MGT Code Deploy - Features

MGT Code Deploy is a zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS. Explore all features, which will make it easier for you to rapidly release new features, help you avoid downtime

during application deployment, and handle the complexity of updating your applications,
without the many risks associated with error-prone manual deployments.

Zero Downtime Deployment

MGT Code Deploy has zero downtime and enables the deployment of multiple AWS instances simultaneously. “In-place" deployment is made possible through switching the release with a symlink.

High Performance

Striving for maximum performance, we designed MGT Code Deploy to use a message queue for parallel running tasks. With this cutting-edge technology, your deployment will reach stand-out speed

Centralised Control

You can launch and track the status of your Magento deployments through the MGT Code Deploy interface.

User Management

Multiple users can be created and managed by the administrator, who can also assign environments, allowing a user to deploy them. This enables a consistent process for your team.

GIT Support

MGT Code Deploy is compatible with all Git repositories. You can use private GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab or your own Git repository.

Fully Managed

MGT Code Deploy will be shipped as a fully managed deployment solution. Trust our specialised DevOps to help you with any questions you may have.