How to Configure Magento Gift Registry: 9 Extensions

How to Configure Magento Gift Registry: 9 Extensions

Magento gift registry allows customers to create and manage gift lists for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or holidays. It is a curated collection of desired items from a specific online store tailored for a particular occasion or event. This article will configure the Magento gift registry using 9 extensions.

Key Takeaways

  • Magento gift registries enhance the shopping experience by allowing personalized and easy management of gift lists for special occasions.

  • Email notifications can be configured for registry updates, informing gift givers and receivers in real-time.

  • In 2024, various Magento 2 extensions offer features such as social sharing, contribution-based group gifts, and customizable registries.

  • Integrations with social media and existing user accounts simplify the registry process and improve accessibility.

  • Real-time updates and community features, including reviews and expert recommendations, enhance the gift registry service.

How to Enable Magento Gift Registry

1. Enable Gift Registries

Navigate to the "Stores" section in the Magento Admin sidebar, then click on "Settings" followed by "Configuration." Once there, expand the "Customers" menu and select "Gift Registry" from the options.

Please expand the "General Options" section and complete the following tasks:

Enable Magento Gift Registry

The Gift Registry is automatically enabled. If needed, set "Enable Gift Registry" to Yes.

Specify the maximum number of participants allowed for a gift registry event under "Maximum Registrants."

2. Configure Email Notifications

Please expand the "Owner Notification" section and follow these steps:

Configure Email Notifications in Magento Gift Registry

Select the Email Template that sends notifications to gift registry owners upon registry creation. Choose the store contact to be the Email Sender of the message.

Please expand the section on "Gift Registry Sharing" and complete the following tasks:

Configure Magento Gift Registry Sharing

Select the Email Template to inform gift registry recipients when a registry is shared.

Choose the store identity that will appear as the Email Sender of the message.

Enter the maximum number of emails that can be sent once for the Maximum Sent Emails Threshold.

Expand the Gift Registry Update section and complete the following tasks:

Configure Magento Gift Registry Update

Select the Email Template that sends notifications to gift registry owners regarding any changes made to the registry. Choose the store identity that will be displayed as the Email Sender of the message.

After finishing, click on the Save Config button. Refresh the cache when prompted. Once the cache is updated, you will find Gift Registry in the Stores menu under Other Settings, and it will be accessible in customer accounts.

9 Magento 2 Gift Registry Extensions in 2024

1. Gift Registry by Magenest

Magento 2 Gift Registry allows customers to create and manage multiple gift registries for various occasions. With customizable registry pages and premade templates for notification emails, it's easy for customers to share their registries with family and friends. Simplify gift-giving by inviting loved ones to purchase items directly from the registry.

2. Gift Registry by Cedcommerce

Group Gift, developed by CedCommerce, is a powerful extension that enables customers to create a group gift registry and invite multiple guests to contribute. This extension is a must-have! It generates coupon codes for gift receivers, simplifies receiver selection, and creates gift registries. Install it now and experience its amazing functionalities!

3. Gift Registry by Mirasvit

Introducing Magento 2 Gift Registry! Say goodbye to unwanted gifts from friends and family. With this extension, you can create multiple gift registries, manage attributes, and easily share them with loved ones. Customers can add products to their favorite registries and even receive items from friends. Boost your online store's conversion rate with this intuitive customer interface.

4. Gift Registry by Amasty

Magento Gift Registry by Amasty is a powerful solution that enhances the customer shopping experience. The ability to generate and manage gift registries, easily customize registry pages, and allow customers to share registries with friends offers a seamless gifting experience. Admins can also track all gift registries, helping businesses improve conversion rates and increase traffic.

5. Gift Registry by Aitoc

Magento 1 Gift Registry extension is a versatile solution that empowers customers to select and share gifts for birthdays, weddings, or any occasion. With prioritization options and the ability to leave comments, it enhances the shopping experience. Admins receive notifications about gift lists and orders while boosting sales for your store.

6. Gift Registry by Fmeextensions

The Magento Gift Registry extension allows customers to create and share gift wishlists for various events. It offers both private and public registries with PIN code security. With this module, online stores can boost sales and conversion rates. Easily manage customer's gift registries and customize the landing page.

7. Gift Registry by Consultmosaic

The Gift Registry extension is a powerful tool that enables shoppers to create and manage gift registries effortlessly. This extension enhances the overall customer experience. It offers features like setting desired registry quantity, sharing through social media and email, modifying registry details, removing registries, setting registry images, etc. By leveraging this extension, businesses can significantly boost their revenues.

8. Gift Registry by Mageworx

Introducing the Gift Registry by Mageworx—a powerful tool for consumers to find and choose their favorite gifts easily. With features like detailed registry stats, social sharing, customizable search, and unlimited product options, this extension enhances the shopping experience and makes gift-giving a breeze.

9. Gift Registry by Webtexsoftware

The Gift Registry extension by Webtext Software is the perfect solution for boosting store traffic, increasing customers, and driving more sales. With many interesting features, this module is especially useful for holiday occasions. Magento admins can generate, modify, and remove registries through the admin panel. It supports unlimited products, integrates Ajax technology, and offers comprehensive statistics and information. Enhance your Magento store with this must-have extension now!


1. Can the ecommerce platform integrate a wishlist feature for events like birthdays or weddings?

It supports integrating a wishlist feature perfect for special celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Users can easily add items to their wishlist and share them with friends and family for gift ideas. Reliable Magento hosting options seamlessly configure gift registries on your ecommerce platform.

2. How can gift registry owners personalize their gift registry page?

Gift registry owners can personalize their page by adding images, setting item priority, and writing a personalized message or comment. They also have the option to link it to their social profiles, such as Instagram, for a more personalized touch.

3. Is there a way to link a gift registry to a user's existing account on the platform?

Users can link their gift registry to their existing Google or Facebook account for a seamless experience. This allows guests to find the registry more easily and ensures that all gifts are correctly attributed to the registry owner's name.

4. How often is the gift registry updated if someone orders an item?

The gift registry is updated in real time as soon as an order is placed. Once an item is purchased, it reflects immediately on the registry to prevent duplicate gifts and provide up-to-date information to all visitors.

5. Are there any community-driven features for the gift registry?

Its community features include user reviews of items on the registry and a session where cloud advocates meet to release expert gift recommendations and ideas. It contributes to a rich community-driven experience.

6. Can people locate gift registries based on the type of celebration?

Yes, users can search for gift registries by specifying the type of celebration, whether it's a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. This allows guests to quickly find the right registry and choose an appropriate gift for the occasion.

7. Is there a feature for guests to view a summary they have added to their cart?

Guests can easily view an overview of the selected gifts in their cart before checkout. This summary includes item descriptions, quantities, and the option to leave a personalized note for the honoree.

8. In case of a duplicate gift or an error, how can one log an issue from gift registry experts?

Users can log the issue directly through the platform if a duplicate gift or error occurs. The team of gift registry experts is available to provide assistance and ensure a seamless gift-giving experience for both givers and recipients within communities.


By enabling the Magento gift registry extension, store owners can offer a unique and personalized gifting experience to their customers. With various features and customization options, the gift registry feature adds value to the store and its customers.

For those seeking optimal performance and reliability for their Magento gift registry extension, managed Magento hosting is worth considering. It provides the necessary infrastructure for a smooth and scalable online experience.

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