MGT Varnish Cache for Magento 2

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Mgt Varnish Cache for Magento 2

As an expert on Magento hosting we have used the web accelerator Varnish Cache for Magento 1 for over five years because it’s blazing fast and comes along with many other benefits like saving infrastructure costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Magento 2 was released about one year ago and included an integrated Varnish Cache solution.

We reviewed and analyzed the integrated module and came to the conclusion that it has many missing features. The process resulted in the development of our own Varnish Cache module for Magento 2.
If you want to know how to increase Magento website speed: The MGT Varnish Cache is the best solution. For people new to Varnish Cache here are some of its benefits:

For people new to Varnish Cache here are some of its benefits:

Benefits of Varnish Cache

Enhanced Page Loading Speed

In e-commerce, the loading speed of an online shop is a critical success factor. Page load time is crucial for relevant sales conditions like browsing experience, user engagement, and eventually, conversion.

Cost-Efficient Use of Infrastructure

By minimising your Magento shop’s page loading time, Varnish Cache also reduces server usage, leading to considerable savings in infrastructure (economising up to 80% of infrastructure spendings).

Customer Satisfaction

On desktop interfaces as well as mobile devices, users increasingly expect instant page loads. Varnish boosts page performance, minimising page loading times.
A smoother user experience has proven to increase satisfaction, leading to more screen time and higher willingness to purchase.

Positive Impact on SEO

If you are looking for a better search engine ranking, you may want to start by polishing your online store’s performance. Search Engines like Google incorporate performance in their evaluation for search results.
Enhancing your page’s performance will positively affect your web presence.

What is MGT Varnish Cache for Magento 2?

The MGT Varnish Cache is a module for Magento 2 which is included in almost all of our hosting solutions.

We offer it as a component of our turnkey solution, meaning we install and configure the Varnish Server and the Varnish Cache module for Magento 2.

More Information

Key Features

Cache Crawler Queue

The Cache Crawler Queue is a feature to manage data changes on your Magento store. Initially, all changes are captured in the Queue. If product changes enter the Queue, their processing is regarded with high priority.
The current Queue can always be overseen within Cache Management.

Intelligent Cache Warmer

To secure a constant stable performance, our Intelligent Cache Warmer monitors the CPU workload. It automatically detects if the workload exceeds a priorly set limit, and holds it if necessary.

Single Store Purge

This function enables the selection of specific stores to precisely target purges. With single store purging, the process can be optimised for accurate aim and more efficiency.

Debug Mode

Our Debug Mode features a display of relevant information for developers, including a log file with records of all purges. This will improve the process of debugging and to make work easier for your developers.

MGT Varnish Cache vs. Magento 2 built in Varnish

MGT Varnish Cache Magento 2 built in Varnish
Auto Purging After Product Save yes yes
Multi Cache Server Compatible yes yes
Cache Warmer yes no
Cache Warmer Queue yes no
Varnish Cluster Compatible yes no
Works with HTTPS yes no
Urls can be excluded yes no
Routes can be excluded yes no
Params can be excluded yes no
Different Cache Lifetime for Homepage, Category and Product and CMS Pages yes no
Single Url Purge yes no
Single Store Purge yes no
Debug Mode yes no
Purge Rest API yes no
Support from Certified Varnish Partner yes no


MGT Varnish Cache Warmer Queue

MGT Varnish Cache Settings

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