MGT Varnish Cache Module
for Magento 2 CE & EE

Make your Magento store fly using Varnish Cache - Up to 250x Faster Magento

Varnish Cache is a web accelerator to improve your Magento Store's web performance. MGT-Commerce developed a module to enable easy control of Varnish Cache for Magento 2 CE and EE. with the module, Varnish Cache is available at your fingertips and easy to handle. Features such as automation and updatable tags will save you time and resources.


Super Fast Page Loads

Varnish Cache is designed to optimise performance. Increased performance positively affects your customer satisfaction, conversion and SEO.

Savings in Infrastructure

Speed up Magento 2 with Varnish Cache and you will simultaneously reduce server space, meaning you save cloud infrastructure costs and design your platform more efficiently.

Support from Certified Varnish Partner

As a Certified Varnish Partner, MGT-Commerce delivers expertise and professional support that comes from more than 6 years integration experience with Magento.

Key Features

Cache Crawler Queue

Product changes enter the Cache Crawler Queue and their processing is highly prioritised. The Queue can be consulted on Cache Management.

Intelligent Cache Warmer

An intelligent Cache Warmer checks the CPU workload and holds it as soon as the workload exceeds a previously defined limit. This assures a stable performance.

Single Store Purge

This function allows you to select specific stores to precise purge what you want.

Debug Mode

In Debug Mode, all purges are recorded in a log file and displayed alongside other crucial development information.


MGT Varnish Cache Warmer Queue

MGT Varnish Cache Management

MGT Varnish Cache Settings

MGT Varnish Cache Settings

MGT Varnish Cache vs. Magento 2 built in Varnish

MGT Varnish Cache Magento 2 built in Varnish
Auto Purging After Product Save yes yes
Multi Cache Server Compatible yes yes
Cache Warmer yes no
Cache Warmer Queue yes no
Varnish Cluster Compatible yes no
Works with HTTPS yes no
Urls can be excluded yes no
Routes can be excluded yes no
Params can be excluded yes no
Different Cache Lifetime for Homepage, Category and Product and CMS Pages yes no
Single Url Purge yes no
Single Store Purge yes no
Debug Mode yes no
Purge Rest API yes no
Support from Certified Varnish Partner yes no