What are the Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2?

What are the Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves store visibility & page rankings in the SERPs.

The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you will get customers and sales.

When searching for a product, users most likely go for the first-page results on a search engine. SEO helps you rank higher on the search engine. You get more customers & improve conversions.

It enhances brand recognition & growth. Users find your store to be more trustworthy as it is one of the top results.

Magento 2 has many built-in SEO capabilities. However, to get advanced SEO functions, you should invest in Magento SEO extensions.

Magento 2 SEO extensions offer SEO features to achieve higher ranks on SERPs. You can grow your organic search traffic by opting for a suitable SEO extension.

In this article, we look at the best SEO Extensions for Magento 2 stores.

Top Magento 2 SEO Extensions

1. Google Rich Snippets

Google Rich Snippets -Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2

Rich snippets are additional information displayed in Google search results. The info is taken from Structured data in a page’s HTML.

Customers get more details about your store, products & pricing. It increases the click-through rate for your store.

Google Rich Snippets for Magento 2 help you highlight essential information. It boosts website visibility.

The SEO extension draws traffic to your website by displaying:

  • Prices & stock status
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Social profiles
  • URL, company name, and logo
  • Navigation path
  • Search input box for a Home page

The Rich Snippet Types for Magento 2 stores include:

  • Magento Rich Snippets - Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation process that enhances how users find relevant pages.

Magento Rich Snippets adds a breadcrumb to provide clear & user-friendly navigation for your Magento 2 store.

It helps to show the page’s position on the site ranks. The user can navigate the site’s content quickly.

Example: amasty.com > Magento 2 extensions > Magento 2 SEO module

  • Rich Snippets - Organizations

The organization type of rich snippet shows the store’s URL, logo, and merchant info. You can raise brand awareness by showing business information.

It lets you add addresses and phone numbers. The rich snippet also shows customer service info.

You can add icons of social media to the rich snippets. The users can access social media accounts directly from search results.


Organization info: Nike. Footwear Manufacturing Company. Displays URL + Nike logo. You can see Nike’s social media profiles below.

  • Rich Snippets - Category

Displays the average product ratings & starting prices. You can also see the pricing policy and items' quality. You do not have to open the store’s page.

Example: ★★★★ Ratings (4.0) 1200 Reviews -Starting at $99

You get Advanced options for Magento 2 Rich Snippets:

  • Image Search Schema Markup in Magento 2
  • Stock availability
  • Search input box on the Google search result
  • Custom site name in search results

The Google Rich Snippet for Magento 2 helps you to add extra store info quickly. The extension is available at $129 for the Magento 2 Community Edition.

2. HTML & XML Sitemap Generator

HTML & XML Sitemap Generator -Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2

An XML Sitemap lets your store content get crawled & indexed faster. As a result, there is more visibility on search engines.

The HTML & XML Sitemap Generator for Magento 2 helps create seo-rich sitemaps.

The HTML sitemap builds internal linking for your store. It improves navigation & user experience.

Magento 2 HTML & XML Sitemap Features:

  • Create Multiple Sitemaps
  • Include selected products, categories & URLs
  • Setup Cron jobs to add new products on the sitemap
  • Configure priorities & change frequencies
  • Include Image URLs in Sitemap
  • Categorize URLs

The extension has bonus HTML Sitemap features such as:

  • Include/exclude specific pages
  • Hide “Out of Stock” Items
  • Set up custom meta tags for HTML sitemap page
  • Display search field

The Magento 2 sitemap page helps your customers to find products more quickly. With the HTML search field, the customers can search for their desired item.

You can add or remove links on the XML sitemap to show only relevant content.

Extension price for Magento 2 Community Edition: $79.99

3. Meta Tags Templates for Magento 2

Meta Tags Templates -Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2

It is hard to manage meta info on a large number of products & categories. The Meta Tags Templates for Magento 2 allow you to create tags automatically.

The extension allows you to create dynamic templates:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • H1 tag
  • Short description
  • Full description

It lets you apply the SEO templates to all product URLs. You can specify a URL for any page of the website and create meta tags for it. Add hreflang tags to multiple stores with different languages.

The extension also allows SEO-friendly webpage redirection. It helps to avoid duplicate content issues and manage web store URLs.

