Single Server - Plans & Pricing

High Performance Hosting for Magento 1 & 2 CE / EE

Single Server Basic

Great for:
Startups, developers

Control Panel Features Pricing
Setup Fee € 0.00
Monthly Price € 49.00 *
Final Monthly Price:
AWS Price + € 49.00

Single Server Premium

Great for:
Small Business

Control Panel Features Pricing
Setup Fee € 0.00
Monthly Price € 99.00 *
Final Monthly Price:
AWS Price + € 99.00

Single Server Ultimate

Great for:
Middle Businesses

Control Panel Features
Setup Fee € 0.00
Monthly Price € 149.00 *
Final Monthly Price:
AWS Price + € 149.00

Single Server Enterprise

Great for:
Performance Enthusiast

Control Panel Features
Setup Fee € 0.00
Monthly Price € 199.00 *
Final Monthly Price:
AWS Price + € 199.00

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Basic Premium Ultimate Enterprise
High Performance Stack
PHP Accelerator
Varnish Cache
Varnish Cache Licenses 0 0 1 5
SSD Disk
Control Panel
MGT CloudPanel
Domains 1 2 3 5
Test Environment
Test Environment
Domains 1 2 3 5
Magento Installation 1 1 1 1
Wordpress Installation 0 0 1 1
SSL - Certificates
Managed Security
DDoS Protection
Port Firewall
Web Application Firewall
Security Patches
Automated Backups
Additional Server Software
ionCube PHP Loader
New Relic
Ticket System
Number of support requests 1 3 unlimited unlimited
Support 24x7x365 24x7x365 24x7x365 24x7x365
Response Time 24 hours 12 hours 6 hours 4 hours
Contract Period
Contract Period No minimum
contract period
No minimum
contract period
No minimum
contract period
No minimum
contract period

* It is the customer who must account for any VAT due (reverse-charge-regime). All prices are exlude german VAT (19%) . VAT is not charged to customers living in the EU if a valid EU VAT ID has been entered. German customers are being charged 19% VAT. Place of performance corresponding § 3a Abs. 5 UStG i.d.F. from 01.01.15 place of business in receipt of benefit (destination principle).

Cloud Security

We highly prioritise security in all of our processes to deliver comprehensive protection and compliance to our customers. Using the largest cloud infrastructure in the world comes with the high standard of global security and compliance. Additionally, we strengthen cloud security with our security measures on top of AWS's high requirements, allowing businesses to scale and innovate, while maintaining a safe and secure environment.
Only selected team members have access to the AWS Management Console, controlled via two-factor authentication. We use encrypted password databases, which are also only accessible to selected highly qualified individuals.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection

Availability is of highest importance for e-commerce in the cloud. AWS customers profit from AWS services and technologies, designed from scratch to offer the best resistance against DDoS attacks. We use a combination of AWS services to effectively avoid DDoS attacks, including Amazon Shield, which incorporates always-on detection and automatic inline mitigations to minimise application downtime and latency.

Web Application Firewall

The integrated Web Application Firewall protects your Magento Shop from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. The Web Application Firewall is included in Single Server Enterprise.

Port Firewall

With the AWS Port Firewall, we control the traffic to your instance, including the kind of traffic that can reach it. Amongst other features, IPs can be defined to access an instance using SSH or they can be used for remote database management.

SSL / TLS Encryption

We use industry standard protocols to encrypt network communications as well as to establish the identity of websites on the internet. You will benefit from encryption for sensitive data in transit and authentication using SSL/TLS certificates to establish your site's identity and secure connections between browsers and your Magento shop.

MGT Highlights

MGT CloudPanel - Clean and Easy to Use

It supports cutting edge technologies like NGINX and PHP 7
for delivering highest performance.

MGT Code Deploy - Zero Downtime Deployment

Zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS

MGT Varnish Cache for Magento

Let your Magento store fly with Varnish - Up to 250x Faster Magento

MGT Development Environment

Development Environment for Magento based on Docker

AWS Price Estimation Example

AWS prices displayed in this example are a rough estimation, meant to give orientation.
As every shop is developed individually, AWS costs will be different in each case.

The estimation is based on the AWS Region North Virginia. Prices in other AWS Regions vary by up to 10%.
Instance pricing is based on one-year Reserved Instances (RIs) without upfront.
Further information on AWS pricing can be found here:

Visitors / Month Instance Type Price / Month
45000 t3.medium $ 35.00
90000 m5.large $ 55.00
180000 c5.xlarge $ 100.00
360000 c5.2xlarge $ 200.00

Prices are calculated with 50 GB storage. The costs are $ 0.10 per GB-month of provisioned storage.

Service Levels

We have just the right Service Level for your individual needs. The experience gathered in years of providing Magento Hosting to clients of all sizes has taught us that no Magento shop is the same and every customer has different requirements. Check out a detailed comparison of the service levels below.

Feature Single Server
Single Server
Single Server
Single Server
24x7x365 Support
99.95% Network Uptime guarantee
2-Hours Instance Replacement
System monitoring
Managed AWS Port Firewall
MGT Tested OS patches
DDoS mitigation
Encrypted file system
Managed backups and restores
New Relic Installation
Managed Web Application Firewall
Response times for general guidance < 24 hours < 24 hours < 24 hours < 24 hours
Guaranteed response times for emergencies < 24 hours < 12 hours < 6 hours < 4 hours