MGT Varnish Cache Module
for Magento 1 CE & EE

Make Your Magento Store Up to 250 Times Faster Using Varnish Cache

To optimise your Magento Store's web performance, we use Varnish Cache. We developed a Varnish Cache Module for smooth handling and controlling of Varnish Cache for Magento 1 CE and EE. The module is designed to save time and resources through many features, including automation and updatable tags.


Speed Up Your Store

Varnish Cache is the ideal tool to increase a Magento-Store's performance. Customer satisfaction, improved user experience and better search engine positioning are some of the advantages a faster store entails.

Reduced Infrastructure Cost

Faster page loads create a more efficient page and free up servers, so cloud infrastructure costs can be saved.

Trust Us, We Are Certified

You can trust us to offer expert support as we are a Certified Varnish Partner. Over six years Magento experience taught us the skills needed to perfect performance with Varnish Cache.

Key Features

Automatic Purge

Changes of products, categories and CMS pages are purged automatically from Varnish Cache.

Integrated Device Detection

Our Varnish Solution detects automatically whether it is dealing with a desktop visitor or a mobile phone user. Varnish saves different versions for desktop and phone appearance and reacts accordingly.

Rich in Configuration

The Varnish Module includes many configuration possibilities, for example excluding routes, parameters or
different cache lifetimes.

Easy Debugging

Every purge is logged in a file and displayed in our Debug Mode with other important development information.


MGT Varnish Cache Configuration

MGT Varnish Cache Configuration

Single Store or Single Url Purging Functionality

MGT Varnish Cache Purging

Debug Mode Enabled

MGT Varnish Cache Debug Mode Enabled