How to Build and Enhance Magento 2 Landing Pages?

How to Build and Enhance Magento 2 Landing Pages?

Magento 2 landing pages help create useful strategies to elevate your ecommerce business. Are you facing challenges constructing compelling landing pages for your Magento 2 store?

The post offers step-by-step guidance on creating and optimizing landing pages. Explore Magento landing pages and create an impactful marketing campaign for your online store.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to build effective landing pages for your Magento 2 store.
  • Understand the importance of landing pages in driving targeted traffic and increasing conversions.
  • Follow a step-by-step guide to create and optimize landing pages using Magento’s CMS and Page Builder.
  • Discover top Magento 2 landing page extensions.
  • Design landing pages with clean layouts, compelling headlines, social proof, mobile-friendly design, and strong calls to action.

What is a Magento Landing Page?

A Magento landing page is a standalone web page designed to capture visitors' attention and encourage targeted action. The landing page persuades your site visitors to sign up for a newsletter, purchase, or fill out a form, among other desired actions. It focuses on a single call-to-action, providing concise information and a way to maximize conversion rates.

Steps to Build Landing Pages in Magento 2 Store

1. Log into your Magento Admin

Open the Magento admin panel. You can manage and control various settings, configurations, and functions from the Magento admin area.

2. Customize the Admin Settings

Navigate to Content. Next, under Elements, click the Pages tab. Access the page builder settings and create or edit your landing pages.

You can customize page design and add crucial elements like metadata and conditions. It is essential for creating effective landing pages on your Magento 2 store.

Customizing Admin Settings in Magento Landing Page

3. Add a New Page

  1. Click the Add New Page button on the top right corner of your magento pages screen.

  2. Set the Enable Page button to Yes.

  3. Next, add the Page Title to describe the name of the new landing page. Provide a descriptive name that reflects the purpose of the new page. It helps easily identify and manage the landing page within your store’s admin interface.

Adding a New Page in Magento Landing Page

4. Customize the Page Design

Follow the steps mentioned below to customize the new landing page:

  1. Expand the Content section and Fill the Content title field. It determines the name and purpose of the new landing page.

  2. Drag and drop the Landing Page Elements from the Media, Elements, Layout, and Content toolsets. You can edit the elements with the Page Builder button.

  3. Next, expand the Search Engine Optimization section. Add the URL Key, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Description in the corresponding fields.

  4. Expand the Pages in the Website section and select a Store View for your new landing page.

  5. Next, expand the Design section and set the Layout and Custom Layout Updates.

  6. Use the Custom Design Update section to set the To and From date to activate the landing page. Also, set the New Theme and New Layout for your Magento landing page.

Customizing Page Design in Magento Landing Page

5. Save your Magento landing page

Once you make all the necessary changes, click the Save button.

Why are Landing Pages Important for your Magento 2 Store?

Landing pages help boost your Magento 2 store in the following ways:

1. Targeted Marketing

Landing pages allow you to create highly targeted campaigns. Each page can cater to a specific product, promotion, or customer segment, ensuring visitors see relevant content.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

By eliminating distractions and focusing on a single call-to-action, landing pages can significantly boost conversion rates, leading to more sales and sign-ups.

3. Enhanced User Experience

A well-designed landing page provides a seamless and user-friendly experience. Visitors find what they're looking for quickly, reducing bounce rates and increasing engagement.

4. Precise Analytics

Landing pages enable precise tracking and analytics. You can measure the success of different campaigns, identify what works, and make data-driven improvements.

5. SEO Benefits

Optimized landing pages can improve your site's SEO. You can rank higher in search engine results pages by targeting specific keywords and providing valuable content.

6. A/B Testing

Landing pages facilitate A/B testing of elements like headlines, images, and CTAs. The process helps refine your marketing efforts over time.

7. Customer Segmentation

You can create landing pages tailored to different customer segments. It helps improve personalization, relevance, customer retention, and loyalty in your Magento store.

8. Promotional Campaigns

Landing pages are ideal for running time-sensitive promotions, flash sales, or product launches. They provide a dedicated space to showcase these offers.

