Top 5 Magento Hosting Reviews in 2024

Top 5 Magento Hosting Reviews in 2024

Magento hosting reviews analyze different Magento hosting providers' performance, reliability, and support. These reviews help users choose a hosting provider for their e-commerce store. Based on customer reviews and expert analysis, this article will discuss the top 5 Magento hosting providers.

Key Takeaways

  • Magento hosting reviews provide valuable insights into different hosting providers' performance, reliability, and customer support.

  • MGT Commerce is the top-rated Magento hosting provider, offering high-performing cloud hosting solutions with its Magento 2 performance technology stack.

  • HostGator offers affordable shared hosting plans with excellent customer support.

  • A2 Hosting offers a range of flexible hosting options, including shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans.

  • SiteGround is known for its reliable and secure hosting services, including Magento-specific solutions.

  • Nexcess provides optimized Magento hosting with advanced security features and exceptional performance.

  • Delve into FAQs to better understand Magento hosting and make an informed decision for your e-commerce store.

Top 5 Magento Hosting Reviews in 2024

1. MGT-Commerce Magento Hosting Review

MGT Commerce homepage showcasing high-performance cloud Magento hosting solutions.

MGT-Commerce provides a managed, flexible, fast, and secure solution. It guarantees a page load time of less than 0.3 seconds, ensuring maximum protection for your e-commerce website. It also offers VPN, DDoS attack protection, firewall, and more.

This Magento hosting provider offers a cost-effective pay-as-you-go pricing model. It analyzes and optimizes your infrastructure costs. With AWS, your e-commerce website remains flexible with 25 geographic regions.

Its Magento hosting plans on AWS fulfill all your needs and offer the latest hosting innovations. These include AWS Graviton2, Auto Scaling, AWS Web Application Firewall, and AWS RDS. MGT-Commerce provides a cloud-based hosting platform specifically designed for Magento. It is built on top of the infrastructure of top cloud providers.

MGT-Commerce Pricing Plans

Here are the pricing details for our different plans:

  • The single server plan starts at €149 plus the AWS price. No setup fees are charged.

  • The multi-server plan starts at €249 plus the AWS price, with an additional setup fee of €299.

  • If you choose the auto-scaling plan, it starts at €1499 plus the AWS price, with a setup fee of €499.

Key Features of MGT-Commerce

Features Descriptions
Fully Managed Magento Hosting MGT-Commerce provides reliable Magento hosting services on AWS. Achieve top performance with enterprise architecture and 24/7 monitoring by Magento hosting experts.
High-Performance Technologies You can boost your store's performance, functionality, and security with cutting-edge technologies such as Varnish, Percona, MySQL, Nginx, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, The latest PHP.
Free Migration Seamlessly transition to a new AWS environment with MGT-Commerce's complimentary Magento migration service. Reduce downtime and ensure a hassle-free transfer of your online store.
Flexible Pricing Plans Select from different pricing plans by MGT-Commerce. Discover the ideal plan that fits your business requirements and budget.
Scalability Discover the power of auto-scaling capabilities with MGT-Commerce. Experience automatic adjustments to your server capacity based on your site's traffic. Ensure optimal performance during peak periods.
Multi-Server Configuration Choose a multi-server setup to eliminate single points of failure. This configuration improves reliability, security, and speed for your website.
Global Availability Use the AWS global network and CDN provided by MGT-Commerce. Ensure high eCommerce store performance for all customers, regardless of location.
Server Security At MGT-Commerce, server security is a top priority with measures like IP Whitelisting. Extra security features are offered to protect your store from potential threats.
SSL Certificate Build trust with online shoppers by offering complimentary SSL certificates for your Magento store. It guarantees secure transactions.
Magento Optimization Boost your online store's speed and performance with MGT-Commerce's optimization services for Magento. Get lightning-fast page loading times under 0.3 seconds!
Hourly Backups Safeguard your eCommerce store's data with daily automated backups by MGT-Commerce. Avoid any loss of critical information and transactional data.
Monitoring & 24/7 Support Get 24/7 server monitoring, maintenance, and technical support from MGT-Commerce. Our dedicated team ensures the smooth operation of your online store without interruptions.
Deployment Tool MGT-Commerce provides a tool for deploying changes without any downtime, ensuring smooth and efficient launches. The zero-downtime deployment offered by MGT-Commerce guarantees the effective implementation of changes. With MGT-Commerce's deployment tool, changes can be launched seamlessly and efficiently.

Why Choose MGT Commerce?

  • High Performance: MGT-Commerce incorporates advanced caching, performance tuning, and auto-scaling to maximize the performance of Magento websites.

