MGT Varnish Cache Cluster

Super Fast Page Loads around the globe with Varnish Nodes in different Regions


Highest Performance around the Globe

If you want to reach for a global audience, your shop needs to be fit for the job. With the Varnish Cache Cluster your shop will be blazing fast in all regions.

Savings in Infrastructure

You get all benefits of Varnish Cache, made geographically available in different regions with the cluster. Hence, saving infrastructure costs, improved customer satisfaction and SEO, and higher conversion potential are made possible around the globe.

Trusted Experts

With MGT-Commerce, you receive professional support from a Certified Varnish Partner. We have gathered more than 6 years integration experience with Magento and have a highly competent staff of experts ready for you.

What is MGT Varnish Cluster?

The Varnish Cache Cluster, consisting of as many nodes in the AWS Regions as you may choose, is used to achieve the highest possible performance worldwide. Our developed MGT Varnish Cache Module for Magento controls each node.

How does it work?

Via DNS geo-routing, the visitor is forwarded to the closest Varnish node to receive and process the request. If a cached Version of the page is available in the cache, it is delivered directly. In case there ceases to be a cache version in the Varnish node, the request is redirected to the origin server of the site. All controlling of the Varnish nodes, for example cache lifetime or excluded routes, is managed by the MGT Varnish Cache Module.

What do you get?

Turnkey Solution

We deliver a complete solution for you so that you can focus on your business. We install, configure and start the Varnish nodes for you.

Monitoring, Patching and Backup

Thanks to our monitoring of all Varnish nodes, they are always highly available. The Varnish nodes receive regular updates to reach highest possible security. Backups once every night secure the systems to be reachable within minutes in case of emergency.


As a certified Varnish Software Partner as well as an Advanced Technology Partner of AWS and backed by over six years of experience with Magento integration, we deliver professional support for all Varnish Cache related services.

Pricing per AWS Region

Number of Nodes (HA) 2
Setup Fee € 499.90 *
Monthly Fee € 499.90 *
* It is the customer who must account for any VAT due (reverse-charge-regime). All prices are exlude german VAT (19%). VAT is not charged to customers living in the EU if a valid EU VAT ID has been entered. German customers are being charged 19% VAT. Place of performance corresponding § 3a Abs. 5 UStG i.d.F. from 01.01.15 place of business in receipt of benefit (destination principle).