Top 10 Features of Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

Top 10 Features of Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

Magento 2 enterprise is the paid version of Magento, offering enhanced custom features and functionalities compared to the community edition. It offers advanced features like scalability, catalog management, page builder, analytics, PWA, etc. This article will discuss the top 10 features of Magento 2 enterprise that can benefit your online store.

Key Takeaways

  • Magento 2 enterprise offers advanced features and functionalities for your online store.

  • It is a paid version of Magento, providing enhanced customizability and scalability.

  • Some of the top 10 features of Magento 2 enterprise include page builder, PWA, advanced ecommerce analytics, and more.

  • These features can help improve your store's performance, user experience, and customer engagement.

  • Magento 2 enterprise suits small, medium, and large businesses with varying needs and budgets.

Why Use Magento 2 Enterprise?

The enterprise version of Magento enables e-commerce businesses to accelerate growth, maximize sales, and attain custom solutions. With a wide range of e-commerce features, Magento developers provide exceptional services for any industry. Maximize your Magento store's productivity, efficiency, and popularity through reliable and feasible enterprise editions.

Key reasons behind using Magento 2 enterprise:

  • Enhanced database scalability

  • Advanced search capabilities

  • Task queue management

  • Support for Google Tag Manager

  • Advanced administrator rights

  • Simplified management and creation of custom attributes

  • Scheduled FTP / SFTP transfers through XML

  • Message Queue Framework integration

10 Key Features of Magento 2 Enterprise

1. Advanced search

Magento 2 Enterprise Advanced Search

Magento Enterprise Edition offers elastic search, providing a powerful customer search experience. With advanced search rules, it delivers accurate results that meet customers' expectations.

Key features include automatic suggestions, fast autocomplete, smart correction for misspelled queries, and the ability to search for product attribute options. Elastic search improves customers' usability and drives sales by helping users find products more efficiently.

2. Advanced targeting and segmentation tools

Magento Enterprise Advanced Targeting

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition offers a dynamic feature that enables personalized content and promotions for specific customers. Businesses can optimize Magento marketing efforts by utilizing customer information, such as addresses, order histories, and cart contents.

It, in turn, enables them to create a unique shopping experience. It boosts conversion rates and attracts more potential customers. The tool also provides data on customer segments and helps businesses understand their audience better.

3. Advanced merchandising and marketing

Magento 2 Enterprise merchandising and marketing

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition provides extensive merchandising and marketing capabilities to help businesses increase sales. The platform enables businesses to customize product catalogs, set multiple pricing options, create promotions, and manage upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Merchants can also schedule promotions, automate emails, and analyze customer data to tailor their marketing strategies. Merchandising, promotion, and marketing are key elements in increasing conversion rates.

With Magento Enterprise Edition, you have the power to automate creative strategies that maximize customer sales. It enables seamless e-commerce experiences with drag-and-drop merchandising, flexible pricing, rules-based cross-sales, and customer segmentation.

It also includes automated email messaging for abandoned carts and wish list updates. Magento 2 EE offers a range of marketing tools. These tools include discount coupons and binding banners to price rules.

Additionally, there are private sales for specific customer groups, timed offers, and flash deals. Furthermore, it provides the ability to create promo pages quickly and easily. These features provide flexibility and efficiency for marketing campaigns and targeted sales.

4. Advanced Content Management

Magento 2 Enterprise Content management

In addition to the merchandising and marketing tools, Magento 2 Enterprise Edition also offers advanced content management capabilities. It includes a drag-and-drop page builder, allowing businesses to easily create and customize web pages without coding knowledge.

It also has built-in SEO features, such as meta tags and URL customization, to help improve search engine rankings. Furthermore, it provides multi-lingual support, allowing businesses to expand their reach by creating content in multiple languages.

Moreover, Magento 2 EE offers advanced analytics and reporting tools to track customer behavior and website performance. This helps businesses make data-driven decisions to improve user experience and increase conversions.

