7 Best Magento Vulnerability Scanners for Ecommerce Protection

7 Best Magento Vulnerability Scanners for Ecommerce Protection

The Magento vulnerability scanner scans and safeguards e-commerce platforms against cyber-attacks and data breaches. It protects sensitive information and upholds online business integrity as a security scanner. This article will explore the top seven Magento vulnerability scanners to help secure your website and prevent potential threats.

Key Takeaways

  • Magento vulnerability scanners protect e-commerce websites from cyber threats and maintain online business integrity.

  • The scanners aim to shield sensitive customer information, thereby preventing data breaches.

  • These tools can preemptively identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities on your Magento platform.

  • Choosing a reliable Magento vulnerability scanner is essential to secure your site from potential cyber-attacks.

  • This article offers insights into the top seven Magento vulnerability scanners to help e-commerce businesses improve security.

What does a Magento Vulnerability Scanner do?

A Magento vulnerability scanner is designed to identify and detect any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the Magento platform. It scans the website's code, plugins, extensions, and themes for potential security risks that hackers could exploit. 5 key tasks are performed by a Magento vulnerability scanner, including:

  • Scanning for Known Vulnerabilities: This task involves checking the website's code for known vulnerabilities from security databases.

  • Detecting Malicious Code and Backdoors: The scanner identifies any malicious code or backdoors that could compromise the website's security.

  • Checking for Outdated Software: It scans plugins, extensions, and themes for outdated versions that may pose a security risk.

  • Identifying Misconfigured Settings: The scanner checks for misconfigured settings that could make the website vulnerable to attacks.

  • Generating Detailed Reports: The scanner produces a detailed report with highlighted vulnerabilities and recommendations after the scan.

Top 7 Magento Vulnerability Scanners

1. MageReport

MageReport Scanner Screenshot

MageReport is a Magento scanning tool for assessing the security and performance of your Magento store. With its behavior-based identification patterns, it scans for vulnerabilities without making any modifications. Gain valuable insights and fix known issues with this free, authoritative tool.

Key features of MageReport include:

  • Application of latest security patches from Adobe, such as 9652, 6482, 7405, and 6788

  • Identification of admin panel disclosure, Magento API exposure, and vulnerabilities in webforms/remote code execution (RCE)

  • Detection of Visbot malware, ransomware, and brute force attacks

  • Evaluation of Magento's core weaknesses and third-party extensions, with detailed guidance on resolving security issues.

2. SUCURI SiteCheck

SUCURI SiteCheck Scanner Screenshot

SUCURI helps keep your Magento site clean and secure. With multiple layers of protection and continuous scanning, it safeguards your website from security threats. SUCURI also proactively blocks attacks at the server level, ensuring your site stays safe without you knowing about potential threats.

This powerful tool offers several key features for Magento website security:

  • Malware and Viruses Scanning: Detects malicious code and file locations, checks for configuration issues, and provides security recommendations.

  • Magento Blacklist Status Monitoring: Tracks if security authorities like Google and PhisTank blacklist the website.

  • Outdated Software and Plugins Detection: Identifies outdated Magento CMS and vulnerable plugins and extensions, ensuring a clean and fast Magento store.

3. Quttera

Quttera Scanner Screenshot

Quttera is a web-based malware and security monitoring tool with real-time detection. It scans eCommerce sites for malicious scripts and files, pinpointing malware locations within legitimate content.

The assessment process provides detailed breakdowns for each page. It includes malicious and blacklisted iframes, external and blacklisted links. It also provides informative explanations for flagged files.

  • Quttera's security enhancements significantly enhance the overall cybersecurity approach.

  • Threat Classification and Location: Comprehensive file analysis assists store administrators in effectively preparing for and responding to cyberattacks. Quttera accurately detects and pinpoints threats within files, enhancing the efficiency of malware cleanup automation.

  • The Sandbox Layer: Protects against a widespread malware attack called malware redirect. Identifies hidden malware redirects, runs malicious code in a secure and isolated environment, and captures the malware for analysis.

4. Acunetix

Acunetix Scanner Screenshot

Acunetix is an all-in-one web security scanner with a dedicated Magento scanning tool. It swiftly detects and resolves vulnerabilities by conducting comprehensive security tests on Magento core functions. Acunetix stands out due to its remarkable speed, attributed to its enhanced core and optimized crawler. This enables effortless scanning of extensive Magento websites, ensuring seamless performance.

