Adobe Summit 2024: What to Expect at Magento Conference in Las Vegas?

Adobe Summit 2024: What to Expect at Magento Conference in Las Vegas?

Are you interested in staying updated on digital experiences and ecommerce trends? Attend Adobe Summit 2024, a dynamic conference scheduled for March 26-28 in Las Vegas and online. The event will feature keynote addresses by industry experts and practical, hands-on sessions.

This news post shows the event's highlights, focusing on Magento, now Adobe Commerce. It will help you gain insights into emerging trends and valuable networking opportunities.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore analytics, B2B marketing, and customer data management for comprehensive insights.

  • Connect globally, fostering collaborations and expanding professional networks in Adobe Summit 2024.

  • Explore cutting-edge features and strategies for ecommerce excellence.

  • Gain practical knowledge through sessions and labs across diverse domains.

  • Maximize value, especially for Magento users, to stay competitive in the digital marketplace.

About Adobe Summit 2024

Adobe Summit 2024 showcasing digital experience and ecommerce trends in Las Vegas

Adobe Summit is recognized as the world's premier digital experience conference, offering an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends in marketing, analytics, and customer experience.

In 2023, this event drew over 10,000 participants from more than 100 countries, focusing on various areas. The event included ecommerce topics on social media, targeting, ad optimization, analytics, and web experience management. Key 2024 Content Tracks include:

  • Analytics for Experience-Led Customer Journeys
  • B2B Marketing and Revenue Optimization
  • Collaborative Work Management
  • Content Powered Success
  • Content Supply Chain
  • Customer Data Management and Acquisition
  • Developer Ecosystem
  • Experience-Led Growth for B2B
  • Generative AI for Customer Experiences
  • Grow with Personalized Commerce
  • Journey Management and Personalization
  • Personalized Insights and Engagement
  • Trends and Inspiration

It ensures attendees can explore and engage with the latest developments across vital digital domains.

Who Attends Adobe Summit 2024?

Diverse attendees at Adobe Summit 2024 including advertisers, developers, and executives

Adobe Summit 2024 welcomes diverse professionals who can benefit from the event. This diverse audience provides a rich opportunity for networking and collaboration, particularly for those involved in platforms like Magento.

  1. Advertisers

  2. Marketing Developers and Merchants

  3. Business and Marketing Executives

  4. Social Media Marketers

  5. Digital Analysts

  6. Publishers

  7. Web and Content Marketers

  8. Mobile Marketers

Adobe Summit 2024: Agenda Highlights

Day 1: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

  • Opening Keynote: Adobe leaders and executives from Eli Lilly, T-Mobile, Prudential Financial, and more will share the latest insights for creating exceptional customer experiences.

  • Innovation Super Sessions: Deep dives into cutting-edge technologies and trends shaping the digital landscape.

  • Sessions and labs: Practical knowledge-sharing across various domains, from analytics to customer data management.

  • Community Pavilion: A networking hub for exploring the latest solutions and technologies.

  • Networking Welcome Reception: An opportunity to connect with fellow attendees and industry experts.

Day 2: Wednesday, March 27, 2024

  • Inspiration Keynote: Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and Lisa Su of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will talk about the challenges and opportunities facing our ever-evolving world.

  • Innovation Super Sessions: Hear from a panel of experts on generative AI who will share the latest innovations in next-generation customer experiences.

  • Sessions and labs: Further opportunities for hands-on learning and skill development.

  • Community Pavilion: Continue networking and discovering new solutions.

  • Networking Community Mixer: An evening of connections and shared insights.

  • Sneaks with Tig Notaro: Join the comedian and author for a sneak peek at what’s new and next at Adobe Labs and view demos of features that may be in store for Adobe Experience Cloud.

  • Summit Bash: A fun and lively celebration of digital experiences.

Day 3: Thursday, March 28, 2024

  • Sessions and labs: Additional opportunities to delve into various digital topics.

  • Community Pavilion: Explore more solutions and connect with peers.

Key Sessions and Networking Opportunities at Adobe Summit 2024

1. Innovation Super Sessions with Industry Leaders

At Adobe Summit 2024, you'll have the chance to attend the Innovation Super Sessions featuring prominent digital experience leaders, including Shantanu Narayen, Chairman and CEO of Adobe, and Anil Chakravarthy, President of Digital Experience at Adobe. These seasoned experts bring extensive knowledge of digital experiences and will address compelling topics such as AI in ecommerce, customer service, emerging trends, and leadership.

2. Learning from Diverse Innovators

Participating in Adobe Summit 2024 allows you to learn from various innovative thinkers spanning various industries. These individuals bring fresh perspectives and problem-solving approaches, allowing you to discover new ideas and effective problem-solving methods. Many industry leaders like Susan Johnson (CMO, Prudential Financial), Karen Hopkins (Global CMO, EY), etc, will share their best practices during the event, helping you stay informed about the latest trends.

3. Networking and Sharing Inspiration

At Adobe Summit 2024, you can expand your professional network by engaging with like-minded individuals who share your interests. Connect with fellow attendees passionate about digital experiences, exchange ideas, and gain insights from one another.

This global gathering provides a unique environment for acquiring fresh perspectives and connecting with individuals who share your enthusiasm for digital experiences.

4. Exploring the Latest in Magento News

At Adobe Summit 2024, you will have the opportunity to delve into the most recent developments within the Magento platform. Doing so lets you stay well-informed about the cutting-edge features, enhancements, and strategies driving ecommerce forward.

