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We offer over 12 years of highly reliable expertise in Managed Magento Hosting. Our service offers a flexible, blazing-fast, and secure hosting solution for any business.

Why Choose MGT Commerce Magento Hosting?

MGT Commerce offers remarkable performance and page load times of under 0.3 seconds. With AWS global data centers, you get an optimized environment available globally. Our technology stack is configured for Magento, with AWS Graviton, Varnish, Redis, PHP, Elasticsearch, and other latest hardware and software components.

We ensure that you focus on growing your customer base and let Magento experts handle server-side technicalities. With over a decade of hosting experience, we’ve honed our services to be one of Magento's best web hosting providers and extend the online potential of businesses worldwide.

With our Magento cloud hosting, customers have the flexibility and reach of more than 30 geographical regions worldwide to host their online stores. The AWS hosting servers are optimized for Magento performance and security, ensuring fast and reliable service for your customers.

Our hosting services provide a 24/7 support team that assists you anytime, anywhere. We get you started with a free migration to your new AWS infrastructure by dedicated experts. Our services offer free SSL certificates and add-ons such as Varnish cache, MGT WAF, and MGT Code Deploy. The MGT Control Panel efficiently monitors Magento settings, deployment, and Magento performance overview.

You can easily access staging environments to test updates and upgrades without downtime. The advanced security features ensure that you remain PCI-compliant, with our team proactively monitoring the system for potential threats.

Our tiered pricing plans are created to accommodate the growth of your online store. We offer a perfect balance of scalability, performance, and security. You may be a small business looking for a managed solution or a large one that needs an enterprise-grade server - we have a suitable hosting solution to keep your stores fast, secure, and fully supported.

High Performance

Our optimization strategies ensure your Magento server is configured to deliver exceptional performance. We use optimal server configurations for maximum efficiency. It includes load balancing to distribute network traffic smoothly across different servers and prevents the server from getting overwhelmed. We offer auto-scaling plans to handle sudden traffic spikes.

The lightweight technology stack provides an optimal hardware performance ratio with the latest system updates. Our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) guarantees quick content delivery to users globally. We use effective caching, such as Varnish and Redis, that quickly delivers frequently accessed data. The server is built for speed and ensures your site loads in under 0.3 seconds to drive sales.

Robust Security

We prioritize security to provide the highest level of protection for Magento-hosted servers. With our Magento 2 web hosting, you get AWS Shield for DDoS mitigation, VPN, and Automated Backups. The AWS Web Application Firewall is used to shield sites from common exploits.

The Magento hosting server is Level 1 PCI compliant, securing customer data and meeting the PCI Security Council's standards. The MGT Web Application Firewall adds another layer of security against potential threats. Features like 2-factor authentication, regular backups, system updates, monitoring and logs, and proactive security patches keep the site constantly protected.

Expert Support

Your dedicated team includes AWS-certified experts and system administrators, available 24/7/365 for fast assistance. You can expect application-level assistance that goes beyond other providers to resolve issues quickly. The expert support ensures your Magento shops stay fast and functional during high-traffic events.


Our clients enjoy a flexible infrastructure supported by redundancies, full network availability, and cutting-edge technologies. As your business grows, you can change the infrastructure to new regions backed by AWS's highly scalable infrastructure. For a robust platform like Magento, a fully optimized stack ensures your server is agile and ready for traffic spikes.

Best Magento Hosting Provider in 2023

Magento ecommerce store owners are looking for a perfect hosting platform. It allows them to focus more on expanding their business than dealing with technical optimizations. Activate a fully optimized stack with a reliable Magento hosting solution experience and accelerate your revenue today. MGT Commerce ensures to meet your requirements and supports your teams with unmatched expertise.

Magento Hosting FAQs

Magento is a popular platform for creating online stores. You need a special Magento hosting plan to run your online shop. There are two versions of Magento:

  • Magento Open Source, which is free but does not include web hosting
  • Magento Commerce, which costs money but offers more features.

Hosting services provide a server where your store’s files and information are stored. Store owners should select a hosting company with experience working with Magento and can provide technical support. Choosing a reliable hosting company ensures your store is consistently available and ready for customers.

Various types of hosting are available for businesses, with hosting on their shared plans, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting options. While shared hosting is more economical for small websites, vps and dedicated hosting provide exclusive resources and greater control for larger, high-traffic sites.

Shared hosting involves using a single server and adding hosting on its shared resources used by multiple websites. Shared hosting plans for Magento are preinstalled on shared hosting accounts.

Dedicated plans offer hosting with more control over your environment. Some offer Magento installation through Softaculous, and the hosting provider has a support team to help you with any technical issues.

VPS hosting involves partitioning a single server into sections, each allocated to a different website. This option is more reliable than Magento on shared hosting.

VPS plans for Magento hosting via dedicated plans offer flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes. The dedicated plans offer free magento install Magento hosting pricing based on your requirements. You also get support on its hosting plans, and they also install the Magento ecommerce platform to start running your Magento site.

Dedicated hosting involves renting an entire server for the exclusive use of a single website. It offers dedicated magento hosting, which gives access to all server resources but requires the setup and management of the server by the user.

Cloud hosting is a server network that hosts a website with the ability to change resources based on website traffic. Cloud hosting also includes hourly backups, providing a useful emergency resource. Cloud hosting tends to be the most flexible and suitable for Magento websites. Reliable providers offer enterprise hosting for Magento, providing secure and reliable hosting solutions for Magento.

