Approach of MGT-Commerce

All of our motivations and methods revolve around the goal of delivering the best possible solutions
for our clients. MGT-Commerce established a client-centred approach, followed through in every aspect of our operations.


Helping You Succeed

We are driven by the will to enable businesses to great achievements and support them to explore their ambitious goals likewise. We work hard to be the best partner in Magento cloud hosting for our clients. Building long-lasting relationships and helping businesses with our knowledge in cloud hosting management to reach success is our ambition. Our accomplishments include optimising cloud processes to improve our product and delivering smooth performance. We meet our aspirations by inventing new ways and advancing with our technology.

Core Values

Technological Headway

Innovation, experimentation and extensive research lead us to the development of new ideas, tools and solutions for our clients. We are committed to deliver quality by using cutting-edge tools, a high degree of automation and self-improving to be fit for the latest trends and developments.


To reach success, you have to love what you do. We enjoy our work because it constantly challenges and inspires us to learn new things. A passion for forward-thinking ideas motivates us to help online businesses to grow and achieve their goals with our support and technological expertise.


If you concern yourself with our work, you will discover our everlasting pursuit of excellence. Our love for details will find every gap to fill and every improvement to be made. Motivation runs high in our office and the whole team is committed to deliver great work.

Transparency And Honesty

We believe open and transparent communication is the key to deliver outstanding service and develop lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Hence we use SLAs (service level agreements) to clarify service requirements and to be (literally) on one page with our clients.

How We Do Business

Team Play

We believe, a company can only be as good as its people. Due to our aspiration to offer our clients the best service, we invest in building a great team and consider it a necessity to care about in-house happiness. Group dynamics are taken as seriously as providing the best equipment for our team. Our hand-picked staff is a group of ambitious and smart individuals, who we can trust to responsibly conquer challenging tasks together.

Work Ethic

Committed to perfectly functioning processes in all parts of business, we train and upskill our team to excel with competence and know-how. For this reason, we also collect certificates and never stop our learning journey. Owing to our ambition and strong work ethics, we continuously invent new methods and ways of revolutionising cloud computing to create the best possible product and solutions for our clients

Business Mentality

For our clients, we are a trustworthy expert partner to provide excellent consulting and the best service possible for their business goals. We agree with our clients on all requirements of service in written SLAs. We believe this to be the best way to ensure mutual understanding and harmonise expectations on both sides.