This powerful scanning tool offers unique features:

  • Automated scans across various frameworks, languages, and technologies.

  • Detection of over 6500 web vulnerabilities, including HTML5 websites, SPAs, and JavaScripts.

  • Integrated tools for vulnerability management empower merchants to prioritize and control threats.

  • Identify network vulnerabilities, address weak passwords, and rectify poorly configured proxy servers.

5. MageScan

MageScan is a unique file monitoring tool that detects changes in the Magento core. Its main feature is taking a "snapshot" of your system in its optimal state and randomly comparing it to the current state. By doing so, MageScan can detect any file modifications, indicating a potential unauthorized intrusion, and promptly send out an alert to notify of the risk.

MageScan's best features include:

  • Real-Time File Monitoring: Continuously scans and monitors files and folders for unauthorized intrusion. Promptly reports any detected vulnerabilities. The centralized dashboard provides admins with quick access to information on file changes, modifications, and deletions.

  • Alert Segmentation: An incident response system alerts admins to attacks. It enables them to secure business operations swiftly. Mailing alerts can be customized based on critical information, time, and threat severity.

6. EComscan

EComscan Scanner Screenshot

Sansec eComscan, in collaboration with Adobe, is an advanced website scanning tool. It thoroughly analyzes your store for vulnerabilities, malware, and unauthorized accounts. With eComscan, merchants can identify the root cause of hacking incidents and resolve them quickly. This saves valuable time. It prevents or minimizes data leaks by detecting malicious activity early on. It ensures the security of your online reputation.

Key features include:

  • Powerful Threat Intelligence: Our advanced threat intelligence is gathered from multiple sources. It offers valuable attack vectors and IOCs.

  • Server-Side Monitoring: eComscan provides comprehensive store surface monitoring for store admins. It covers files, database triggers, admin accounts, and platform components.

  • Vulnerability Tracking and Detection: Detecting outdated third-party extensions can be difficult and expensive. But with eComscan, you'll receive alerts for plugins with zero-day bugs and vulnerabilities.

  • Reporting and Integration: eComscan alerts merchants about potential threats using different channels and formats, including email, phone, CSV, and JSON.

7. Foregenix FGX-Web

Foregenix FGX-Web Scanner Screenshot

The Foregenix website security scanner is called FGX-Web. It is widely used to monitor the security status of Magento sites worldwide. FGX-Web uses a passive scanning approach. It analyzes freely accessible website data for vulnerabilities. No additional software or access to private files is required. FGX-Web offers read-only security checks. It protects eCommerce sites while allowing businesses to focus on growth.

Key features:

  • Malware Detection: FGX-Web swiftly detects and resolves compromise indicators, preventing website hacking.

  • 24/7 Web Application Firewall: This firewall protects against web threats such as XSS attacks, SQL Injection, and brute force attacks. Admins can also use a Rapid Content Delivery Network to deliver fast and secure content to visitors.


1. What is a plugin patch audit in the context of Magento vulnerability scanners?

A plugin patch audit is a detailed assessment of the plugins installed on your Magento eCommerce site. It checks if the plugins are up-to-date and identifies vulnerabilities, helping users take appropriate remediation actions.

2. How often should we conduct a vulnerability assessment and vulnerability testing?

Best practices suggest conducting vulnerability assessments and testing at least once a quarter. However, an immediate assessment is recommended upon receiving any notifications about updates or patches from Adobe Commerce or your security scan tool.

3. What is included in a Magento vulnerability analysis report?

A Magento vulnerability analysis report includes detailed findings from the security scan, such as account security status, identified vulnerabilities, recommended remediation steps, and in some cases, user options for enhancing security.

4. What is vulnerability remediation, and how important is it?

Vulnerability remediation involves taking action to address vulnerabilities identified in the vulnerability assessment. It's crucial for ensuring the security of your customer's data and the integrity of your eCommerce platform.

5. How can users benefit from the security reports generated by Magento vulnerability scanners?

Security reports provide users with crucial insights about potential vulnerabilities, allowing them to resolve issues proactively. Additionally, these reports can guide users in adopting best practices for maintaining a secure Magento hosting environment.


Use Magento vulnerability scanners to ensure your eCommerce platform's utmost security and integrity. These tools offer proactive insights for vulnerability remediation and improve the overall security of Magento stores.

Managed Magento hosting offers added protection, keeping your eCommerce store safe and secure 24/7.

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