • Server configuration and setup
  • Removing potential security threats
  • Resolving server-side issues
  • Scaling and load balancing
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • 24/7 customer service

Importance of Reliable Magento Hosting Support

1. Ensuring High Performance & Availability

High Performance & Availability -Magento Hosting Support

The Magento support team will help optimize server performance.

You will get quick solutions to any performance issues. The team will help you identify performance bottlenecks on the server.

An ecommerce site has many product images & site functions. Magento is an open-source platform. That means you can add custom elements to the website builder.

With so many updates, the pages can become heavy. That’s why you have to optimize the page load time regularly.

The site may have a slow loading time due to spikes in server load. In such cases, contact the Magento support team. They will manage the server load effectively for better performance.

The support team ensures operability on the hardware & software server components. It helps to maintain the server performance.

2. Installation & Migration Support

 Installation & Migration Support -Magento Hosting Support

There are many steps to installing Magento on your server. You have first to meet the Magento 2 system requirements.

To get the server ready, you have to install the following:

  • OS such as Linux, Ubuntu, Debian.
  • Apache or NGINX
  • MySQL
  • PHP supported versions
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis & Varnish cache

The server has to be correctly configured for Magento. Once you meet the requirements, install Magento 2 on your server.

You can install the software using Composer. You have to set up a database system. It also includes web configurations.

You then create an admin account & install Magento. It includes PHP settings and PHP extensions. You have to create the user and file permissions. Ensure the server & system are updated after set up.

If you do not have technical support, these tasks can be challenging. Any mistake would lead to incorrect server & system failures. You may also lose data & create security issues in the process.

That’s why Magento support is essential to help set up your shop. Magento specialists will know the best hosting plan for your business.

If you have a Magento shop already, the team offers Magento migration. With fully managed Magento support, you can stay hands-off.

Magento experts take care of migrating your store. Some of the migration services will include:

  • Migrate shop to a new infrastructure
  • Free Magento Migration services
  • Safe data transfer & SSL certificates
  • Minimize downtime during migration
  • Fast & smooth migration process.

3. Monitoring Server & Magento System

Monitoring Server & Magento System -Magento Hosting Support

Reliable Magento hosting offers 24/7 server monitoring. System admins see that the server is healthy.

They also look for any potential threats that may harm the system. It includes software updates and network health.

Some of the server monitoring parts include:

  • CPU, memory, and disk space.
  • Individual services such as Redis, Elasticsearch, and MySQL.
  • Unwanted web server requests
  • Setting firewall rules & security groups
  • Load balancing

In case of errors, the hosting service team resolves issues quickly. The server managing tasks are taken care of by the provider.

The team also handles version upgrades & patches. Experts track events such as scheduled backups and cron jobs.

4. Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance -Magento Hosting Support

Security is essential for all ecommerce platforms. You do not want hackers to steal sensitive data or damage your site.

Cyber attacks can happen in many ways. It includes phishing, spamming, or injection attacks.

A weak Magento site is vulnerable to attacks. Missing a minor system update can lead to security loops. Hackers can use it to corrupt your system.

Without proper Magento support, you are in charge of server security. You would have to hire Magento security experts. Hiring hourly staff is more expensive in the long run.

The Magento host has the tools to handle server security issues. They have experts with years of training in server security. The host will ensure that your server is updated and highly secure.

Some of Magento’s server security tasks include:

  • Firewall settings
  • SSL certificates
  • Web Application Firewall
  • OS updates & other security patches
  • VPN and DDoS protection
  • Spam filtering
  • Block unwanted countries & IP addresses
  • Hourly backups

Along with this, the hosting support team will also help you achieve compliance. They will offer security layers that adhere to regulations. It may include PCI DSS and GDPR laws.

You will get expert assistance to ensure data integrity & protection.

5. Flexibility in Scaling Resources

Flexibility in Scaling Resources -Magento Hosting Support

As your Magento shop grows, you have to get more computing resources. However, managing the server in-house leads to more overheads.

It is convenient to use Magento support from the provider. You get a dedicated technical team for scaling. All the server scaling is done using the best practices.

