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Magento Cloud Hosting by Amazon AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses.
Get for your magento shop a low-cost, pay-as-you-go pricing and elastic capacity on a global cloud infrastructure with data centers around the globe.

Starting at € 49.00 / Month

Hosting & Support

A lot of Magento hosting companies say they have "great support", but a few can claim that a Magento Expert will answer all your questions. At MGT - our staff is specialized on Magento, you will never hear "We don't know how to do that". We only do Magento because it's our passion.

Amazon AWS Experts

MGT have been early adopters of AWS for clients since 2008. We specialise in providing consulting services to customers looking to take advantage of the Magento Cloud Hosting, including full managed services for all types of customers: from customers with a low budget through to high end customers.

Fast Magento Hosting

Our High Performance Stack is optimized for Magento Hosting. We are using lightweight and high performance components which are used by companies like Facebook or Google.
We offer a FREE DEMO Installation,
checkout the difference.

Free Migration

Moving to a MGT Managed Cloud Server has never been easier! Our free migration service is streamlined by our expert migration administrators. We will move your complete shop from your old Magento hosting company to your new managed cloud server.

Fully Managed

With managed AWS Magento Cloud Servers you still have complete control of your magento server and we support it and manage the patches and updates. We take first-responder action to all monitoring alerts.

Advanced Technology

MGT is up to date on the most advanced and cutting edge technology. We are a business inspired by the ever changing technological field and we back this by a drive to be the best at what we do.

Plans and Pricing

Starting at 49 EUR / Month, you get a rock solid managed
magento service. Our fully managed service includes monitoring,
manage patches and updates. You not only have a first class service, you also have a team of Magento Experts.

Starting at € 49.00 / Month

Customer Success. Powered by the AWS Cloud

What customers say

High Performance Magento AWS Cloud Hosting
Rated 5/5 based on 19 customer reviews

Exceeding Customer Service Expectation

Review by customer review by James Page for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

In preparation for a website launch I needed a dev environment set up to my specifications quickly. No matter what time I emailed support they were able to answer my questions quickly and intelligently and both the production and the dev environment ran perfectly with Magento. The speed of the website is way better than any other hosting service, and Cloudpanel is easy to use to set up cron jobs or restart services. I would not go anywhere else to host a magento site other than mgt-commerce. Thanks guys

Recommended Cloud Hosting Provider!

Review by customer review by Irfan Ul Haq for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

We faced challenges when we deployed our solution on a local hosting provider, the website performance was quite slow. As soon as we shifted towards MGT-Commerce our world got changed all together, everything started to work superbly. From set-up to LIVE everything is as smooth as you can imagine, above all the support has been instrumental. Not just they resolve the issues rather guide for improvement in your solution which really add value to your business. For us MGT-Commerce is not just the service provider rather a partner for our E-commerce Solution. Keep up the good work that your doing.

Support exceptionnel! Exceptionnal support!

Review by customer review by Hadrien from Zenlap for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

Support hyper réactif, humble et super compétent, c'est un vrai plaisir de travailler avec Mgt-Commerce. Je n'ai aucun incentive à écrire cela, c'est simplement amplement mérité :) Super quick, humble and competent support, it's a true pleasure to work with Mgt-Commerce. I got no incentive to write this, this is simply well deserved :)

Superb Understanding and Service

Review by customer review by Milen Petrov (Delicious Marketing Group, UK) for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

I had a pleasure to work with Stefan @ MGT last few days while moving our Magento sites. First thing which I thought when I saw the demo was "Hey this is amazing". After that we completely switched the live sites and we got incredible increase of speed and performance. They really understand what they do and their advice is invaluable. With just a few tips we managed to fix a lot of bad stuff. I would like to recommend MGT to every Magento shop owner - you will not spend your money for nothing. Believe me. I am looking forward to work again with them for our new projects.

BIG thanks to MGT Team.

Checkout our very fast shop:

Vielen Dank, wir werden euch auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!

Review by customer review by Mark Chang for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

Wir betreiben seit über 5 Jahren unseren Onlineshop und haben fast jedes Jahr zu einem anderen Anbieter gewechselt. Trotz diverser Server und Setups bei verschiedensten Anbietern konnten wir immer nur minimale Verbesserungen feststellen.

Letztes Jahr haben wir dann den Full Page Cache von MGT eingesetzt, was unsere Ladezeit um mehr als die Hälfte verkürzt hatte. Nach dieser positiven Erfahrung haben wir uns dann 2013 entschieden, die komplette Verwaltung des Hostings in die Hände von MGT zu geben. In all der Zeit in der wir uns mit Magento befassen, hatten wir noch nie einen schnelleren, zuverlässigeren und kompetenteren Support gehabt. Wir haben gleich das Ultimate Paket gebucht, da wir sehr viele Supportstunden benötigen. Die Reaktionszeit des Supports könnte nicht besser sein.

Am meisten hat uns jedoch die Performance von der neuen Varnish Caching Lösung beeindruckt. So eine reibungslose Installation und solch schnellen Ladezeiten hätten wir nicht erwartet. Vielen Dank, ihr habt nicht zuviel versprochen. Wir werden euch auf jeden Fall für alle weiteren Magento Projekte weiterempfehlen.
Für alle die es selber testen möchten, hier unsere Webseite: http://www.haircenter24.de (knapp 5000 Produkte)

- Varnish Caching
- Full Page Cache
- High Performance Server Setup

Viele Grüße aus München!


