AWS Data Transfer


Have you ever noticed how AWS data transfer costs suddenly start to crop up in your monthly cloud bill? There are different data transfer types you can perform within or out of AWS.

AWS data transfer prices vary for transferring data in and out as well as to and from an AWS cloud service. You are also charged with transferring data into one service from another AWS service and charged for transferring data out of the service to another one. These AWS data transfer prices differ for different services.

For each and every AWS Region, there’s a fee for transferring data across services within the same region and, for moving data across services outside that region. The applicable charges are different with a lot of variances. Some regional data transfer prices vary based on capacity.

Types of Data Transfer

  1. Within AWS
  • Between Services EC2, S3, etc
  • Data transfer across the regions
  • Data transfer within regions
  1. Data Transfer Out
  • Data transfer between AWS and the Internet
  • From EC2, ELB, S3, etc

Why should customers pay for Data Transfer?

AWS customers don't have to buy and maintain switches, routers, network cables and other network elements as they would in their own data center or housing, because AWS will take care of that, in exchange AWS will charge a small fee, the fee is always charged per gigabyte of data transferred.

It is quite important to understand that AWS data transfer prices fluctuate on the basis of regions. You can see a specific per region chart at

Suppose for the sake of an example that your application is serving 10 TB of data per month — something not out of the realm of possibility for large-scale enterprise applications. The data transfer for charges for 1GB of data is $ 0.09. you’re looking at 10TB = 10,000GB * $0.09/GB = $900/month in AWS data transfer costs alone!

Monthly page views can be checked via Google analytics.


Monthly Page Views: 1 000 000

Average Page Size: 10 MB

Total Data Transfer in GB: 1 000 000 * 10 = 10 000 000 MB = 10 TB data Transfer

Example Calculation:

1 GB = $ 0.09 in Frankfurt

10 000 GB * $ 0.09 = $ 900 / month

How can you check the page size?

You can open any page on the website for example and use the google chrome developer toolbar:

You see there that 17.5 MB resources are loaded / page view.

How can this be reduced?

By decreasing the page size as much as possible (CSS, JS, Images).

Using a CDN like Cloudfront where the data usage is cheaper.

Preventive Measures for AWS Cost Optimization

AWS Budget Tool lets you set cost thresholds that alert you when a budget has been exceeded or when it is forecasted to exceed it. You can include a data transfer parameter in this cost budget.

Billing Alerts let you configure billing alerts that trigger with Amazon CloudWatch when your account billing exceeds a specific threshold.


There are various manners by which you can move information around in the Cloud. AWS data transfer expenses can soar if not planned and dealt with properly.

If you are anticipating deploying Cloud Volumes with MGT Commerce in AWS, large numbers of its best practices save money on AWS data transfer charges. Cloud Infrastructure with MGT consequently applies compression and deduplication strategies which ensures the base measure of information conceivable is being put away and moved.