5. B2B support

Magento 2 Enterprise B2B Support

Magento 2 enterprise edition also fully supports B2B (business-to-business) transactions. This includes tiered pricing, negotiated pricing, and customer-specific catalogs. It also provides tools for managing multiple accounts and assigning roles and permissions.

Magento offers various payment methods, including Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Bitcoin and Altcoins, and PayPal. These extensions and add-ons allow businesses to reach a wider audience and increase revenue.

With Magento enterprise edition, businesses can build a secure and responsive website, enhancing their online marketing efforts.

6. Shopping experience and navigation

Magento 2 Enterprise Shopping Experience and Navigation

Magento 2 enterprise edition offers significant improvements in navigation and shopping experience. It supports Solr, a powerful search engine meeting basic e-commerce requirements. Based on the Apache Lucene library, Solr is an efficient and fast solution for commercial companies.

Magento 2 is renowned for its dynamic clustering. It offers search highlighting, database integration, document management, and support for facet and geospatial searches. With a focus on providing a superior user experience, Magento 2 stands out among its competitors. Its features attract customers, encourage repeat purchases, boost sales, increase conversion rates, and foster brand loyalty.

Magento enterprise edition offers a range of customer experience features. These include custom content, multi-level navigation, responsive design, fast Magento checkout, improved merchandising, and advanced content management.

7. Built-in client management

Magento 2 Enterprise Client Management

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition has built-in client management tools that allow businesses to manage their customer database effectively. These tools include customer segmentation, email marketing, and targeted promotions.

Customer segmentation helps businesses categorize customers based on demographics, purchase history, and browsing behavior. This enables personalized marketing campaigns catering to customers' needs and interests.

Email marketing is another powerful tool offered by Magento 2 enterprise edition. It allows businesses to create targeted email campaigns and track customer engagement, open rates, and click-through rates. This helps businesses to improve their communication with customers and drive more sales.

8. Cost

Magento 2 Enterprise Flexible Cost

With its flexible pricing options, businesses can choose the plan that best fits their budget and needs.

The enterprise version of Magento offers additional functionalities and is a paid option. The cost of Magento Enterprise varies based on the store's annual revenue, starting from $22,000 and going up to $125,000.

Here's a summary of the annual costs for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition based on different levels of gross annual revenue:

  • $0 - $1 million: $22,000.00

  • $1 - $5 million: $32,000.00

  • $5 - $10 million: $49,000.00

  • $10 - $25 million: $75,000.00

  • $25 - $50 million: $125,000.00

9. Scalability

Magento 2 Enterprise Scalability

The Magento community and enterprise versions have different performance levels. The paid version handles large amounts of data, making it ideal for high-volume stores. The community version is suitable for smaller stores and startups.

The enterprise version offers additional features, such as enterprise cloud, contributing to its superior performance and scalability. Both versions can benefit from third-party extensions, which enhance overall performance.

Magento's architecture is specifically designed to handle high volumes of traffic and data. This makes it an ideal platform for businesses with growth plans. Magento can easily accommodate international expansion and facilitate global business growth with its support for multiple storefronts and languages.

10. Security

Magento 2 Enterprise Security

Security is the top concern for online shoppers when making transactions. The free version of Magento 2 is not PCI compliant. It also doesn't allow credit card tokenization or secure payment bridges. As a result, store owners have to depend on third-party Magento 2 security extensions to enhance security.

However, the enterprise version of Magento 2 includes built-in payment integrations. These integrations, such as Paypal, CyberSource, and WorldPay, enable secure and reliable online transactions.

Additionally, Magento offers regular scanning, testing, and bug bounty programs. These measures ensure the highest level of security.

Magento Enterprise vs Magento Community

The enterprise version is a paid platform, whereas the community version is free. The main differences between the two versions include security, scalability, support, and cloud deployment options.

