Magento WAF
Web Application Firewall for Magento

With our Magento 2 module you can block IPs, countries, bots, and configure the rate limit to prevent HTTP flood attacks that may affect availability and performance.

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Magento 2 Module Features

With the Magento waf Module, you can control the web application firewall, and whether it's blocking IPs, countries, or bots, it's very easily done within your Magento backend.

IP Blocking

IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses that cause malicious traffic can be blocked.

Country Blocking

Traffic from unwanted countries
can be blocked.

Bots Blocking

Define Bad Bots which you want to deny access to your Magento shop.


IPs get automatically blocked after hitting the configured threshold of too many requests within five minutes.

Rate Limit Whitelist

Whitelist IPs which should not be blocked, e.g. your office IPs.

Magento Backend IP Restriction

Whitelist IPs which should have access to your Magento backend.

WAF for more magento security

A web application firewall WAF for Magento helps to protect your shop against common attacks, including cross site scripting, brute force, injection attacks in real time. Other than open sources, the Amazon web services AWF blocks a wide range of attacks! You can configure individual WAF rules as well as predefined patterns.