Review by customer review by Adem Topaloglu | GLAMIRA for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

We are very satisfied with mgt commerce. We are happy to know them and work with them . We changed a few times our server before and now with the AWS setup we are running a stable system on which we can grow better and faster. GREAT WORK ! Thank you very much !


Review by customer review by Markus Hümmer for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

It works better then i thought. Nice job. 100 %

Finally our website became as fast as never before. Just AMAZING!

Review by customer review by Michael Binc for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

After 3 years working with different team of developers our website never show a good speed it was even considered as SLOW. Thanks God we found MGT-COMMERCE and after just 2 days of magical alchimy they increase the speed of our site by 3 times. Thanks again MGT for all your support.

A real high performance server!

Review by customer review by Gurer for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

This is the fastest magento server I have ever seen! MGT is a real expert and he knows what to do in every situtation. We couldn't be happier than this. Our orders are increasing day by day! Thank you very much.


Review by customer review by Jeremy for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

Our site was hosted by another company, and after 3 years with them, performance went downhill. I decided to go with MGT Commerce, and I’m glad I did. Amazing service, quick delivery, and superior product.

Fast and perfect support

Review by customer review by Marcus for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

Bought the full package (high performance server, backup and test environment). Everything works fine, server is extreme fast. First they setup a demo and after my testing they put it live. Had some questions that have been answered quick. Five stars, thumbs up!

I think this is the only way to make Magento fly!

Review by customer review by Nicolae for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

After getting tired to try all kinds of magic extensions that were promising to make my website work acceptable, I contacted MGT that adviced me to use their environment. I agreed and now I can say that was one of my best web best decisions. The MGT team was very responsive and profesional. Thank you MGT!

Excellent Results, Great Service

Review by customer review by Bruce Gillies for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

I had been searching for a solution to speed up my Magento sites. MGT High Performance Server Setup is just what I needed. I am very happy with the results. Raphael and Stefan provided excellent service. I highly recommend mgt-commerce.

This is the best

Review by customer review by Peter Waijenberg for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

All i can say is WOW!!!!!! I think a lot of people will agree with me when i say there are companies out there claiming to be Magento experts. I do not like to spend money and went with this companies only to be disappointed over and over again. I even considered a different e-commerce system because of this. Magento is slow. Desperate as i was contacted MGT-commerce. Of course they claim to be experts too. But there is a difference. To convince me they have build my site in a test environment, so that i could see the difference in speed. My old homepage loaded at 7,52 seconds and on the MGT-commerce system 188 milliseconds. I decided to spend money and go with MGT-commerce. I spoke to them doing the ultimate setup for me. First thing i noticed speaking to them, they are professionals. They know what they are talking about. They advised me about the server setup, took the time listening to what i want. Call them and they answer the phone and will take the time for you. Mail them and you will get a quick response. MGT-commerce did the setup for me and i couldn’t be happier. All i can say, if you are serious putting up a solid e-commerce shop, don't waste your hard earned money, just go with MGT-commerce and see your shop fly. Keep up the brilliant work, and thanks for your time, advise and help.

Great greater greatest

Review by customer review by Pieter Snoek for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

The work the MGT team has done for us is amazing. I think this is one of the fastest sites of socks and stockings panties, Once again many thanks for all the work and all this energy you have invested. Your product is absolutely a must.


Review by customer review by Weverson Mamédio for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

We had purchased Full Cache Page and the results were amazing! But, checkout pages and admin panel still a bit slow. We saw the demo of High Performance Server Setup and the results were amazing. So, we decided to bought the service, they configured the new server for us and now the store is working really fast. Also, their support is amazing! We really recommend this, worth every cent. Well done! Our site: http://www.taquilla.com.br/


Review by customer review by Moschen-Bayern for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

A M A Z I N G W O R K - 10 S T A R S ! - Fabulous knowhow (they really know what they are talking about) - Great support - Extreme fast realization and implementing - Everything works perfect - It was worth every cent we put in this project Assure yourself here... www.moschen-bayern.de Thank´s for your great work!

If you have a Magento store this is essential!

Review by customer review by John Dolaghan - www.completefone.com for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

We first bought the full page cache add on to try and speed up our slow magento store. This helped us but soon after MGT offered us a demo install of our site with their High Performance Server Setup. The results quite literally blew us away! To test we ran two machines side by side, one machine ran our existing setup and one their demo with the performance setup. The page load times were seconds faster, on occasions with the performance server we had time to load 2 or 3 pages whilst the first page on our server was sill loading! The server migration with MGT's help was very simple and caused no problems or data loss. Quite simply this service from MGT is essential if you have a Magento store, instead of customer feedback saying how slow our store is we now get compliments on how fast it is!

Super snel en super service

Review by customer review by hamid norani for High Performance Server

5/ 5stars

Werk sinds een week met dit bedrijf en ik moet zeggen , ze hebben een super service , reageren snel met mails en zijn telefonisch direct bereikbaar. Ik heb de een aantal websites bekeken die door mgt-commerce onder handen zijn genomen, en ik moet toegeven dat ik en mijn webmaster nog nooit zo een snelle magento shop heb gezien. ik betaal me blauw bij fxw betaal 1036 per kwartaal voor een server , en nu betaal ik 127 euro per kwartaal voor de aanbevolen server met de HIGH PERFORMANCE SERVER SETUP . Dit bestpaart met jaarlijks 3500 euro , dus heb ik me geld al binnen 3 maanden al terug verdiend + dat de site veel sneller zal zijn en meer paginas zal bekeken worden door de bezoekers kan niet wachten tot alles klaar is .

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