Certainly! Here's the table converted into markdown format:

Factors Magento 2 Enterprise Magento Community
Cost Paid, starts from $22,000 Free
Security Built-in PCI compliance, secure payment bridges, and additional security features. Relies on third-party extensions for PCI compliance and security features.
Scalability Designed to handle high volumes of traffic, ideal for large businesses with growth plans. Suitable for smaller stores with less traffic.
Support Comprehensive support services from Magento experts. Community-based support; limited official help.
Cloud Deployment Enterprise cloud edition available for better performance and scalability. Not available
Built-in Payment Includes built-in payment integrations with secure online transaction capabilities. Requires third-party integrations for advanced payment features.

Magento 2 Enterprise Development Services

1. Custom Ecommerce Development

Magento Enterprise, also known as Adobe Commerce, allows for customization of ecommerce sites with a wide range of modules and Magento themes. These enhance the site's functionality and tailor the shopping experience to the business's needs. With the right development team, businesses can leverage these tools to create a bespoke and highly effective online marketplace.

2. Performance Optimization and Upgrades

Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) provides a robust hosting environment optimized for high performance. Regular upgrades are crucial for maintaining the benefits of EE, such as speed and improved features. Plugins and extensions from the Magento marketplace can also assist in optimizing site performance, ensuring a seamless customer shopping experience.

3. Magento Enterprise Licensing and Access

Securing a Magento Enterprise license grants access to exclusive features, including advanced customer group management and specialized functions unavailable in the Community Edition (CE). This difference represents a strategic decision for businesses that require nuanced control over customer accounts, wish lists, returns, and items management.

4. Streamlined Shipping and Order Management

Magento Enterprise offers sophisticated shipping and order-handling capabilities to streamline ecommerce operations. These features help manage orders more effectively, offering various shipping options to customers and simplifying the complexities of large-scale ecommerce orders.

5. Extended Customer Support and Benefits

Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise Edition) provides comprehensive customer support and ongoing benefits. It includes access to Adobe's customer support team for resolving technical issues, answering development questions, and guiding through various aspects of site management. These resources are pivotal in crafting superior shopping experiences and managing events.

6. Managed Magento Hosting and Monitoring

Magento hosting is an essential part of securing top-notch performance. With Magento Enterprise, merchants can use managed hosting services that monitor site health and optimize infrastructure as needed. It ensures your ecommerce site runs smoothly with minimum downtime and quick response times.


1. What are the key differences between Magento Community Edition (CE) and Magento Enterprise Edition (EE)?

The primary differences lie in features; Magento EE offers advanced options for customer groups, gift registries, return management authorization, and more. EE serves businesses needing robust B2C solutions, whereas CE is designed for those requiring basic ecommerce functionalities.

2. Can I upgrade from Magento CE to Magento EE, and how does the license cost compare?

Yes, merchants can upgrade from CE to EE. The license cost for EE is higher due to its additional features and customer support services. Detailed cost comparisons are available from Adobe's sales team.

3. Does Magento EE offer better product management features than Magento CE?

Magento EE offers enhanced product management, including category options, recommendations, and customizable product attributes. These facilitate a more dynamic and tailored storefront for merchants.

4. Is there a difference in customer service when comparing Magento Community and Magento 2 Commerce (EE)?

Magento 2 Commerce (EE) customers receive more customer service, including dedicated support for system configuration, module queries, and specific case resolutions. It's tailored to cater to enterprise-level business needs.

5. What extensions or add-ons are available with Magento EE not in the open-source edition?

Magento EE features exclusive extensions like gift cards, customer loyalty programs, and efficient indexing for large-scale customer databases. This contrasts with the open-source version, which sustains a limited table of core modules, considering ease of use.

6. As a merchant, how beneficial is Magento EE's order archiving and content staging for my store?

Magento EE's order archiving helps manage large order volumes effectively, decluttering the admin interface. Conversely, content staging enables precise scheduling and management of marketing content, providing merchants peace of mind for campaigns and sales.


Magento 2 enterprise edition offers a range of features designed for the complex needs of enterprise-level businesses. These features include improved product management, dedicated support, exclusive extensions, order archiving, and content staging capabilities. Choosing managed Magento hosting further improves platform performance, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

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