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Magento extension for Review Reminders

The review reminder extension helps you to get more product reviews. New customers get a better shopping experience by more informations of other customers reviews. This helps a lot for getting better conversion rates!

Review Reminder

Review Reminder

Version: 1.0.9

More sales? Ask your customer for a product review!

Statistics shows that reviews on a product page bring trust and validity to your site, therefore reviews encourage new customers to shop. The MGT Review Reminder will get more customer reviews on your website, which gives your customer added knowledge of the product which induces confidence equaling more sales for you! Product reviews have a huge influence on your customers buying decision – to click to buy or not!

Community Edition: 1.4.x - 1.9.x

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More customer reviews turn visitors into shoppers!

The MGT Magento Review Reminder extension will invite your customers automatically by E-Mail to write product reviews.

Let's get started!

Customer’s reviews increase your online store’s conversion rate and the click through rates in your SERPs. The company Reevoo analyzed 2.5 million customer reviews and found out, that the first 10 reviews on a product has gotten an extraordinary effect on
your conversion rate.

One Percent (1%) more of your visitors click the "BUY"-button when you have more than 30 reviews posted.
Take a look at the diagram below! You will be amazed, how much customers trust in other consumers product experiences.
A high number of reviews can increase your conversion rate exponentially!

Magento Review Reminder by Mgt Commerce

User reviews have an positive affect on SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) and search engine CTR (Click Through Rate)

Reviews generate new original text which improves the content richness of your product page.
The value of your online-shop goes up because search engines register this text and your website will climb higher
in organic searches on Google and other search engines.

This means: higher rankings, better visibility, more visitors, more clicks, and yes, more sales!

It´s pure gold for your online-shop! CTR will increase anywhere from 10-20 %, depending on the amount of reviews and aggregate score. Now that is a significant improvement! So, what are you waiting for?

Key features of review reminder

  • Review reminders can be sent automatically or manually
  • Easy editable html template for review reminders
  • Multi Reminders (first, second and third)
  • Free Configuration of the delay period between the purchase and review reminder
  • History of sent reminders
  • Several purchases of same product, one review reminder
  • Costum review page on frontend, no frontend edit need
  • Easy dashbord overview of new pending reminders
  • Multistore compatible

Frequently Asked Questions

How does posting positive reviews help in my Google ranking?

  • Positive reviews increase your business rank by unique and relevant text on your product site.
  • A constant stream of positive reviews improves your online reputation.
  • Positive reviews drive traffic to your business.
  • Positive reviews restore a tarnished reputation by pushing down negative reviews.
  • Helps protect against competitors or anyone else from attempting to ruin your ranking.
  • A review is rich content and all search engines like rich content.
  • New customers get a higher trust in your business by reading the positive experience of other customers.

Does the review reminder create the review reminders automatically?

The review reminder will be generated by sending the product to the magento order management.

Does the review reminder create the review reminders automatically?

The review reminder will be generated by sending the product to the magento order management.

Can I send reviews to customers manually?

Yes, you can send the review reminder manually of course. This can be important for shops, which have no crown job installed.

How can I setup when a reminder will be send?

We have an option in the settings where you can setup the days when a review reminder should be send to your customer. There you can setup two additional reminders and the delay on when they should be send.

Can I delete specific reminders?

You find a list in the administration panel, where you can delete specific reminders easily.

Do I need to edit my shop front-end?

We have developed an individual controller for the review form, where the customer can fill in the review. There we take your store css design by default. So no front-end editing is needed.

I have a multi store and different regions and languages. Does your review reminder support different e-mail languages?

Yes, you can setup different translations for each region.

Can I use a customized mail theme for the review reminders?

If you are familiar in customize mail theme, you can easy change the design of the review reminder mail.

I like to give my customers a coupon for writing a review. Does your extension support that?

This option is not included by default, but you can generate a general coupon code for the next purchase as little thank you for writing a review. This code can set into the reminder mail directly.

Does your review reminder offer a tracking?

