MGT Code Deploy

We are proud to release our newest solution MGT Code Deploy, a zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS. The last few years taught us what our customers really need in order to rapidly release new features.

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Mgt Varnish Cache for Magento 2

We have used the web accelerator Varnish Cache for Magento 1 for over five years, because it’s blazing fast and comes along with many other benefits like saving infrastructure costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Magento 2 was released about one year ago and included an integrated Varnish Cache solution.

We reviewed and analysed the integrated module and came to the conclusion that it has many missing features. The process resulted in the development of our own Varnish Cache module for Magento 2.

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We are proud to release our newest product MGT Development Environment. We got asked from many companies if we could provide an image with all components to develop locally.
Luckily this year docker for Mac was released which isn’t more then a game changer because it was to much effort to run it together with VirtualBox and other tools.

With our free MGT Development Environment we want to give our customers and the great magento community a local development environment which is running in less than under 2 minutes.

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PHP 7 - The next big thing for Magento

Our passion at MGT is performance and we love to use the newest and fastest technologies.
Our goal is to get the maximum performance for our customers and to use only resources which are actually needed.

In the last months we very busy to get our new stack ready with Debian 8, PHP 7 and NGINX with http2 support.

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Better search engine ranking with HTTPS and Varnish

HTTPS is becoming more important every day. Last year Google started ranking HTTPS websites higher than HTTP only websites. Serving your websites over HTTPS instead of HTTP also gives your customers a feeling of security and trustworthiness. You can read more about why Google is ranking HTTPS websites higher here: ranking-signal.html

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CloudPanel“ width=

What is CloudPanel?

CloudPanel is a control panel to manage your server. It supports newest technologies ( NGINX, php-fpm, HHVM, redis cache, Varnish, Memcache and many more!  ). Now you can easily manage domains, databases, ftp / ssh users, cron jobs and backups via a clean and light interface.

This CloudPanel works as bridge between your server management and the cloud provider like AWS.

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As magento owner, developer or sysadmin you maybe know some performance bottlenecks and how to tweak your server for getting a better performance. In this article we like to show you the benefits of using HHVM for magento.

Magento needs a lot hardware recourse to perform well. Even if you have installed some additional third party extension, a large product catalog with many SKU´s or a higher traffic you reach the limits. Of course you can scale up your system by setting up a multi server environment, but this is expensive and takes a lot knowledge about how to configure every detail correct.

Facebook has developed HHVM from very similar reasons, more performance by using less hardware infrastructure. Instead of executing PHP code in high-level bytecode, HHVM translates the PHP code into x64 machine code which is around 40-50% faster!

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Magento Auto Scaling with Varnish on Amazon AWS

In this blog post i want to explain how to Auto Scale Magento together with Varnish Cache on the Amazon AWS Cloud. A lot of our customers do a lot of marketing like sending newsletter, groupon or tv campaigns.
These marketing campaigns are really expensive and even more expensive if you can’t sell your products because of an overloaded server.
A good marketing campaign means much more traffic than on a normal day.
It’s not uncommon that you have hundred or thousands of customers within the first 10-15 minutes.

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As a fact we know that a slow Magento shop destroys the shopping experience. Further issues are bad search engine results and lower conversion rates.

In this article we like to answer the question why you should take a Varnish Cache for your Magento Shop.

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Magento Kickstarter

In my daily job as a Magento Developer i have to extend the standard functionality of magento.
The standard way of doing this is to write a module.
Over the last years i have developed more then hundret modules and it took me always 20-30 minutes to create the file system structure and all needed files to get a working module. I thought it would be useful for me and other magento developers to create such a skeleton within seconds.

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