The extension is available at $139 for the Magento 2 Community Edition.

4. Advanced SEO Friendly Blog

Advanced SEO Friendly Blog  -Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2

An SEO-friendly blog helps boost traffic & customer engagements. It informs customers about the brand. You can rank higher with SEO-rich content created for targeted customers.

The Advanced SEO Friendly Blog for Magento 2 offers tools to build an SEO-optimized blog.

Some of the top features include:

  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Format articles with WYSIWYG editor
  • Create categories to classify blog-posts
  • Add images & videos to the blogs
  • Allow user comments
  • Configure on-site SEO with meta details
  • Enable social media comments & avoid spam

You can quickly write and edit the text of the articles using the extension. It lets you show recent posts & assign related products.

There is no need to manage a separate CMS platform. An SEO-friendly blog will help you execute your content marketing strategy effectively.

The extension is available at $ 89.99 for the Magento Community edition.

5. Cross-Linking for Magento 2

Cross-Linking for Magento 2  -Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2

Cross-links provide a better data framework for your online store. The users can browse the store easily & find relevant products. With cross-linking, you can rank a page for specific SEO keywords.

It helps to increase inbound links & domain authority. With the correct linking, you can improve the SEO rankings of your store.

The top features of the module include:

  • Link to any product, category, or CMS page
  • Build internal links for specific products & categories
  • Build external links to any site
  • Replace keywords with links
  • Limit the number of links per page

Cross-Linking for Magento 2 is available at $109 for the Magento Community edition.

6. Landing Pages for Magento 2

Landing Pages by Amasty -Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2

Landing pages are a promotional tool for Magento 2 stores. You can create highly targeted landing pages for products.

The Landing Pages extension lets you build SEO-optimized content. Create various pages for the same items and meet unique customer demands. You can modify the page category pages & promote offers in many ways.

Top Features of the extension include:

  • Create many landing pages
  • Improve SEO with unique URLs & metadata
  • Use flexible conditions for products on each page
  • Add landing pages to the sitemap
  • Display custom CMS blocks anywhere on the pages
  • Compatible with Jet Theme

You can duplicate a landing page to create similar pages. The extension helps design pages for specific products. Instead of the search engine result, display the product's landing page to the customer. It can lead to faster purchases.

Get the extension at $149 for the Magento Community edition.

7. SEO Friendly Images

 SEO Friendly Images  -Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2

It takes time to add names to all the product images in your store. The SEO Friendly Images extension renames the product images to the full product name.

The product image names are converted to the more Magento SEO-friendly version.

Example: Product name: DSC100001.jpg is converted to > your-product-name.jpg.

Here, the images are SEO optimized so that Google can easily index them. It helps attract more traffic using Google images.

Users can look at the product’s Google image & be directed to your site for purchase.

The top features of the extension include:

  • Automatically names images with proper description
  • The extension is enabled & disabled in the admin panel
  • Improve SEO score for product images

The extension is available at $25 for the Magento Community edition.

8. SEO ToolKit by Amasty

SEO ToolKit by Amasty -Best SEO Extensions for Magento 2

SEO Toolkit by Amasty is the all-in-one Magento 2 SEO Extension designed to make your store stand out in Google Search. It helps with optimizing strategies to get top Google rankings.

You can reduce costs on paid ads & get organic traffic. All the minor SEO details are covered with a suite of powerful tools. It is an advanced SEO solution that offers better interaction with Google.

The top features of the SEO toolkit include:

  • Automated meta tags templates
  • Advanced rich snippets in search results
  • Pagination & redirects to avoid broken links
  • Unique product URLs to prevent duplicate content
  • Automated internal & external cross-links
  • Create HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Compatible with the Jet Theme

The toolkit is like an SEO suite ultimate extension that covers most of the functions. You can also add separate plugins to the store, like layered navigation.

The extension is available at $299 for the Magento Community edition.


There are many powerful Magento 2 SEO extensions in the market. Choose the SEO extensions that fit your business requirements.

With the right extensions, you can improve store ranking on SERPs. It helps reduce SEO workloads & keeps your store optimized.

The article has covered the best Magento 2 SEO extensions. You can use them to get organic traffic for your store & drive more conversions.

To learn more about Magento SEO & ranking, check out the Magento 2 SEO Guide.

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