5 Benefits of Using Varnish Cache for Magento

5 Benefits of Using Varnish Cache for Magento

Looking for a caching technology that is incredibly fast? Well, you have come the right way. The Varnish Cache is a reverse caching proxy. Varnish Cache is a technology that reduces server load and improves website speed by providing some cached version of the pages from the website.

It will take a few milliseconds for the page to get delivered from the Varnish cache storage if a cached version of the request is available.

Sometimes response time depends on hardware too, but because loading a prepared response from memory is so much faster than having the web-server process everything on a disk, using Varnish is way faster than Magento’s cache mechanism.

In simple words, Varnish is an HTTP booster. You can also use this technology as a load balancer. All of which will result in increased performance of Magento Site. Varnish cache technology’s configuration language is known as VCL, which will be converted and compiled into C-code.

Varnish cache determines whether it can answer the request or not based on the cacheable assets obtained from the backend server. Varnish helps provide the most cost-effective solutions to traditional CDN services for web acceleration.

Top Benefits

Caching involves storing files or data ready for retrieval without the need to rerun all processes. It is essential to store the data in a memory or on a disk with a high reading speed to make the data available whenever needed. The need to download is excluded, and thus plenty of time is saved.

The browser will cache the assets like images & scripts when appropriate caching tools are used. And here, Varnish brings the caching of your site to the next level. Each time a visitor visits the website, a range of requests are sent to the server to load the page. Then the server starts looking for the files that are requested.

Varnish cache is like having a helping hand, which will watch out for duplicated requests already received before. After the first visit to the website, Varnish will create an exact copy of what is returned to the user. Lastly, Whenever the site is experiencing high traffic, it is equipped to cope with it.

1. High Conversion & Increased SEO Value

High Conversion & Increased SEO Value

High-speed page loading makes it easy for users to browse different sites. Therefore, if a site has a faster loading time for pages, it helps increase the conversion rate.

Users always prefer quick page loading as it is time-consuming and also helps find content faster.

Also, few real-life e-commerce statistics where high-speed page loading helped increase the conversions are; Walmart decreased page load time by 1 second, resulting in up to 2% conversion increment.

Similarly, for Amazon, every 0.1 second increase in load time reduced sales by 1%.

An adverse effect of page loading time on the store’s ranking. And the user experience that affects the ranking. As we know, Google’s primary purpose is to show those sites that provide the best user experience at the top. Even if you give the best quality products at a fair price and your competitor’s website loads faster, it’ll negatively hamper your rankings.

SEO makes your site pop up into the listings. But for that, your site needs to load faster and be efficient while using. Faster loading leads invites more traffic and response, which eventually improves SEO value.

2. One Time Installation (OTI)

One Time Installation of Varnish

One time installation and requires no further updates or checkings for Varnish.

Varnish makes it easy to install once and use for the entire life of the website. Lots of applications and Magento extensions need regular updates to work better and faster. But for Varnish, no need to conduct extra work to set up the proxy.

3. Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience with varnish

Users prefer having fast search results while browsing. And the probability of revisiting the website which loads faster is way higher than slow loading websites. If a person visits a particular website and the page is still loading for the next 5 seconds, the person will go back to the search page and prefer other websites over the slow loading site.

User experience is something that needs the most attention when it comes to websites.

Varnish makes it smooth for uses to browse comfortably and with the best experience.

4. Performance & Flexibility

Varnish Increses Performance & Flexibility

Varnish allows customization to software, which eventually increases performance. Its data transfer rate increases as well. With Varnish, one can get up to 1000 times improvements in sustaining transactions per second.

The Data Transfer Rate defines the performance of Varnish.

Therefore, one can provide the main focus on the content and let the expert look after the performance and scalability.

Varnish cache gives access to some advanced features like flexible domain-specific config language, VCL. VCL defines document caching policies, how incoming requests & outgoing responses are handled.

In the policy, you can declare what content can be delivered, from where the content is obtained, and how the requests are modified.

5. Varnish E-Commerce Accelerator

Varnish E-Commerce Accelerator

When it comes to Content Acceleration, Varnish E-commerce Accelerator is the solution. It provides Varnish to cache previously uncacheable Magento Content.

It is a true full page cache; 100% of the client response is served from the cache.

Varnish E-commerce Accelerator's advantage over other content accelerators is that you don’t need to make any backend changes to Magento. It works with any Magento installation & delivers instant and enhanced performance results.

If you are a Magento user and looking for something to boost your performance, Varnish E-Commerce Accelerator must be your First choice.


Once this caching technology is installed, Varnish will take the load off of your web server instantly. All the advantages that it boosts will be noticed if your site generates high traffic.

Concluding the use of Varnish Cache for Magento, quick page loading provides every online business with the following advantages:

  • The increase of conversion rates.
  • Minimized time for viewers to wait for your content display.
  • Improved SEO value.
  • Enhanced Performance.

With Full Page Caching, Varnish becomes the best solution for complete site optimization and page load speed.

MGT Varnish Solutions

MGT Varnish Cluster

MGT-Commerce Varnish Cache Cluster

A set of Varnish nodes is known as Varnish Cluster. Nodes in different geographical locations or AWS regions are used to achieve the highest possible performance worldwide, in front of the same Magento Backend. It helps in attaining lower latency and faster page loading.

Without a Varnish extension, Magento 1 can´t be used with Varnish. For Magento 2, MGT has developed its own Varnish solution, which extends the Varnish function of Magento 2.

So you need 3 components to get Varnish working:

  1. A server that is well configured (NGINX and Varnish ).
  2. The Varnish server-side configuration ( CLI).
  3. An extension that tells Varnish when what and how long something should be cached.

Similarly, for Magento, many parts should not be cached. For example, the customer account details page or the checkout page. The Varnish needs to be updated if there is an update in price or which sites related to it need to be out of the cache. Or any change in the site, the Varnish needs to be told.

MGT Commerce is handling everything mentioned above like a Pro. They provide all the Support and hassle-free service through MGT Varnish Solutions.


Varnish Cache is beneficial for both users who need assistance to perform essential functions and advanced users who have great expertise in the technology.

As Magento sites use many web server resources, it takes the best out of Varnish.

Once the Varnish is correctly installed and setup to work with Magento, we will see some significant speed improvements.

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