CloudPanel Features

CloudPanel is our hosting control panel with a plenitude of features that enable you
to manage your server easily. Explore our panel's useful components on this page.


Your Information Overview

The dashboard provides information about your cloud like hostname, IP address, instance ID and instance type. In the monitoring section, you can find information about CPU utilisation, memory consumption and used disk space.

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Domain Management

Domain Listing

The domain overview site displays all created domains and aliases. New domains, subdomains and aliases can be easily created with a click on the button "Add New".

NGINX Vhost Editor

On the detail page of each domain, you can find the NGINX Vhost editor. With the editor, you can make redirects, rewrites or any changes without logging into the server. CloudPanel checks the changes before applying, and in case of an error, it rolls back the old version.

Log File Viewer

The log file viewer provides an easy and comfortable way to check NGINX and PHP log files. In case of an error, it's the fastest way to check for error messages without logging in to the server with SSH. The log files are rotated daily with a retention period of seven days. Use the drop-down menu to view older log files.

SSL Certificate

With CloudPanel, installing SSL Certificates can be done in no time. Just enter the SSL Certificate, the intermediate certificate and the private key. The SSL Certificate and intermediate chain will be validated to make sure that the SSL Certificate is working properly.

Database Management

Database Listing

On the database overview site, you see all created databases.
Just one simple click lets you create and delete new databases.


Each database can be managed with the popular tool phpMyAdmin, which we prefer working with, because we consider it the best tool to handle the administration of MySQL. With a click on the button, you will be redirected from CloudPanel to phpMyAdmin.

User Management

FTP Users

The FTP user listing page displays all created FTP users with their home directories. A new FTP user can be created in no time.

SSH Users

An equal listing page also exists for SSH users and new SSH users can be created in the same way.

Cron Job Management

Cron Jobs

A cron job can be easily added with the help of our templates. Here you can select how often a cron job should be executed.

DNS Management

Hosted Zones

In our DNS section, you can create hosted DNS zones. The hosted zones are created in Amazon Route 53, which is a highly available and scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS).

DNS Records

In the detail view of your hosted zones, you can manage all of your A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT and MX records.


Scheduled Scaling

With scheduled scaling, you can scale up and down on demand. You can create scaling events where you can define the instance type and date time for changing the instance type. At peak seasons or during big marketing campaigns, you may need much more hardware resources than usual.

System Management

Instance Actions

With a single click, you can scale up your instance as high as to 32 cores if needed. Similarly, the function allows you to also scale down in no time. When you need some extra power for a short amount of time, like for a newsletter or a social media campaign, you will love this feature.


Go to the tab "Services" to monitor all running services like NGINX, PHP-FPM, MYSQL, MEMCACHED and Redis-Server. Each service can be started, stopped or restarted with a single click.