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Magento and AWS Cloud Experts

We offer highly reliable expertise of more than 12 years in Cloud Hosting service for Magento.
With our service, you get a flexible, blazing fast and, secure solution.


The MGT High-Performance Stack provides page load times under 0.3 sec.


For high security, we offer VPN, DDoS attack protection, the AWS WAF web application firewall.


AWS offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. We analyze your infrastructure cost and optimize them.


With AWS, you stay flexible. Based on your demands, we scale up, down, or change resources.

Why choose our service?


MGT-Commerce stands for high performance with a page load time under 0.3 seconds. Studies show that even 100 milliseconds of latency can cost you 1% in sales.

Faster page load times result in higher site ranking and conversions.

  • Lightweight components
  • Redis and Varnish Cache
  • Latest hardware innovations
  • Global CDN


We help you to protect your shop. The web application firewall filters all bad traffic.

For high security, we offer DDoS protection. The data center of AWS is Dfully PCI-compliant.


  • MGT WAF - Web Application Firewall
  • DDoS protection
  • SSL Encryption
  • VPN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • PCI certified
  • Hourly backups

Magento Experts

To run a Magento, you need experts who know everything. We help fast to resolve technical problems. We are experts in online store applications and Infrastructure.
With more than +12 years of experience, we can help fast with whatever you need.

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Response time under 15 minutes
  • Magento code level knowledge

Latest Hosting Technology

Magento hosting plans on AWS covers all requirements. With AWS, you always get the newest hosting innovations.

  • AWS Graviton2
  • Auto Scaling
  • AWS Web Application Firewall

Our Customers Love Us!

Rated of 4.8/5 on Google My Business

"These guys are amazing and of great value, considering what you get. I've been using the web hosting plans from them for 6 years now to manage my Magento website, and it's one of the best decisions I've made. They are very professional, and everything just works smoothly.

Morning or night, they always respond to requests quickly. It's like having your own IT department at hand."

- Arjuna M.

"I have been using MGT it has been a really good experience. They are very efficient and very capable.

They always make sure that the job is done properly.

Even though we are located in another country, communication has not been a problem, and we always get a response from their support team."

- Abhay K.

"A Hosting company you can trust. A professional and highly reliable company.

They realized what is important for online shopping hosting solution: performance, security features, simplicity: everything is presented in a clear, easy-to-use design, and I can quickly get the thing I want done without any fuzz. The support people are also quick to respond whenever I have a question."

- Taylor H.
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Benefits of Managed Hosting

Fully Managed Magento Hosting

Managed means that we take care of it. Our services come as a turnkey solution.
You don´t need to worry about any technical detail. We have optimized all details, which makes complexity easy.

If you have a special requirement, we customize your setup to your specifications.

  • Turnkey solution
  • Individual settings
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Proactive system support

Expert Support

Support means we are there for you. 24/7 with a response in under 15 minutes. In case you have an issue, we analyze the problem and help you to solve it.

We are experts in the Magento application and cloud at the same time. Whatever it is, there is nothing we can not solve.

  • Easy control panel
  • Efficient ticketing system
  • Fast issue resolve
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Response time under 15 minutes

Free Managed Migration

We offer a free and fully managed migration. We will do all setups and configurations. It does not matter if your shopping cart is running on a vps host offers, dedicated servers, a2 hosting, dedicated hosting; we will migrate.

Managed backups and restores

We understand the risk of data loss. To protect our customers against loss of data, we are offering Managed Backups.

Our service comes with hourly backups. The backup includes all disks and databases and stored in amazon s3. In our Multi-Server environments with (RDS), we can roll back a DB instance with 5 mins steps.

restoring singles files, directories, or complete databases, depending on what you need.

  • Hourly backups
  • Restore options

Service Focused

We are living to make our customers happy. Our solutions are for small businesses to large corporations. Other than classic hoster, we do not sell servers.

That means we combine the best cloud with our managed service. As a benefit, you save money on monthly infrastructure, and you stay entirely flexible.

  • No infrastructure sell
  • Full focus on service
  • Solutions for all business sizes
  • Solutions for all business sizes

MGT Technology

Solutions that match your Magento store requirements

MGT High-Performance Stack

Modern and lightweight components

AWS Graviton2

AWS Graviton2 is a next-generation processor custom-built by AWS that delivers up to 40% higher performance at a 20% lower cost.


NGINX is a high-performance web server that enhances the performance and security of your applications with a minimal memory footprint.

Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache is a web accelerator that speeds up your web performance while also reducing response time and network bandwidth consumption.


MySQL version with an xtraDB storage engine delivers up to 270% faster, stable and consistent performance.


Debian is a highly trusted, secure, and stable Linux distribution that is used by Magento developers and system engineers.


Multiple PHP versions for running the latest Magento version. PHP with FastCGI Process Manager (FPM) allows websites to handle high loads.


Redis is an advanced data structure store used as a database, cache, and message broker.