9. Email Marketing

When paired with email marketing, landing pages can direct recipients to relevant offers or products.

Top Magento 2 Landing Page Extensions

1. Landing Page Extension by Tapita

Tapita Page Builder 2 is a quick and easy way to create custom layouts and pages for your Magento storefront. Create your pages using an intuitive drag-and-drop page builder.

Tapita Landing Page Extension for Magento


  • Versatile layout options with rows, columns, tabs, grids, and dropdowns.
  • Choose from 50+ pre-designed templates for effortless customization.
  • Utilize pre-built and custom blocks to enhance your design.
  • Incorporate elements like text, headings, buttons, images, videos, and sliders.
  • Seamlessly integrate products, categories, forms, and social share buttons.
  • Tailor your styling with custom CSS, JS, and device-specific adjustments.

2. Landing Page Extension by Plumrocket

Magento 2 Splash Page Extension With , you can easily create custom landing pages to convert visitors into customers.

Plumrocket Landing Page Extension for Magento


  • Captivate visitors with an appealing splash page template featuring dynamic, high-res images and video backgrounds.
  • Control access by mandating login or registration and gathering valuable visitor data.
  • Highlight events, special deals, private sales, vital messages, disclaimers, or industry-specific alerts.
  • Create an impressive and engaging first impression for enhanced customer interaction.

3. Landing Page Extension by Mageworx

Magezon Page Builder for Magento 2 Landing Pages Extension for Magento 2 offers a powerful extension for Magento 2 landing pages. The extension provides the tools to create custom landing pages for your online store.

Mageworx Landing Page Extension for Magento


  • Create dynamic magento 2 landing pages to boost SEO and marketing campaigns.
  • Streamline landing page optimization for improved SEO results.
  • Generate location-specific landing pages with ease.
  • Customize the page design to align with your brand conveniently.
  • Implement advanced conditions for crafting customized content.
  • Advanced SEO functionality, fully compatible with SEO suite Ultimate.

4. Landing Page Extension by Landofcoder

Magezon Page Builder for Magento 2 Magento 2 Shop by Brand by Landofcoder offers a powerful solution for building landing pages in your Magento 2 store. With their extension, you can easily create custom landing pages to promote your products or services.

Landofcoder Landing Page Extension for Magento


  • Highlight and search for products based on brands for a fresh shopping experience.
  • Boost brand trust and loyalty with dedicated pages showcasing descriptions, logos, and products.
  • Streamline brand-specific product searches with navigation menu integration.
  • Create efficient brand pages and enhance customer satisfaction with the Shop by Brand Magento 2 extension.

5. Landing Page Extension by Amasty

Magezon Page Builder for Magento 2 Landing Pages by Amasty is a powerful tool designed to empower online store owners using the Magento 2 platform. The extension enables you to create and customize landing pages within your e-commerce website. It allows catering to specific marketing campaigns, promotions, or product categories.

Amasty Landing Page Extension for Magento


  • Enhance store SEO through distinct URLs and tailored metadata.
  • Easily add products with versatile conditions per page.
  • Place custom CMS blocks anywhere on the page.
  • Boost visibility by including landing pages in the sitemap.
  • Generate numerous landing pages to suit your needs.
  • Seamless compatibility with the Jet theme for a cohesive experience.

6. Landing Page Extension by Magezon

Magezon Page Builder for Magento 2 makes building landing pages easier and faster. It gives you all the features you need to optimize every aspect of your pages.

Magezon Landing Page Extension for Magento


  • User-friendly interface with intuitive drag & drop builder.
  • Flexible conditions for adding products with ease.
  • Access to 15+ versatile elements for dynamic page creation.
  • Choose from 4 ready-to-use templates for quick setup.
  • Full control over responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices.
  • Ensure SEO-friendliness of landing pages for better search visibility.

Tips for Designing Effective Landing Pages

1. Keep the Design Clean and Well-organized

To create effective landing pages in your Magento 2 store, it is important to:

  • Use clear headings and subheadings that grab attention and guide users through the page.
  • Include a strong call to action. It could be for making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

2. Use Compelling Headlines and Subheadings

Compelling headlines and subheadings grab the attention of your visitors and help them understand the content at a glance. Search engines pay attention to these headings when determining the relevance of your page to specific keywords or phrases.