  • Security: MGT-Commerce offers various security measures to safeguard Magento websites against potential risks, such as DDoS attacks, SSL/TLS encryption, and detection of threats.

  • Scalability: It provides a platform on cloud infrastructure, enabling scalability to handle traffic fluctuations or unexpected spikes.

  • 24/7 Support: Its 24/7 customer support and monitoring guarantees the seamless functioning of Magento websites.

  • PCI-compliant infrastructure: MGT Commerce fully secures your Magento website's payment and transaction data.

  • Flexibility: Different hosting plans are available to cater to your specific requirements. You can effortlessly discover the one that perfectly aligns with your needs.

  • Cloud acceleration: It implements intelligent, dimensional caching for improved performance.

  • Magento Expertise: MGT Commerce has a team of certified Magento experts offering in-depth knowledge and experience to optimize the performance of your website.

  • Constant Improvements: MGT-Commerce is dedicated to continuously improving its services with the latest hosting technologies and industry trends. This ensures that your website stays ahead of competitors.

  • Community Support: Besides its stellar customer support, MGT-Commerce has a strong community presence where users can exchange tips, advice, and insights on Magento hosting.

2. HostGator Magento Hosting Review

HostGator homepage highlighting affordable Magento hosting plans with strong customer support.

HostGator is an affordable option for Magento hosting. They provide VPS hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. VPS plans begin at $19.95/month. It includes 2GB RAM, 120GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Their top-tier plans allow hosting unlimited websites.


  • Money-Back Guarantee: HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee if their services don't meet your satisfaction.

  • Free SSL Certificate: HostGator offers a complimentary SSL certificate to safeguard your Magento store, ensure data security, and facilitate online transactions.

  • Free Site Transfer: Within 30 days of signing up, you receive a limited number of free transfers.

  • Impressive Uptime: With HostGator, you get a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, ensuring minimal to no downtime for your site.


  • High security: HostGator provides a free SSL Certificate for enhanced security.

  • Good Uptime: Your site will be highly available, ensuring you don't lose visitors due to search ranking or user experience issues.


  • Poor Customer Service: While excelling in other areas, HostGator lacks excellent support.

  • Restricted Features: HostGator doesn't provide automatic backups as standard. Additionally, sudden traffic spikes may require plan upgrades.

3. A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting homepage displaying a variety of Magento hosting options with enhanced security.

A2 Hosting has excellent uptime and loading speed. They offer Magento hosting on their Turbo Boost and Turbo Max Plans. A2 is also known for its strong security features. The Turbo Boost plan includes unlimited storage, free site migration, and automatic backups.

With the basic plan, you'll receive 2GB of RAM for just $10 monthly. If you're looking for more power, the Turbo Max plan is available at $15 per month and includes all the features of the Turbo Boost plan, along with 4GB of RAM.


  • 24/7 Customer Support: A2 provides round-the-clock phone, email, live chat, and ticket support. They respond quickly to queries and resolve issues promptly.

  • Security: They offer free SSL certificates to protect your sites from hackers. Rest assured that your Magento store data will always be secure.


  • Good Loading Speed: A2 boasts an impressive average loading speed of 268ms in the past year. Fast site loading means a better user experience and improved SERP rankings.

  • One-Click Installation: A2 offers pre installed Magento software on shared hosting accounts.

  • Customer Support: For concerns, reach A2's support team via phone, email, ticket, or live chat. Immediate responses are guaranteed!


  • High Renewal Rates: Although A2 Hosting offers low initial prices, renewals are considerably higher. It is important to note that if you do not cancel your A2 Hosting plan 15 days before the contract ends, it will automatically renew.

4. SiteGround Magento Hosting Review

SiteGround homepage featuring Magento hosting services known for reliability and security.

SiteGround provides top-notch technical support, dedicated Magento assistance, and robust security features across their hosting packages. They offer a range of Magento hosting plans, starting at approximately $5 per month for the basic option. The entry-level Magento plan includes 10GB of storage space, bandwidth to accommodate 10,000 monthly site visits and complimentary backups.


  • Customer Support: For any queries related to Magento, their customer service can be contacted through phone, chat, and support tickets at any time. They provide immediate responses through on-site chat and offer round-the-clock phone support. The average response time for support tickets is under 10 minutes.

  • Security: Obtain a complimentary TLS certificate when you choose any of our Magento hosting plans. This certificate safeguards your website, facilitates secure payment transactions, and reduces the likelihood of data breaches.


  • 99% Uptime: SiteGround ensures minimal downtime for your Magento site. Outages are promptly addressed, and you receive notifications through monitoring software.