A good hosting environment can achieve a smoother, more reliable Magento store.

Another advantage of using Magento web hosting is that they are specifically configured for Magento website operations. This guarantees that there will be enough resources to handle traffic and maintain smooth performance.

Magento hosting includes access to expert technical support, helping with any issues with your store on the application level.

The right infrastructure provides flexibility to change your hosting plan based on your requirements.

Magento cloud hosting offers more support and services for the store, like regular or unmanaged hosting.

Some additional services Magento hosting offers include regular backups, security monitoring, and performance optimization.

Unmanaged hosting or blank servers must be set up and managed independently. Even blog sites like WordPress hosting can become a hassle if you manage the server independently. It may be easier to configure a server with hosting experience. You need help with a technical support issue.

When the hosting is set up well, it improves your website in many ways. Here are some examples:

Server setup:
Magento hosting providers set up the server in a way that works best for the Magento software. It helps the shop to run smoothly without problems.

Faster page loading time:
You can speed up the loading time of your website with a well-configured server stack. Providing a good website experience and increasing sales are important.

Regular maintenance:
Magento hosting providers often include regular maintenance and updates to help keep your website running smoothly and safely.

Visitor Experience:
A good hosting solution makes your website run well and more efficiently, leading to a better visitor experience and more sales.

When you install Magento, it requires specific requirements from your server, like the right operating system and the right server-side components.

Without up-to-date components, you run a high risk of getting hacked or having your data compromised.

At MGT Commerce, we have a special setup that meets Magento’s requirements. Our setup includes Debian, NGINX, PHP, Varnish, Elasticsearch, and Redis, which all work well with the Magento server. Our experts will take care of the server and keep all components updated.

We offer various security features to help keep your Magento shop safe.

Using the VPN protects sensitive data such as customer data and financial transactions from cyber threats. Users on the VPN can access the Magento backend only.

Port Firewall
AWS Port Firewall provides an additional layer of security by controlling inbound and outbound traffic of the instance where Magento runs.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)
The Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects a Magento store from common web exploits.

DDoS Protection
Amazon Shield protects Magento from a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. This includes identifying and stopping malicious traffic.

We offer free SSL certificates to help keep sensitive information safe.

The SSL certificate puts a padlock icon on your website’s browser. See a “connection is secure” sign in the drop-down menu for more security information.

We configure SSL certificates for one website or many websites. SSL encryption is important for search engines to find your website. It helps your website appear better on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Amazon Web Services offers lots of services, and their data centers are located all over the world. These places are called data centers, and there are 80 zones in 26 different parts of the world.

You can your usage and start new servers very easily. AWS cloud servers are always available and provide high speeds. Moreover, the website is powered by Graviton processors, which increase the website’s performance and save the company money.

Our experts set everything up for you based on what you need for your business.

Hosting your Magento applications with MGT Commerce is simple and fast. Our experts will handle all set-up work, so you do not need to worry about anything.

The managed service includes moving your website to a new AWS infrastructure for free. It usually takes 1-2 business days to move your website, but for bigger projects, it might take up to a week.

We will migrate your Magento website to your AWS account if you sign up for one of our managed plans.

We move your Magento shop from any host. You get a preview of the website after the migration is done.

You can find out more about the free Magento migration here.

We offer exceptional technical support via a ticket system. Our experts are available 24/7 to answer your questions. We typically respond within 15 minutes.

We have a user-friendly mgt control panel to manage the server and access features and tools. You can make changes to your server settings without contacting us.

The features include:

  • Domain Listing
  • NGINX Editor
  • Log File Viewer
  • SSL Certificates
  • Database Management with phpMyAdmin
  • Ftp (File Transfer Protocol )
  • SSH (Secure Shell)
  • Cron Job Management
  • DNS (Domain Name System) Management
  • Scheduled scaling

Our hosting plans offer staging environments, starting with the single server ultimate plan. You can use these staging environments to test changes or updates to your store without affecting your live store.

With our multi-server premium plan, the staging environment runs on a separate instance. With these plans, we offer MGT Code Deploy for free — a zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS.

We create hourly snapshots of your entire server. These snapshots are incremental, so only changes between snapshots are stored. We can restore individual files or the entire server if there is a disaster.

Our multi- and autoscaling plans offer RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service) databases that automatically backup every five minutes.

We offer three types of managed plans to cover any business requirement.

90% of all customers benefit from a single server environment. The single server plans include a powerful stack with all the latest server-side components. In the Single Server Enterprise plan, we provide a managed CDN.

Multi-server plans allow us to cover larger traffic volumes, providing redundant servers and preventing downtime. These plans are ideal for businesses that need to scale and protect against single points of failure.

Auto-scaling Magento plans are similar to multi-server environments. They can add or remove web servers to handle dynamic workloads. A big benefit of an Auto Scaling environment is that you pay exactly for the consumed infrastructure. It prevents the Magento store from being overwhelmed by peak traffic spikes, often caused by large marketing activities.

Free Development Environment
Our MGT Development Environment uses Docker and has the same components as our managed plans. In our knowledge base, you will find many instructions on how to work with this solution.

MGT Developer Toolbar
The MGT Developer Toolbar is necessary for all Magento 2 backend and front-end developers. It provides general information about the Magento Version, Cache Storage, PHP, and MYSQL settings. Moreover, it has a powerful profiler, database query viewer, multiple blocks, and many other useful features.

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