Magento store owners can try the following:

  • Use strong words that create urgency or solve a problem.
  • Use subheadings to break your text into smaller sections, making it easier for readers to scan and understand the information.
  • The text should be informative and highlight important points within each section.

3. Include Social Proof

Social proof invokes a positive influence when people see that others have had a good experience with your product or service. By showcasing social proof, you can build trust and credibility among your visitors and increase the likelihood of conversions. You can incorporate social proof through:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Customer success stories on your landing page.

4. Mobile-friendly Design

Prioritize mobile-friendly design to ensure that your landing pages in Magento 2 are effective. Ensure the layout adapts to screen sizes with clear, readable text, buttons, and images. Test your landing pages on various mobile devices to ensure they load quickly and look great.

5. Include a Strong Call to Action

Including a strong call to action on your landing pages encourages users to take the desired action and increases the chances of conversions. Use compelling language to emphasize your products' benefits and create urgency. For example, you can use phrases like “Shop now,” “Get started today,” or “Limited time offer.”

Apart from incorporating best practices for building an impressive landing page, you must also focus on robust Magento hosting solutions. A hosting service ensures the optimization of your Magento site and landing pages.


1. Do I need coding knowledge to create landing pages in Magento 2?

You don’t need coding knowledge to create landing pages in Magento 2. The CMS allows you to design and customize your landing page without writing code or encounter Magento errrors.

2. What is the importance of SEO-friendly landing pages in optimizing website performance?

SEO-friendly landing pages help optimize your Magento store’s performance by enhancing search engine visibility. They also attract organic traffic and improve user engagement. These pages are designed to align with search engine algorithms, incorporating relevant keywords, well-structured content, and optimized meta tags.

3. How can a lead capture form effectively integrate into an SEO-friendly landing page?

Integrating a lead capture form on an SEO-friendly landing page enhances user engagement and conversion rates. To ensure a seamless experience, use layout update XML, making it visually appealing and user-friendly. Additionally, craft a compelling meta description highlighting the benefits of submitting information through the form.

4. What are the key elements to consider when optimizing the meta description of the Magento landing page?

Optimizing the meta description of a Magento landing page involves crafting a concise and relevant description with essential keywords. Also, you must stay within the recommended character limit (150-160 characters) and showcase the value and benefits of the page.

It should include a compelling call to action and engage users with persuasive language. The landing page should also provide an accurate content preview and be optimized for mobile search.

5. How do Unique URLs contribute to optimizing the visibility of landing pages in Magento 2?

Unique URLs provide distinct web addresses for each page, making it easier for search engines to index and users to access. It results in improved search engine visibility and potential customer engagement.

6. What role does XML sitemap play in Magento landing pages?

XML sitemaps in Magento ensure search engines effectively discover and index your unique landing page URLs. It boosts your shop’s visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find your products and offerings.

7. How does the Magento Landing Page Builder empower you to create effective landing pages?

The Magento Landing Page Builder empowers you to craft impactful pages through its dedicated “landing pages” tab. The intuitive feature streamlines the entire page-building process. It enables you to design, customize, and optimize landing pages tailored to your marketing goals.

With the landing pages tab, you can seamlessly add products, incorporate dynamic content, fine-tune SEO elements, and arrange page components. The cohesive approach ensures that your landing pages captivate visitors and drive conversions.

8. Do Magento landing pages impact the pricing for products and services?

No, Magento landing pages do not directly influence the pricing for companies. The backend operations of businesses typically determine pricing strategies. However, landing pages can showcase special offers, promotions, or pricing information targeted toward specific customer segments. Effective use of landing pages can improve your Magento store's branding and conversion rates. In turn, the overall success of the pricing strategy.


Magento 2 Landing Pages help drive conversions and boost your e-commerce business. With Magento extensions and design tips, you can craft effective landing pages that elevate your marketing efforts. Ready to optimize your e-commerce experience? Explore Magento hosting services and boost your conversions today.

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