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How to install Magento 2 on MGT Development Environment

October 4, 2016 - Stefan Wieczorek # magento 2, magento2 with composer, mgt development environment


In this tutorial we show you how to install Magento 2 with composer on the MGT Developer Environment.

Magento 2 Installation - Preparations

Before we can start with the Magento 2 installation on MGT Development Environment we need to do some prepparations.

1) Install Docker and run the MGT Development Envionment

2) Open the Control Panel under and add domain e.g. with Magento 2 Vhost Template.

Add Domain

3) Create a database for Magento 2

Go to Databases in the left menu and create a database called magento2

Add database

4) Create a local hosts file entry

In order to resolve the domain we need to add a hosts file entry.

If you don't know how to add an entry you can read the following site in our documentation:

magento2 hosts file

As you can see in the screenshot above, we have added the following line to our hosts file:

Start installing Magento 2 with composer

1) Login into your container with SSH

ssh root@
Password: root

2) Go to directory /home/cloudpanel/htdocs/ and run the following composer command

composer create-project --repository-url= magento/project-community-edition

Composer Commandline

For the installation of magento 2 with composer you need a public and private key, more information can be found at:

Username = Public Key

Password = Private Key

3) Open in your browser and follow the magento 2 installation wizard