Some of the Magento scaling tasks include:

  • Spinning up a new server
  • Installing server software & services
  • Upscale & downscale server resources
  • Server provisioning to avoid resource wastage
  • Auto Scaling solutions
  • Optimizing usage for low costs

The team ensures that the server can handle sudden traffic spikes. You can create more marketing campaigns and not worry about breaking your server system. It lets you bring in more visitors & generate profits.

6. Reduced Operating Workloads

Reduced Operating Workloads -Magento Hosting Support

Move server workloads to a hosted Magento service provider.

There are many operating costs in managing the server. Your IT staff would have to work hard just to keep the server running. If any server component breaks down, you spend hours fixing it.

It leads to fewer chances for business growth & innovation. All the technical tasks are spent on keeping the website available to visitors.

Outsourcing these tasks reduce a lot of overheads. The operating workloads are entirely shifted to the Magento host. You get the freedom to focus on the business side of workloads.

The Magento support team will take care of operations such as:

  • Server health check-up
  • Operating system patches
  • Incremental and full backups
  • Database management
  • Continuous support on an application level

7. Effective Deployment, Provisioning, and Architecture

Deployment, Provisioning & Architecture -Magento Hosting Support

The hosting company understands your specific requirements. They analyze the incoming traffic and target regions. You require expert support to guide you on the best server & hosting plan.

It may be confusing to see which server type will work efficiently. You get options for VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting leads to many security & speed issues. In the end, the right option may not be as clear.

But with a technical support team that knows Magento hosting, these tasks are easy. The team sees your current Magento system and store size.

They also learn about your future scaling goals. Based on that, the web hosting plans are individually deployed.

You can further discuss with the support team about server resizing. The team provisions the server with the proper sizing & services.

It allows for a cost effective hosting solution. Some technical support ensures a money-back guarantee in case the SLAs are not met.

The Magento 2 hosting architecture will include different server plans. It will depend on your business size. The team considers redundancy too.

There are single-server and multi-server options. You also get Auto scaling plans that allow the server to scale more effectively.

The Magento support team will help you make the right decision for your store.

It is easier to ask the experts which server plan will work best. You get consultations from highly experienced Magento professionals.

8. Storage and Backup Lifecycle Management

Storage and Backup Lifecycle Management -Magento Hosting Support

Backups ensure Magento security & data availability. Cyber attacks can lead to data corruption. Hackers can run malicious scripts on your server.

There is accidental data loss due to human error or natural disaster.

In these cases, having backups allows for your business to keep going. It helps to restore your application quickly. That’s why backup lifecycle management is essential for Magento stores.

The Magento support team can handle managing the backup tasks.

With the Magento hosting support, you get regular backups. They create backups for your Magento system & databases.

In a disaster event, they will restore the data files quickly. You get rollback of database files quickly.

9. Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization -Magento Hosting Support

Cloud cost optimization is the process of reducing cloud spend. Although cloud allows more capacity, it often leads to cloud waste.

Almost one-third of cloud resources are wasted or unused. Which means you are paying for cloud services with no tangible outcomes. You may not have the right staff to understand cloud spend.

The Magento support team will help you minimize cloud spend. They will help you identify idle resources.

The support team may also provide solutions such as reserving capacity. They will identify heat maps to see when the resources are most needed.

Magento hosting support team will help you find quick solutions to optimizing cloud spend. You get the best methods that specialists use for cost effective cloud hosting.

Consult with the technical support team to minimize cloud spendings. The experts will resize the server & computing resources.


This article has covered many aspects of managing the server & Magento system. If anything goes wrong, you should have 24/7 expert support ready to resolve any problems.

Find a support team with fast customer service response times. Look for a reliable, experienced, and helpful team of experts to assist you.

Reliable hosting support helps ensure your site is available to customers. The hosting provider should have good knowledge of your specific technology stack. Ask how well they are acquainted with the tools and tech you use.

If you are not a tech person or don’t have time to manage and maintain a server, you should opt for Magento hosting managed by experts.

To learn more about managed Magento hosting, check out the MGT-Commerce blog.

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