How to Add Magento 2 Customize Product Options?

How to Add Magento 2 Customize Product Options?

Customizable options provide unique features to products and offer more variations to shoppers.

It does not affect the inventory on each permutation. You can adjust the pricing for each option and allow customers to have more choices.

You can quickly configure custom options in the store’s backend.

Get the steps on how to add customized product options in Magento 2.

What are Customizable Product Options in Magento 2?

Magento ecommerce lets you add custom options to a product. You can enter a variety of text, selection, and date input types.

The settings are available for simple, downloadable, and virtual products in Magento 2.

It is based on variations of a single SKU and is helpful for a simple inventory. You cannot manage stock or use it as the basis of price rule conditions.

A customer may purchase a product with a customizable option. They will see details of each selected option below the product description.

For example :

The customer wants to purchase a duffle bag. They will see a customizable option of a “monogram” for an additional price.

The markup is applied to the price of the item automatically.

What are Customizable Product Options in Magento 2

When a cart price rule is triggered - The initial calculation applies first to the product price and then to the line item price.

If they select the option, a markup of $14.80 is applied to the base product price of $ 74.00. The total adjusted price of the item is shown as $88.80.

The cart price rule is triggered based on the product SKU. It then applies a discount and free shipping.

What are Custom Product Options in Magento 2

The Input Types

Type Description
Text The text box allows customers to request product variations.
Field - A single line field for text.
Area - A multiple-line text field.
File A file is used for a customer to upload a file.
You can set permissions for file extensions and image dimensions
Select Allows the customer to select a single option or multiple options.
It includes a drop-down, radio buttons, a checkbox, and multiple select.
Date The customer can add a date or time or choose a value from the calendar.

Date - An input field for a date value. The customer can add a date directly or select from the calendar.

Date & Time - An input field for a date and time value.

Time - An input text field for a time value.

What are Option Specifics

To enable customization options, you should know the following components. These components will be used to set up customized product options.

1. SKU

Custom options do not allow quantity or QTY. It offers less control over the inventory.

The custom option SKU adds a suffix to the product SKU and is solely used for order processing and analytical purposes.

2. Price Rules

Custom options may add an extra cost to the base product price. It can be a fixed sum or a price percent.

You can create discounts where the Catalog Price Rules reduce only the product price. The prices for custom options will remain the same.

Cart Price Rules process the Total for discounts. In that case, the Price and Custom Option prices are lowered.

3. SEO

Search engines may not identify product variations created with custom options.

If you enter the product name, search results won’t show anything except the base product details.

The product’s variations are not visible in the search results.

4. Import

Magento 2 offers built-in features to import custom options.

You can implement the existing custom options for a product. It helps save time on similar product configurations.

We will cover how to import custom options for Magento 2.

Steps to Create Customizable Options in Magento 2

1. Open the product in edit mode.

2. From the Admin panel, go to the Customizable Options section and click on Add Option.

Steps to Create Customizable Options in Magento 2

3. From the upper-left corner, click on the New Option.

4. Enter details in the New Options Settings-

  • For Option Title, add a name for the option.

  • Set the Option Type in the text box.

  • If the option is not required to purchase the item, deselect the Required checkbox.

Steps to Create Customizable Options in Magento 2

5. Click Add New Row and complete the next details-

  • For Title, add a name for this option.

  • In the Price box, add any markup or markdown from the base product price.

  • Set Price Type to either fixed or percentage.

Price Type Description
Fixed The price of the variation differs from the price of the base product. It differs by a fixed monetary amount, such as $1.
Percentage The price of the product variation differs from the price of the base.
However, it differs by a percentage, such as 10%.
  • Enter the SKU for the option, which is a suffix that is added to the product SKU.

  • If the Option Type is File, you can set the parameters for the file.
    For Compatible File Extensions, enter the valid extensions with comma-separated values.

  • Enter the maximum image size in pixels in the Maximum Image Size.

  • To change the order of the options, click the Change Order icon and drag the option to a new position in the list.

  • Change Order of Options. Repeat this step for each option that is added.

  • When the information is complete, click Save.

Import Customizable Options

  • You can import customizable options with the following steps -

  • In the Customizable Options section, click on Import Options.

Import Customizable Options in Magento 2

  • You can see all products with customizable options appear in the grid.

  • From the list, select the checkbox of the product with the options that you want to import.

  • Click on Import.

  • After the step is done, you can continue to add more custom options or click on Save and Close.

Products with Custom Options vs. Configurable

Magento store owners can create product variations by using custom options and configurable products.

Each option has a unique set of features and limitations.

Custom product options act as a modified layer of the product. Whereas configurable products are each individual product.

The configurable product requires more time to set up. It provides flexibility in data editing for admins.

  • Custom Product Options

Custom options are easier to set up and handle. It does not require a separate SKU for each option.

The product options are not displayed on search engines and act invisible. It can only be found by the customer on the product page.

You cannot promote the custom options as SEO tools don’t track the product variations.

  • Configurable Products

The configurable products have many settings which are similar to configuring actual products.

These products are available to customers in all layers of the Layered Navigation. You can see them on the category page and while searching for a product.

Search engine crawlers can index the product pages and give exact results to user queries.

Difference Table for Custom Product Options vs Configurable Products

Criteria Custom Product Options Configurable Products
Inventory management Custom options do not add to new inventory.
The SKU is added as a suffix to the SKU of the base product.
Manage inventory of each variable. Each variant acts as a simple product.
Sell Variants Separately You cannot sell the variants separately. They have to be purchased with the base product. You can sell the product variants separately.
Accessibility The variants are not available on search or catalog pages. You can search and find product variants easily.
SEO Custom products have no unique URLs. It does not require SEO You can add SEO orientation to configurable products for visibility.
Pricing Base product price and the variant price can be fixed or in a percentage. Flexible pricing for each product.

Custom options are useful in cases such as:

  • Your business is not dependent on physical product storage
  • Does not require extensive product promotions
  • Product Search capabilities are not essential

Configurable products are helpful in cases such as:

  • Managing inventory is a component of the business lifecycle
  • Includes SEO and price-based marketing.
  • You require full admin control over products

Extensions for Custom Products in Magento 2

There are some Magento 2 plugins that allow customers to create unique product variations. It offers personalized shopping and improves conversion rates.

The extensions for Magento 2 custom products include :

  • Magento 2 Product Options extension - Mageplaza

  • Product Option Templates for Magento 2 - Amasty

  • Personalized Products by Milople for Magento 2

  • Magento 2 Product Designer Extension -Land of Coder

Features of the custom product Magento 2 extensions include -

  • Display custom options such as text, color, and product images

  • Assign templates to many products in bulk

  • Image upload for custom products and custom fonts

  • Duplicate product variations to create new templates

  • Set prices for customized designs or business cards.

  • Preview and print files of new custom product designs

  • Improved user experience

  • Customer service or a support team


Custom Options are a method to add a variety of texts, selection, and date input types.

It offers customers more product variations without depending on product attributes.

We have covered two simple methods to configure and import Magento 2 customize product options.

To learn more about the Magento platform, check out the MGT-Commerce Tutorials.

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