Yes, in the backend you can see the customers, which have written a review.

What is the difference between your review reminder and the extension of other competitors?

The main benefit is, that you must not change only one line code in your store. Our extensions contains a clean code, which is well tested. There are no product limits, which is important for a growing businesses and this makes it easy to scale your shop.

If a customer buys a product serval times, do you send a reminder for each purchase?

No, the customer gets only one review reminder per product. Also if the customer purchases the same product several times.

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Customer Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 18 customer reviews


Review by customer review by Andrey for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Exelent product

A must-have extension

Review by customer review by for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

This is a awesome extension. We get now a lot customer reviews. I can highly recommend this review reminder!

Does what it says on the tin....

Review by customer review by Luke Sherriff for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Good, effective software that does what it says. Importantly, prompt and effective support from their help desk on all 3 extensions purchased.

the good stuff

Review by customer review by Johan for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Again, MGT are delivering good quality code. This Review Reminder has replaced the other similar software i had from Aitoc that had a product limit and really bloated the system with alot of code to be a small extension. The nice thing with MGT is that you know its quality, and thats not always the case when getting extensions.

5 stars review!

Review by customer review by Susan Liu for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

very great extension i recommend, easy installation, many helps, many thanks!

A must-have extension and great support!

Review by customer review by Matthijs for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

This most certainly is a must-have extension for every Magento store owner. It allows you to generate a fully customizable reminder email that is send to your customers whenever you want (up to three reminders). The reminder email is including an image of the product(s) they have purchased and a button leading them straight to the review page of your store. You can even cancel individual reminder emails to your convenience. The extension fairly easy to install and we received quick and professional support from MGT-Commerce. You can also do your own customization (language/email content/color scheme) if you have some basic understanding of Magento code. We have been using it for a week now and reviews are starting to come in... Five stars from me!!

Great Extension

Review by customer review by Wei Hung for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

I see the only way to get this reminders going is by sending a motivation email. This extension supports this great feature.


Review by customer review by Shaun Kirk for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

works well - excellent support

Best extension for sending a review reminder

Review by customer review by Jörn Peterson for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

After spending a lot time and money on a other companies review reminder we found this extension and its perfect working. No product limits, easy to install and a very fast and professional support.

5 Stars+

Review by customer review by Harold Barkley for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

This is a awesome extension. We get now a lot customer reviews and i can definitely tell that this increase the conversion rate! Best investment of my life! (I´m on Magento 1.4.2)

It works like a charm

Review by customer review by Alex for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Just after install it increased my customer review dramatically. Whit out the review reminder i got 1-2 review a week. But now i get 8-10 reviews per day. Easy install, support is good, fast response for having any question. Highly Recommend

Fantastic Extension!

Review by customer review by Anne Baker for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Love that you can view qued reminders and choose to not send individual ones.You can also see product imagesof exactly what the customer will be asked to review. The response from our customers has been great, we are getting about 10-15 new reviews a day -before this we were lucky to get 1 a week!

1st Class Extension

Review by customer review by Bromi for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

1st Class Extension, works out of the box! Thank you Mgt-Commerce.

Great Review Reminder

Review by customer review by Janese L. for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Great extension. Fast support response and very helpful. I will use this extension in every Magento site I own.

I really like this review reminder extension

Review by customer review by Sebastian Gerrad for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Great extension, really like it and very friendly guys.


Review by customer review by Tim for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

The most and best extension i have every seen! Install without change the frontend!!!!! I got the last 2 weeks a lot of reviews! I can highly recommend this review reminder!

Excellent Module

Review by customer review by Wesley Harms for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Excellent module - seems to work well with!


Review by customer review by Daniel for Review Reminder

5/ 5stars

Worked right out of the box! Does exactly what it says it will do. We looked at other modules that do the same thing, however they were not user friendly and hard to set up. If you are looking for an easy way to generate sales and customer loyalty, this is a great start! Will be recommending this Review Reminder. I would say the first week we installed we boosted our sales.

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