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We are proud to release our newest product MGT Development Environment. We got asked from many companies if we could provide an image with all components to develop locally.
Luckily this year docker for Mac was released which isn’t more then a game changer because it was to much effort to run it together with VirtualBox and other tools.

With our free MGT Development Environment we want to give our customers and the great magento community a local development environment which is running in less than under 2 minutes.

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Three years ago i started to work with Magento, so i installed the Version and i wanted to implement some features for a customer.
After some development days i was really frustrated because i didn’t know how to change some blocks or other things on the page.

I asked myself the following questions:

  • Which module, controller and action is called?
  • Where do i find the controller class which is responsible for the request??
  • How is the layout with it’s blocks are organized?
  • How can i add/change and remove blocks from the layout?
  • How do i enable the profiler?
  • How many database queries are executed?

After several debug weeks with a debugger (Zend Debugger) i began to understand what happens under the hood of magento.
Before i worked with Magento i implemented some other small projects with symfony 1.4. Symfony 1.4 has
a web debug toolbar by default with a variety of tools that assist with debugging or performance enhancements.

I thought it would be really nice to have such a great development tool for magento, so i started some research
for magento but i didn’t find usable extensions which provides information that i need for my daily work.

I am developer by passion, so i decided to develop a magento toolbar with features which symfony has by default.

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