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What is CloudPanel?

CloudPanel is a control panel to manage your server. It supports newest technologies ( NGINX, php-fpm, HHVM, redis cache, Varnish, Memcache and many more!  ). Now you can easily manage domains, databases, ftp / ssh users, cron jobs and backups via a clean and light interface.

This CloudPanel works as bridge between your server management and the cloud provider like AWS.

Why did we built this panel?

MGT-Commerce is all about providing the best solution for our Magento hosting clients. With our innovative thinking, we are always up to date or like in this case, even ahead of time. The panel was built, because it was a fact that there is no panel solution on market that supports NGINX, varnish, hhvm, and other lightweight components at the same time. Most common panels like Plesk or Cpanel came with overhead on features and often with a lot of old components.

CloudPanel – Highlights

Scaling on Demand

The biggest of the many cloud benefits is the flexibility, which means that you can scale your server size when it is needed. Because nobody likes to study the command line of the cloud provider we have developed the scaling feature directly into the CloudPanel!

From now, scaling can be done by just one click.

Change Instanz Type

You can even schedule the scaling for example if you have a special marketing event
schedule the scaling

Backup and Restore

A professional backup and restore solution should be a standard in any control panel. With a long experience in managed hosting we know how quick it can come to issues or mistakes. From now you are on the safe side and a backup or restore can be done by just one click.

All Database backups are stored as dumps:
Database dumps“ width=

You can restore each dump with one click on the „Restore Icon“
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Download the database dump:
Creating a database backup was never easier.

Creating a database backup

Database Management

Database management ranging from creating databases to manually editing tables are provided as one click solution.

See how easy it can be to add a new database.

add a new database

Adding a new database user.„Add

Just one click and you can manage a database via phpMyAdmin.phpMyAdmin

DNS Management via AWS Route53

The CloudPanel provides a full DNS management which allows you to easily manage your domains. All types of DNS records are supported ( A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, SPF ).

Add new DNS Zones.Add new DNS Zones

Add new domain records.Add new domain records

Service Management

With the CloudPanel you can start, stop and restart all

Why we use Debian as operating system?


As server OS we use debian which is the most stable and trusted linux distribution world wide. The debian system comes with over 29.000 different pieces of software. A very important part is that it is only distribution designed to be upgraded without re-installing.

5 good reasons why we use debian:

1. Stability
There are a lot of server OS out, but we have never seen a more stable running one like debian.

2. System security
Because of it´s long release cycles Debian is one of the most secure linux distribution.

3. Performance
With debian we reach an optimal performance. The server OS comes just with the things it needs.

4. Debian needs less server resources
The debian is very light. The base os has just 4MB! By installing all needed components we came to 35 MB! Please keep in mind that these are just 24 x 1,44 floppy disks.

5. Easy upgrades
Updates couldn’t be easier, which guarantees a safe system for the future.


NGINXOne of the fastest web server – NGINX!


Our CloudPanel fully supports NGINX as web server.

Here are some reasons why we decided to use NGINX:

1. NGINX is super fast serving static files
Popular CDN companies use NGINX ( Cloudflare, NetDNA/MaxCDN, Cachefly, ProCDN/MediaTemple ).

2. NGINX can handle more than 4x times concurrent connections than Apache
With NGINX you get a lightweight and efficient web server. Several tests against apache and Lighttpd have shown that NGINX can handle more concurrent connections, has a faster response time and less resource usage.

Example benchmark:benchmark


You can see in the first graph that NGINX consumes less memory. In the second graph you see that NGINX supports more concurrent traffic which means it performs better!

3. NGINX is fully compatible to all popular web applications
We are using NGINX successfully the past 5 years for our managed magento hosting. Besides magento we have also successfully tested NGINX with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, phpbb, vbulletin, xenforo and lot more applications.

4. NGINX is the most popular webserver for bigger sites
55% of all hosted websites are using apache as web server. Over 90% of the biggest websites are using NGINX to serve their traffic., tumblr, pinterest, instagram, yahoo, youtube are just some of them! Site performance is the key to success and it reduces the needed hardware at the same time!

5. NGINX makes your website fly
Even the performance has a high impact on SEO! A slow website gets never a good ranking!

HHVM50% more performance by HHVM


You never heard about this technology? No worries, it is something completely new!
HHVM is developed by Facebook to reduce their hardware infrastructure and to reach a much better performance at the same time.

HHVM is an open-source virtual machine for executing programs written in PHP with up to 50% more performance! To reach this performance HHVM uses a JIT (just-in-time) compilation.

With the CloudPanel you can enable or disable this high end technology by just one click.


Please note, that the CloudPanel is the worldwide first server control panel which includes this feature!




We use PHP with PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager). PHP-FPM is alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with some additional features, especially busier sites.



Special MySQL Version with the xtraDb storage engine which is up to 270% faster and more stable and consistent than standard MySQL Version.

Redis CacheRedis Cache



Redis is an advanced key-value memory store with full cache tag support.
For magento it’s the fastest cache backend which provides superior performance. more

Varnish CacheVarnish Cache



Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. Varnish Cache is really, really fast. It typically speeds up delivery with a factor of 300 – 1000x. more

Full features as list


  • Realtime monitoring
  • All important facts about the server on one page


  • Add Domains and subdomains
  • Add Domain alias
  • Change Document root
  • Edit Vhost
  • Log Files ( PHP Logs / NGINX Logs )
  • Install / Changes SSL Certificates


  • Add Databases
  • Add database user
  • phpMyAdmin per click
  • Create database backups
  • Download database backups
  • Restore database backups


  • Create FTP user
  • Create SSH user

Cron Jobs

  • Add cron jobs


  • Add new DNS zones
  • Add new DNS records


  • Add Scaling events


  • Change ondemand instance type
  • Stop / Restart / Start all services


  • Add new CloudPanel user
  • Change Server timezone

You can test the CloudPanel at:


Contact us now for a free consultation. We would like to assist you and provide you the best Magento hosting possible.

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