MGT Developer Toolbar - Introduction


The MGT Developer Toolbar is a must-have for all Magento 2 backend and frontend developers.
The toolbar provides general information about the Magento Version, Cache Storage, PHP, and MYSQL settings.
In addition to that, it has a powerful profiler; database queries viewer, nested block rendering, and many more useful functionalities.



You find general information about your Magento installation like the version, cache storage, sessions storage, and many other PHP and MySQL settings on the dashboard. Besides that, it lists all enabled and disabled modules.

MGT Developer Toolbar - Dashboard


Improve your Magento performance by identifying slow parts of your application.
The profiler shows the execution time, the average time in ms, and the number of execution for each section.

MGT Developer Toolbar - Profiler

Database Queries

The database section gives you an overview of the executed database queries.
It also shows you the number of inserts, updates, read, and transaction queries.
It's essential to know which database queries are slow to improve performance.
Thus, the developer toolbar shows the five slowest ones.

MGT Developer Toolbar - Database Queries

Block rendering

The blocks section shows the nested blocks. With this block presentation, you can find the template or class for a specific block in no time.

MGT Developer Toolbar - Block rendering