The database is behind the scenes giving your online store great performance, storing your customer data and all the important information about purchases. Thus, it’s a service that needs to be done for your business to function properly.
Wouldn’t it be great then if the database would work precisely adjusted for the highest level of performance of your Magento store without the need for you to be manually modifying configurations and doing time-consuming administrative tasks? Now Amazon Aurora supports Auto Scaling for Aurora Replicas, and you can ensure that the desired number of Amazon Aurora replicas are run at any given time and condition so your database can keep up with the increasing demands of your application.
It works in the following way, Aurora automatically increases the number of replicas when demand increases during traffic jumps, or on schedule to maintain performance and availability, and decreases capacity during off hours to reduce costs.

This feature is essential:

This feature makes your database cheaper and more efficient, and it frees you to focus on your business.

Database Auto Scaling for Magento with Amazon Aurora

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Robust and reliable performance is crucial when it comes to the success of your Magento online business. As a Magento hosting service with long years of experience, we can’t pressure enough the importance of website performance for monetary success of any e-commerce businesses

One piece of the puzzle is the Amazon EC2 C5 instances: The newest generation of Amazon EC2’s compute-optimized instance family. The C5 family has definitely lived up to our expectations and proved itself superior in all aspects when compared to the equivalent instance types in the C4 family, especially when it comes to price and performance.

Being C5 the new AWS efficiency leader in CPU throughput per dollar, it’s 4 to 15% more cost-effective in terms of compute/memory per dollar. On C5 family compute is cheaper, the memory is faster, and the network is also faster. It is one of the options on how to increase Magento website speed.

C5 instances are powered by 3.0 GHz Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and allow a single core to run up to 3.5 GHz using Intel Turbo Boost Technology. The Skylake processor has several improvements over the Haswell processor which is used in the C4 instance family.

Optimized to deliver the right combination of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity for a wide range of workloads, C5 features AWS hardware acceleration that provides consistent, high performance, low latency networking and storage resources. C5 instances are designed for running compute-heavy workloads like video encoding, batch processing, scientific modeling, high-performance computing (HPC), distributed analytics, highly scalable multiplayer gaming, machine/deep learning inference, high-performance web servers, and ad serving.

C5 High Compute Performance

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Any kind of business, be it large or small, needs to handle several things at the same time, various projects, people, and tasks. Having a solution that can help the team keep organised while executing their projects, in a way that is accurate, is essential then.

That is where project management software come into play. They have become a fundamental tool for organisations to optimise processes, ensuring that they offer the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness while carrying out their projects.

According to InformationWeek 2014 Project Management Survey, 87% of high-performing companies use project management software. In fact, a good project manager can set you apart from the industry. We, at MGT, have developed our very own.

We know there are hundreds if not thousands of software solutions all focusing on the same features – tracking and organising the project management process and enhancing team collaboration. So you must be wondering why did we saw the need to create our own?

After extensive research, we concluded that the solutions on the market weren’t fully adaptable to us and that we wanted something really costume made to guarantee it would attend all the needs of our customers and of our team. MGT Project Manager was specifically developed and designed for Magento shops hosted on AWS Cloud. Our exceptionally skilled developer, with years of experience in Magento, carefully thought about every single detail. After all, we know the relationship built between our customers and us are based on trust, and we want to ensure them we always keep their requirements in mind and use nothing but the best high-end technologies to help them meet their goals.

MGT Project Manager

MGT Project Manager Dashboard

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In any business, it’s imperative to have insurance for primary business tools, such as property insurance. When it comes to e-commerce businesses, a thoroughly thought backup strategy is your insurance. In case of an emergency, you can restore your shop very fast and get back to business as soon as possible.

Every bit of information on a website is of extreme importance and losing any of this information could cause major business’ loss. A 2007 University of Texas study showed that 43 percent of businesses that suffer massive data loss never reopen. Many of these companies end up closing their doors for good within two years of a significant data loss. You cannot predict what is going to happen in the future, but you can insure yourself against it causing a major problem to your business by backing up your Magento shop.

At MGT-Commerce we understand how backups are of extreme importance, so we always strive to create the best backup solutions in the market. Most recently we have developed the MGT System Manager to handle our Full Machine Image Backups (AWS AMIs).

MGT System Manager

MGT System Manager

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MGT Code Deploy

We are proud to release our newest solution MGT Code Deploy, a zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS. The last few years taught us what our customers really need in order to rapidly release new features.

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Mgt Varnish Cache for Magento 2

As an expert on Magento hosting we have used the web accelerator Varnish Cache for Magento 1 for over five years because it’s blazing fast and comes along with many other benefits like saving infrastructure costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Magento 2 was released about one year ago and included an integrated Varnish Cache solution.

We reviewed and analyzed the integrated module and came to the conclusion that it has many missing features. The process resulted in the development of our own Varnish Cache module for Magento 2.
If you want to know how to increase Magento website speed: The MGT Varnish Cache is the best solution. For people new to Varnish Cache here are some of its benefits:

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We are proud to release our newest product MGT Development Environment. We got asked from many companies if we could provide an image with all components to develop locally.
Luckily this year docker for Mac was released which isn’t more then a game changer because it was to much effort to run it together with VirtualBox and other tools.

With our free MGT Development Environment we want to give our customers and the great magento community a local development environment which is running in less than under 2 minutes.

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PHP 7 - The next big thing for Magento

Our passion at MGT is performance and we love to use the newest and fastest technologies.
Our goal is to get the maximum performance for our customers and to use only resources which are actually needed.

In the last months we very busy to get our new stack ready with Debian 8, PHP 7 and NGINX with http2 support.

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Better search engine ranking with HTTPS and Varnish

HTTPS is becoming more important every day. Last year Google started ranking HTTPS websites higher than HTTP only websites. Serving your websites over HTTPS instead of HTTP also gives your customers a feeling of security and trustworthiness. You can read more about why Google is ranking HTTPS websites higher here:

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CloudPanel“ width=

What is CloudPanel?

CloudPanel is a control panel to manage your server. It supports newest technologies ( NGINX, php-fpm, HHVM, redis cache, Varnish, Memcache and many more!  ). Now you can easily manage domains, databases, ftp / ssh users, cron jobs and backups via a clean and light interface.

This CloudPanel works as bridge between your server management and the cloud provider like AWS.

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