How to Implement Magento 2 Sort by Position?

How to Implement Magento 2 Sort by Position?

If your online store on Magento 2 appears disorganized, the Magento 2 sort by position feature can greatly enhance product sorting. This feature helps display products according to their position in the admin panel, allowing for better control over product orders. This guide will help you understand how to use Magento sort by position to benefit your online store.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how sorting products by position in Magento 2 makes shopping faster and more user-friendly.

  • Follow easy instructions to change product sorting in Magento 2.

  • Understand the importance of assigning position numbers to products for sorting.

  • Explore how third-party extensions can offer advanced sorting capabilities.

  • Quick answers to common questions about Magento 2's sort-by-position feature.

Why is Product Sorting Important in Magento 2?

Importance of product sorting in Magento 2 for user experience and sales enhancement

1. User experience

Having Magento products sorted makes it easy for your customers. They can find what they want faster. In Magento 2, you can sort items by name, price, or position. You pick the order that shows up first.

This way, you can show your best-selling or newest items first. If each product has a place number, this sets the order, too. The aim is to make shopping smooth and quick for all users.

2. Improved sales

The ability to sort products in Magento 2 can improve sales for your online store. When customers have a positive user experience and can easily find the products they seek, they are more likely to purchase.

By customizing the sorting options in Magento 2, you can ensure that your best-selling or most relevant products appear at the top of category pages. This increases their visibility to potential buyers. This targeted approach can help increase conversion rates and drive your sales numbers.

3. Customization options

Magento 2 provides several customization options for sorting products. Users can adjust the sort order of products by brand and position. To change the default sorting, go to Catalog > Categories, choose the desired category, and open the Display Setting tab.

You can change the sort order in the Default Magento Product Listing section. You can also assign each product a position number in the Manage Magento Categories section to determine their sorting order.

Steps to Implement 'Magento 2 Sort by Position'

Access the Magento 2 admin panel by logging in. Then, you should:

  • Go to the "Catalog" menu and choose "Categories"

  • Pick the desired "Store View"

  • Expand the "Display Setting" section

  • Locate the "Default Product Listing Sort By" option.

Step-by-step guide to implementing Magento 2 sort by position in default product listing

The default sort is "Position." Click "Save Config" to apply changes. To select the sorting option, set the product position from the Products in Category" tab, as indicated below:

Configuring product positions in Magento 2 categories for optimized sorting

This will help you set the product's position in the category and ensure the desired sorting for your store.

How to Change the Default Sorting Option in Magento 2

To modify the default sorting option in Magento 2, follow these simple steps:

  1. To begin, navigate to the Catalog section and click on Categories.

  2. Next, select the desired category to modify and open the Display Settings tab.

Guide on modifying the default sorting option in Magento 2 for enhanced product display

Select an option from the dropdown menu to change the sort order in the Default Product Listing section.

Tips for Optimizing Product Sorting in Magento 2

1. Utilizing the "Position" attribute

To optimize product sorting in Magento2, you can utilize the "Position" attribute. Assign a position number to each product with this attribute. It determines the sorting order within a Magento 2 category.

You can control the order of products on your website by assigning position numbers to them. Lower position numbers will make a product appear first in a category.

The prioritized product will be displayed at the top when customers explore a specific Magento category. The "Position" attribute empowers you to customize the sorting and presentation of your products, giving you flexibility and control.

2. Importance of testing and monitoring

Testing and monitoring play a vital role in product sorting within Magento 2. Regularly testing various sorting options guarantees optimal and user-friendly display of your products. Improving your customers' shopping experience and boosting their chances of purchasing. Keep an eye on how your sorting strategies perform to spot any problems or areas to enhance.

Boost sales and fuel business expansion by staying ahead of the game and constantly fine-tuning your product arrangement.

3. Consider using third-party extensions.

You can improve the sorting options in Magento 2 by using third-party extensions. These extensions provide advanced sorting capabilities that are tailored to your specific requirements.

Enhance your Magento store with these extensions. Get more sorting options based on customer ratings, best-selling products, and custom attributes. Boost sales and improve user experience with flexibility and customization.


1. What does "Magento 2 sort by position" mean?

Magento 2 sort by position means adjusting the product order in Magento's catalog based on a chosen position. When you set the position per your business goals and sort by product listing, products are displayed in the desired order on your e-commerce store.

2. How can I change the product sorting order in Magento?

You can customize product sorting and manage positions in Magento through the admin panel, where you can find options to sort products by name, price, or date.

3. Can I sort categories in Magento as well?

Sorting categories is an option in Manage Categories under customizing product sorting settings of Magento’s admin panel.

4. Is it possible to use the position field for sorting products?

In Magento, you can sort by position for each product, which lets you arrange your items using their assigned positions in your store's backend.

5. Can we make 'Sort By Position' a default setting?

You can set up ‘Sort By Position’ as your default choice under 'Sorting Options'. It will guide how visitors see results when they visit your shop page.

6. Are there other relevant ways to sort orders in a Magento 2 store?

Besides basic settings like sort by name, sort by price, or sort by date, advanced settings let you adjust results based on popularity, relevance, and more for a better user experience.

7. How does a Magento Hosting affect sorting in a Magento 2 store?

Choosing a reliable Magento hosting provider greatly impacts your store's performance with the 'sort by position' feature. A good hosting service ensures fast website loading, reducing page load time and offering a smooth shopping experience for customers. Maintaining an organized display order is crucial, especially for large product catalogs.


With Magento 2 sort by position feature, you can arrange your products to meet your business goals. You can customize the sorting order to suit your requirements and boost sales. This guide covered the nuances of using the "Magento 2 sort by position" feature to streamline and optimize product sorting.

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