Explore sessions tailored to elevate your Magento ecommerce expertise, including:

  1. Commerce Made Personal (Session S1): Hosted by industry experts Loni Stark, Meg Knauth, and Jennifer Small, this session will delve into the art of personalization in ecommerce using popular platforms like Magento.

  2. Strengthen Customer Relationships with Connected Advertising (Session S414): Join Patrick Byrne and Nina Nasre from Adobe to discover how connected advertising can enhance customer relationships. Magento store owners can use these expert tips to increase customer retention.

  3. Reimagining your Digital Marketing Platform and Personalization Strategy (Session S709): Presented by Ed Forman and Sravanthi Muppidi, this session offers insights into rethinking your digital marketing platform and personalization strategies.

  4. Transform Your Business Using Experience Commerce (Session S701): Led by Keerthika Velicheti, Jitendra Kommireddy, and Ravi Shankar, this session explores how experience commerce can be a transformative force for your business.

Benefits of Adobe Summit 2024

1. Interactive Learning Opportunities for Magento Users

At Adobe Summit 2024, attendees will discover an array of sessions and hands-on labs designed to elevate their skills and knowledge. Here are key highlights:

Diverse Sessions and Labs

Immerse yourself in a rich selection of over 200 sessions and hands-on labs across 12 tracks. These offerings cater to various interests and needs, ensuring that Adobe Commerce users find tailored content that meets their requirements.

Customizable Agenda

Attendees can curate their schedules. Choose from an inspiring array of keynotes, informative sessions, and hands-on labs. It will allow you to get a custom learning experience that aligns with your Adobe Commerce goals.

Innovative Sessions

The conference will feature Innovation Super Sessions led by Adobe leaders. These sessions provide invaluable insights into upcoming industry trends, shedding light on how Magento is evolving to meet business requirements in 2024.

Wide-ranging Topics

Sessions at Adobe Summit 2024 cover a wide spectrum of essential topics relevant to Adobe Commerce users. From web experience management to personalization, optimization, and navigating the digital economy, you'll find content that directly addresses your challenges and opportunities.

Hands-on Learning

Interactive, hands-on labs offer practical learning experiences led by experts who will guide you through exercises. This aspect of the event is particularly valuable for Adobe Commerce users. It will help you acquire actionable skills and knowledge to optimize your ecommerce operations.

2. Pre-conference Training and Credential Exams

Adobe Summit offers pre-conference training and credential exams. These immersive experiences provide insights into Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and best practices. It includes:

  1. Training Sessions: Attendees can participate in full-day or half-day pre-conference training. It offers in-depth product training and exclusive tips for optimizing Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, which benefit Magento Commerce users.

  2. Credential Exams: Onsite ADLS (Adobe Digital Learning Services) credential exams will be available during the conference (March 25th to 28th). It will allow attendees to validate their expertise in using Adobe solutions and gain industry-recognized certifications.

  3. Special Pricing: Adobe Summit 2024 presents a unique opportunity with discounted pricing for credential exams. It is a cost-effective way to enhance professional credentials for Magento owners and developers.

3. Product Showcases from Leading Companies

Adobe Summit 2024 brings exciting product showcases from top companies in the digital marketing industry:

  1. Discover New Tools: Learn about new tools and technologies that can significantly enhance your digital marketing strategies, including those tailored to Magento.

  2. Advanced Analytics: Witness demonstrations of advanced analytics platforms that provide actionable insights crucial for business growth for Magento operations.

  3. AI-powered Personalization: Explore AI-powered personalization tools that empower you to deliver tailored and engaging customer experiences.

  4. Product Insights: Get a sneak peek into upcoming product releases and updates from leading software providers, offering valuable information for those utilizing Magento for their ecommerce.

4. Insight into Customer Experience

  1. Optimizing Your Adobe Investment: Discover strategies and practices to maximize the value of your Adobe investment, including Magento solutions.

  2. Exploring the Full Customer Experience Ecosystem: Understand the broader customer experience ecosystem, which is invaluable for Magento users.


1. Where will the Adobe conference be held?

The conference is scheduled in Las Vegas, specifically at the Venetian, providing a conducive environment for networking, learning, and exploring the latest in digital experiences.

2. How diverse are the sessions and labs across the Adobe Summit event?

The event offers various sessions and hands-on labs across various tracks, encompassing technology, global trends, and growth strategies. Attendees can tailor their experience based on their interests and professional needs.

3. Can attendees participate in-person for the Adobe conference?

Yes, attendees can participate in-person. It helps to foster valuable connections and engage directly with industry experts and peers.

4. What can attendees expect regarding global engagement at the Adobe 2024 conference?

The event attracts a diverse, global audience, creating an atmosphere where you can share insights, network, and gain a detailed understanding of emerging trends in digital experiences.

5. Could you provide more details about the Adobe Summit sessions and hands-on labs?

The sessions and hands-on labs across Adobe Summit event cover various topics, including technology advancements, Magento advancement, and in-depth insights into the evolving digital landscape. These sessions offer practical, actionable knowledge for attendees.

6. How does this conference contribute to technology and industry growth?

This conference serves as a platform for fostering technological advancements and industry growth. Attendees can expect detailed discussions, innovative ideas, and connections that contribute to the growth of Magento performance and the digital experience landscape.


Adobe Summit 2024 is a premier conference set in Las Vegas. It comprehensively explores digital experiences, technology trends, and global networking opportunities.

This coverage highlights the significance of Adobe Summit 2024. You get a sneak peek into its diverse content tracks, prominent speakers, and the immersive experience awaiting attendees in the upcoming year. The registration for the event are now open on the official Adobe website.

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