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File Synchronization on Windows

To work with an IDE like phpstorm or eclipse on your host system you need to sync your code into the container. The integrated file sharing solution from docker cannot be used because of very bad performance.

To have a good performance we need to sync the files from the host system into the container.

For the two way file-synchronization we use the great tool Unison.

Setup Unison on Windows

To work with Unison it's very important to have the right versions installed.

Please follow the instructions step by step.

Step 1: Download and Install OpenSSH

Download OpenSSH

Step 2: Download Unison

Download Unison and extract files to: C:\Program Files\unison

Download Unsion

Step 3: Create a sync.bat file for each project you want to sync

In our example, we want to sync the files from our host system into the container from




For this we create the file:


with the following content:

set PATH=C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\bin;C:\Program Files\unison

unison -repeat watch C:\Users\stefan\PhpstormProjects\magento2.mgt\ ssh://root@ -ui text

Step 4: Start file synchronization

To start the file synchronization open the PowerShell and run sync.bat file


Unison Powershell