SEO for startups – How Google explains in 10 minutes [Video] how to walk the first steps

Raphael Thiel —  August 22, 2012 — 1 Comment

Background check for on-page SEO optimization:

Google explained in a 10-minute video, the most important SEO strategies for startups.We thought, that it is a nice idea to share this information, because a lot of these tips are very useful for Magento shop owners.

Search engine optimization is important for startups and specially for e-commerce. We know about the problematic having not enough time and resources to revamp a Magento shop and optimize the SEO. Therefor the new video from Google comes just in the right moment: In under 10 minutes the google employee „Maile Ohye“ explains the most important tips and tricks for SEO.

SEO for Startups and (Magento): How it works!

Google employee “Maile Ohye” focuses on websites, that display their most important content in less than 50 pages and explains how to improve SEO only with a few keywords.

You get a nice lesson in 10 minutes about some basics for a good SEO.

The video gives a good first overview about a complex topic. Of course, there is a lot more information about SEO, but the 10-minute video is a successful introduction and a good point for starting further research.

SEO: These are the biggest mistakes

Search engine optimization is for many Magento shop owners a very complex and big topic.

A survey of SEO experts shows the most common SEO mistakes and how harmful wrong builded Magento shops are assessed.

We like to show only some of the biggest SEO mistakes for Magento.

On-page SEO refers to all measures for SEO, which are made by the webmaster on your Magento shop. They are not influenced by off-page activities like links and they are completely within the responsibility of the website operator. This includes many formal things like text-formatting, page speed and html structure of the Magento shop, but also the selective use of right keywords.

A lot of SEO experts see the biggest mistake in using wrong “canonical tags” as the most SEO-damaging issue at all. Bad keyword selections and too slow page load times are also damaging your SEO! Another common on-page issue is duplicate content (delivering content with www and non www at the same time) and a bad URL structure with poor internal linking and a low text amount or text quality.


Off-page SEO issues

Off-page search engine optimization means mainly external links. The biggest issue is buying bad quality links. Actually this should be known after google updated his search engine to „Panda“. Now google detects bad links and spam links! These kind of links will damage your SEO. Often „india and chines SEO companies“-> (and we all know, that this means nothing good for our business) will flood blogs and forums with tons of useless spam to build links in comments.

If you think about a good way for link building, ask the site owners, where you like to get a link. A hand full of quality links bring more benefit than 1 million spam links.

Quality is the key to success!

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