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Magento Server Hosting: Why Magento Hosting on AWS is the Best Solution!

When launching your e-commerce store, you need to consider which method of hosting is best for you. There are four different types of hosting:

Each of them offers a variety of possibilities, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Especially if you run your online business with Magento e-commerce Software, there is a way to host with Magento that is more beneficial than the others: AWS hosting.

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Magento should be the first choice for any e-commerce business. One reason is the broad variety of available customizations and extensions.
This flexibility might be great for managing nearly every part of your online shop. But many shop owners and developers complain about Magento 2 loading slowly, and its poor performance.

The main reason Magento might be slow is the exaggerated or unnecessary use of customizations and extensions.
Another reason could be Magento hosting which does not fit your needs. This should concern you, as page loading time has a direct impact on sales. The slower the website loads, the more people leave it without buying anything.

Slow loading time is causing a high abandonment rate as well as an unsatisfying user experience and in consequence, is losing you important sales. Therefore, you have to work on Magento’s speed.

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Magento Security Center

Running an e-commerce business with Magento comes with many security benefits.
Solid built-in security features already provide a good foundation for protecting your site against hackers or scammers who want to steal your business data.

In the best-case scenario, you entrust your Magento hosting to a professional provider.
This will ensure highly efficient and constant protection against common web incursions.

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Managed hosting services and their pros & cons compared to unmanaged hosting

A crucial factor when starting an e-commerce site is to choose a good hosting service. The same goes for businesses that are growing or established ones, hosting needs may vary over time
(especially with Magento hosting).

Besides other solutions, managed hosting services provide a broad range of management solutions that allows companies to focus on their core business and assign hosting management to a reliable managed hosting service.

But what is managed web hosting and what are its advantages compared to unmanaged hosting?

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What is WAF? Answers to all questions about Web Application Firewall

When starting an e-commerce business considering and taking actions for the safety of your site is one of the first things to do. Neglecting this can lead to serious problems.

Stolen business data can cause you at the best loss of your customer’s trust but at worst hard consequences like compensation claims.

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an essential component of your safety measures.

Therefore, it is useful to understand the way how WAF works, against what it protects, the ways of implementation, and the best possible WAF solution, the Amazon Web Services Web Application Firewall.

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The cloud benefits of e-commerce hosting: five main advantages of cloud hosting over traditional hosting

When setting up an e-commerce shop, there are lots of things to decide and to invest in.
One of the most important decisions is to choose the best hosting solution (e.g. for your Magento hosting).

In the constantly evolving e-commerce industry, you have to make sure you are always up-to-date when you want to become and stay competitive. For this, you have to provide your customers with the best possible experience when accessing your e-commerce store.

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How to secure a Magento site: checklist and tips for effective protection

Being one of the leading e-commerce platforms worldwide with many advantages, Magento is the perfect choice for an e-commerce shop. One of these advantages being solid security.

However, e-commerce sites are attractive targets for hackers or scammers trying to steal personal or payment data from your customers.
The consequences for your customers could be financial loss in the best case and identity theft in the worst. This is something you must take precautions against.

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You are about to build your brand and want to create an e-commerce website?

There are hundreds of e-commerce hosting providers on the market and various platforms for you to try out.

But as most e-commerce websites are failing sooner or later there are many important factors to consider when choosing a hosting provider for your ideal e-commerce solution.
Where do you get the page loading speeds, online business tools or SEO services you want for your brand?

Globally Magento is one of the leading e-commerce platforms and a smart choice for developing your e-commerce business. Magento was implemented by world-famous companies like Coca Cola, Nike, HP, and Canon using the advantages of this powerful platform.

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Magento security is a topic of enormous importance for every Magento shop owner. Google blacklists around 20,000+ websites every day for malware and around 75,000 for phishing every week.
All Magento shops are attractive targets to hackers because of sensitive data like personal addresses or payment information that is required to complete a sale.
Even if the Magento shop does not directly process credit card data, a compromised shop might reroute customers to another website or alter an order before it is transmitted to the payment processor.

As a specialized hosting provider for Magento on AWS we want to make sure, your e-commerce business is secure at all times. In this blog post, we will explain:

MGT WAF - Web Application Firewall for Magento

In this blog post, we will explain what a web application firewall is, how MGT WAF is working, and how does it protect your Magento shop against all of these attacks.

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Over the last eight years, we from MGT-Commerce have learned from our customers how business-critical errors are, especially if you don’t notice them directly.
To profit from all cloud benefits, it is essential to make sure your e-commerce system runs reliably at all times:
If you run an online shop, for example, a Magento shop with an auto-scaling environment with multiple web servers you need a convenient logging solution to have an overview of the health of your online shop. In case of problems, you want to get notified as soon as possible not to lose revenue or to make a potential customer unsatisfied.

MGT Cloud Log - Makes log management easy

More Information

In the following blog post, I will explain why we have decided to develop our own logging solution and what are the benefits compared to the existing solutions on the market.

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