Magento 2 Change Logo Tutorial

Magento 2 Change Logo Tutorial

Brand awareness is an essential task for merchants after launching an ecommerce store. It includes changing the Magento 2 default logo in the header for quick brand recognition.

We will cover the steps to upload and configure the logo for Magento 2.

How to Change Logo for Magento 2

1. Upload the Logo

The first step is to upload your logo from the store's Admin panel. The store’s theme influences the size and location of the logo in the header.

How to Change Logo for Magento 2

You can save the logo as a GIF, PNG, JPG, or SVG file type. The default Magento logo in the sample data is an SVG file, and it is scalable as an XML-based vector graphic format.

The logo image resides in the following location on the server. Any image file with that name and location is used as the theme logo.

Path: app/design/frontend/[vendor]/[theme]/web/images/logo.svg

Know the size of the logo or any images used in the theme. You can open the page in a browser, right-click the image and inspect the element.

Along with the logo in the header, the logo also appears on email templates, PDF invoices, and other sales documents. The email templates and invoices logos have different size requirements and are uploaded from the admin separately.

2. Upload FrontEnd Logo in Magento 2

  • Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration
  • Under General choose Design
  • For multiple stores, set Store View and clear the checkbox after each field
  • Expand the Header Section.

For Magento 2.1 and above, you can find the header section with the following steps:

  • Go to Content > Configuration
  • Select your theme
  • You will see the Header Section

The Magento 2.2 and higher, you can find the header section here:

  • Go to Content > Design Configuration.

How to Change Logo for Magento 2

  • Find the store view to configure and click Edit in the Action column.

  • Expand the Header section.

  • To upload a new logo, click Upload and choose the file from your system.

  • Add the Logo Image Width and Logo Image Height in pixels.

  • For Logo Image Alt, add the text that should appear when someone hovers over the image.

How to Change Logo for Magento 2

3. Save and Check the Result

When complete, click on Save Configuration. You can see the logo change on Magento 2 website.

Where to Add your Brand Logo

In addition to the website header, you can display the brand logo on many channels. It offers a professional look and feels and builds customer loyalty. You also use it as a marketing tool for promoting your store.

  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Invoices
  • Banner ads
  • Forms/ Surveys
  • Social media channels
  • Product packaging
  • Business cards


A brand logo helps identify your store and create a lasting impression on customers. It separates your store from the competition and encourages visitors to relate to your brand.

We have covered the steps to change the logo in Magento 2. You can get more useful Magento 2 tips on MGT Commerce Tutorials.

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