Magento 2 Add Payment Method: Setup Check/Money Order

Magento 2 Add Payment Method: Setup Check/Money Order

Integrating Magento 2 add payment method for check/money orders increases store accessibility. Checks account for 4% of U.S. transactions. This shows a continued preference for traditional payment methods. By integrating check/money order Magento 2 add payment methods, stores can reach a broader customer base. 

This tutorial explains how to add check/money order payment options. It highlights benefits such as wider market reach. It also shows how it can increase trust.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how to add check/money order payments to Magento 2.

  • Understand the benefits: wider market reach and trust.

  • See the simple steps for setting up this payment method.

  • Find out how this option makes your store more inclusive.

  • Learn about the ease of integration with B2B systems.

What is the Magento Check Money Order Payment Method?

The check/money order payment method provides an alternative to credit card payments in online stores.

It is especially useful within Magento community edition 2.0. This method allows payment via check or money order. Money order appeals to customers who prefer traditional payment methods. Also, store owners can configure this option for specific countries. This offers flexibility and customization to meet business needs.

Why Use a Check/Money Payment Method in Magento 2?

Benefit Description
Simple and Reliable Method Option Offers simplicity and reliability. Ideal for securely processing large transactions. Avoids reliance solely on electronic payment methods.
Seamless Integration with Purchase Order Systems Smoothens integration with existing purchase order systems. Especially beneficial for B2B transactions. Facilitates efficient order processing and financial management.
Expands List of Payment Methods Broadens available payment methods for customers. Enhances satisfaction. Caters to those preferring non-digital payment solutions.
No Dependency on Payment Gateway Eliminates the need for a payment gateway. Reduces transaction fees. Can improve cash flow. Provides direct financial interaction between customers and businesses.
Simplified Return Process Simplifies the returns process through Magento 2's return component. Makes managing refunds and returns straightforward for businesses and customers. Ensures seamless service.

3 Steps to Configure Check Money Magento 2 Payment Method

1. Initiate the Check Money Payment Option

Magento 2 Add Payment Method Initiation

To configure payment methods, navigate through the Magento Admin sidebar by clicking Stores, then Settings, and Configuration.

Next, select Sales, followed by Payment Methods, and finally, Check / Money Order from the left panel.

2. Fill out the Check/Money Order Section Details

  • To activate the Check Money Order Payment Method, select "Yes" in the "Enabled" field. 

  • You can enter a new title in the Title field. Or, leave the default "Check / Money order" to identify the payment method during checkout.

  • In the New Order Status field, select Pending to hold new orders until the admin confirms the payment receipt.

  • Go to the 'Payment from Applicable Countries' field, and select All Allowed Countries. 

  • It accepts check and money orders from customers in all countries listed in your store settings. 

  • Alternatively, choose Specific Countries to approve this payment method for selected countries. You can pick these from the Payment from Specific Countries list.

  • To issue a check, fill in the recipient's name in the Make Check Payable To section and provide their mailing address or PO Box number in the "Send Check To" field.

  • Set minimum and maximum order totals to qualify for the Check/Money Order payment method.

  • Use the Sort Order field to specify its position in the checkout payment options list, starting from 0.

Check/Money Order Filling in Magento 2 Add Payment Method

3. Save the Setting

Saving Settings in Magento 2 Add Payment Method

After making changes, click the "Save Config" button in the upper-right corner. If prompted to refresh the page cache, follow the instructions provided in the notification link.


1. How can I create a custom payment method in Magento? 

To create a custom payment method in Magento hosting, you must develop a custom module. Declare the payment method in your module's etc/config.xml file. Implement the necessary model, block, and controller classes. Detailed documentation on creating custom modules is in the Magento developer guide.

2. How do I add a custom payment method to my Magento store? 

After developing your custom module for the new payment method, install it in the app/code directory of your Magento instance. Next, enable the module and upgrade your schema using the command line. Finally, go to the Admin Panel and configure the new payment method. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods.

3. Can I create a custom payment method in Magento without writing code? 

Adding a new custom payment method usually means developing a custom module. This involves coding. Yet, if your needs are simple, you might manage with an existing payment method. Alternatively, a third-party extension might closely match your requirements.

4. How do I configure Magento 2 payment methods after creating a new payment method? 

Once you have created a new payment method and it is available in your Magento 2 store, you can configure it. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods. Here, your custom payment method will be listed among the others. Click on it to expand its settings. Here, you can enable it, set titles, and choose payment from specific countries. You can also set minimum and maximum order totals, among other settings.

5. Is it possible to declare the payment method in Magento without creating a custom module? 

Magento's architecture does not support declaring a new payment method without a custom module. To add a new payment method not provided by Magento, you must create a custom module. This module informs Magento about the new payment method and its behavior.


Using check/money Magento 2 add payment method enriches customer choice and flexibility. It targets a specific consumer segment. This move boosts your online store's payment options.

Recapping the benefits of its easy integration into your business:

  • Simplicity & Reliability: Securely handles large orders without fully depending on electronic payments.

  • Seamless Integration: Boosts B2B transactions through easy integration with purchase systems.

  • Inclusivity: Broadens payment options for those preferring traditional methods.

  • Gateway Independence: Reduces fees and may improve cash flow by eliminating middlemen.

  • Easier Returns: Simplifies refunds and returns, aiding both retailer and customer.

Looking for secure and optimized Magento payment methods? Opt for managed Magento hosting to gain payment safety at the server-level. 

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