  • Excellent speed: With an average website loading time of 1.3 seconds, SiteGround enables fast site performance, converting visitors into customers and dominating search engine results.

  • Multiple Data Centers: SiteGround has data centers on major continents, allowing you to choose the location for fast load times for your target audience.


  • Storage Limitations: Your website's data storage is limited. To have more storage, upgrading to the next plan is required.

  • Expensive Renewals: Magento plans increase in price after the first year, with renewals starting from $14.99 to $39.99 per month.

5. Nexcess Review

Nexcess homepage showing optimized Magento hosting with advanced security and performance features.

Nexcess is a hosting provider specializing in e-commerce website hosting, specifically for Magento. They are known for their exceptional support, high-performance servers, and flexible infrastructure. With fully managed Magento hosting options, you can customize your experience. Nexcess offers a reliable infrastructure for optimized speed, security, and caching performance.


  • Autoscaling: Nexcess Magento hosting auto-adds PHP resources during traffic surges.

  • Customizable tech stack: Nexcess Magento hosting provides a curated, lightweight app stack for your e-commerce site.

  • Dev sites and staging: Safely test site changes without sharing personal data with every plan.

  • Open source foundation: Nexcess has been part of the open-source community for over 23 years.

  • Magento Partner: Nexcess is a Magento Association Platinum Partner, offering Magento 2 hosting.


  • Wide range of managed WordPress hosting packages

  • 30-day money-back guarantee for all packages

  • All plans include one-click staging sites

  • Uptime guarantee


  • Higher prices

  • Smaller storage space

  • No DDoS protection is included in any plan


1. What is the difference between cloud and web hosting, and which is good for Magento stores?

Cloud hosting offers a network of virtual servers that tap into an underlying network of physical servers, providing flexibility and scalability. On the other hand, web hosting involves hosting your site on a single server. For Magento stores, cloud hosting is usually recommended due to its ability to handle traffic surges and the ease of integration with content delivery networks.

2. What are some user-friendly hosting services for Magento and why?

Some user-friendly hosts for Magento include MGT Commerce, InMotion Hosting, Bluehost, InMotion, LiquidWeb, etc. These companies provide a control panel (cPanel for example) that simplifies management of your IP address, domain name, and account settings. They also provide tools like website builders, making them a great choice for beginners.

3. How does the choice of a hosting service affect the sales of Magento stores?

The choice of a hosting service can greatly impact sales. A good host ensures fast load times, which improves user experience and potentially increases sales. In addition, hosts like MGT Commerce offer SSD storage for faster access to products and a content delivery network for speedier content delivery, which can influence your store's performance in the market.

4. What factors should be considered while choosing a hosting solution for Magento developers?

Developers should consider several factors, including the type of hosting (cloud, shared, VPS), the value for the price, ease of integration with necessary plugins, and the benefits of the hosting package like automatic updates, the addition of domains, and the level of control offered by the hosting company's control panel. The simplicity and user-friendliness of the host are also important to ensure a smooth experience for developers and store owners.

5. How do you make a comparison of different types of Magento hosting?

Businesses should focus on several key factors when comparing different Magento hosting versions. These include security patch releases, user authentication options, ease of integration with the CMS, and the capacity to handle traffic surges.

The goal should be to choose a version that best balances cost, features, and usability. Paying attention to expert recommendations is also a good way of choosing the right hosting.

6. Would you recommend any hosting company for businesses using Magento?

MGT Commerce is a recommended Magento hosting company for ecommerce businesses. It offers excellent cloud hosting plans that provide root access for greater control. The plans also boast robust security features, including regular security patches, to ensure your ecommerce platform remains secure.

7. How does the type of hardware affect the performance of a Magento website?

The type of hardware used by web hosting providers can significantly impact the performance of your Magento website. For instance, SSD storage, compared to traditional hard drives, offers faster access to files, improving your website's load times. Therefore, choosing a hosting company that uses state-of-the-art hardware leads to optimal performance.

8. Are any features unique to certain hosting companies that make them better for Magento hosting?

Certain hosting companies offer a unique feature like the 'website builder.' This tool simplifies the step-by-step creation of a Magento website, making it an excellent choice for anyone, including beginners. Moreover, some hosts offer unique reseller and cloud plans, offering added flexibility and scalability for businesses worldwide.


The Magento hosting reviews discussed in this article covered several essential factors to consider when choosing a hosting company for your ecommerce platform. These include performance, security, features, scalability, and cost. Choosing the right managed Magento hosting for your Magento website can significantly impact its success and growth.

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