Elasticsearch is a distributed RESTful search engine built for the cloud. It centrally stores your data to deliver lightning-fast search, fine‑tuned relevancy, and robust analytics.

MGT CloudPanel

MGT CloudPanel is an easy-to-use control panel built to deliver maximum performance. CloudPanel supports the latest technologies, like NGINX, PHP, and MySQL.

MGT CloudPanel - Clean and Easy to Use Control Panel

MGT CloudPanel is an easy-to-use control panel. You create an aws account and manage it with the panel instead of the management console.
  • Free SSL certificates
  • NGINX Support
  • AWS cloud
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple PHP versions
MGT CloudPanel - Clean and Easy to Use Control Panel

MGT Add-Ons

Magento add-ons to improve your Magento site

MGT WAF - Web Application Firewall

Protect your ecommerce platform from common web exploits. Web Application Firewall uses machine learning and filters the traffic before it reaches your server.

MGT-WAF protects your Magento shop against common web exploits and attacks.

  • DDoS
  • SQL-Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Linux Attacks
  • Easily block IPs, countries, bots
  • Automatic WAF updates
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MGT Varnish Cache

Get caching for fast 250x Faster Magento delivery. MGT Varnish Cache is a Magento extension that boosts your Magento performance. The Cache reduces the server cost by up to 80%!

  • 250x Faster Magento
  • 80% savings server costs
  • Cache Crawler Queue
  • Intelligent Cache Warmer
  • Single Store Purge
  • Debug Mode
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MGT Cloud Log

MGT Cloud Log is a fully managed Real-time log solution.

It keeps Magento, NGINX, PHP-FPM, MySQL, and System Logs in one central interface.

  • Central log application
  • Real-time
  • Quickly search, filter, and analyze
  • HIPAA, PCI, GDPR Compliant
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MGT Development Tools

We came from a Magento developing background. We noticed that there was a gap
in good tools for Magento development. Therefore we have created our tools.
Our development tools are made for the Magento platform.

MGT Developer Toolbar

A Professional Developer Toolbar for Magento.

The MGT Developer Toolbar shows developers all important information. You see the Magento open source Version, Cache Storage, PHP, and MYSQL settings.

The Toolbar provides a profiler, database queries viewer, nested block rendering, and other features.

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MGT Development Environment

As a developer, you need a local environment that is identical to your production server. You can run the Docker-based solution on mostly all systems. You get a High-Performance Stack with exactly all components we are using in our live environments.

It is 100% free. The installation takes less than 60 seconds.

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Infrastructure by AWS

AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading Infrastructure as a Service provider.
You can choose between 25 geographic regions.

Easy to Scale

AWS global infrastructure allows easy scalability.

High Performance

The highest performance is possible by always up-to-date hardware.


AWS offers a 99.99% SLA. We never noticed in the past 12 years an important issue.


Scaling up and down is easy with AWS. With our Auto Scaling solution, you can scale horizontally in seconds!

High Flexibility

AWS has a flexible cloud infrastructure that is used by millions of global customers.

AWS offers high flexibility that allows you to select a data center closest to your target customers.

You can choose how and where to run the workloads and pick from the many AWS regions and availability zones.

With AWS, you can deploy hundreds of servers within minutes. Quickly spin up resources based on your requirements.

There is no need to over-provision resources. With AWS, you can instantly scale up and down on your needs.

The AWS infrastructure allows you to meet user demands quickly. You get easy access to compute and storage resources when you need them.

Select the software and languages you require. The virtual environment lets you access Magento easily.

AWS eases cloud migration and helps develop new solutions.

Cost Efficient

AWS gives you control over your cloud cost spend. You can manage costs and still get the performance you require.

AWS pay-as-you-go model implies you only pay for services you need at the time.

There are no long-term payment contracts.

Get access to more than 160 cloud services without any licensing fees. You only pay for the resources you consume.

Once you stop using the services, there are no additional costs.

The AWS pricing plans also come with reserve and saving models. These plans offer special discounts on specific services.

AWS comes with no fixed costs. Your Magento store needs flexible instances which can stop with a click.

Get clear visibility and cost transparency with AWS. You can forecast your cloud spend and optimize it on an hourly basis.

Drive Your Business Forward with Managed Magento Web Hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed Magento Hosting?

Managed Magento hosting is a hosting plan and dedicated server stack that offers solutions for your Magento requirements. It has all the updated essential services that Magento DevDocs recommend.

Is Magento Hosting Cloud-Based?

Yes, the Magento Cloud uses AWS virtualization. If you opt for Adobe Commerce, you can choose any data center to host your servers.

Why Choose MGT-COMMERCE for Magento 2 Hosting?

MGT-COMMERCE is your perfect managed Magento hosting partner as it delivers a wide range of services, including test environment, Magento development tools, PCI compliant hosting, autoscaling, and unique Magento extensions. Our +12 years of experience combined with 24/7/365 technical support, flexible infrastructure on AWS, and highly secure solutions gives optimal performance to customers around the globe.