Amazon's Cloud: An outstanding solution for Magento hosting

Amazon's Cloud: An outstanding solution for Magento hosting

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Choosing the right and optimal Magento website hosting plays a vital role in its overall success. The success of your Magento website depends on its speed, performance, and quality user experience. The competition is intense when so many small and big businesses take their business online, and in such cases, every millisecond counts.

Configuring your Magento e-commerce website with Amazon’s Cloud is the best way to boost its overall speed and performance to deliver a quality user experience to your customers.

This configuration plays a vital role in coping with the increasing traffic and tough competition.

In this impatient and digital world, every millisecond plays a critical role, as the slow response from your website can disappoint the customers, forcing them to leave your website and go for the other options available. As an e-commerce merchant, you only have a few seconds in your hand to convince and attract your customers to stay on your website and complete the required purchase/transaction.

Amazon’s Cloud is the leading provider for Magento hosting, which will

  • Optimize your Magento e-commerce website
  • Enhance its overall performance
  • Make it user and customer-friendly

While Magento provides excellent additional features and security, what it lacks to provide is hosting services. To make sure your online business can stand out from other online businesses, the right hosting platform provider is necessary.

With Magento hosting on Amazon’s Cloud, your website will benefit from performance, security, and assured compatibility.

Magento Hosting Requirements

Magento, which possesses flexible and robust architecture, requires many resources to maintain that flexibility.

The foremost and general Magento hosting requirements are LAMP or LNMP stack. These stand for:

  • Linux Operating System,
  • Apache HTTP Server (for LAMP) or NGINX Server (for LNMP),
  • MySQL Relational Database management system,
  • PHP Programming Language.

Learn more about Magento hosting requirements and essential factors to consider while launching your e-commerce shop.

Why opt for AWS?

Amazon Web Services

Slow website performance and high loading times can severely affect your website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) takes care of this problem through its smart solutions, ensuring your Magento store runs efficiently 24*7.

AWS has over 200 fully-featured services from global data centers. They are built over decades by an excellent team of technical professionals.

It is the world’s most broadly adopted and comprehensive cloud platform for Magento hosting.

The services offered by Amazon AWS are incomparable.

AWS services help to set up your Magento website’s infrastructure in a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective way on Amazon’s Cloud.

The AWS components comprise the following AWS services:

1. Amazon EC2

Through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, you can launch virtual machine instances with several operating systems.

You can try Amazon EC2 for free!

Amazon EC2 allows you to pay for instances in three different ways:

  • On-demand
  • Spot Instances
  • Reserved Instances

We, at MGT-Commerce, recommend you to choose Reserved Instance as it saves a lot of costs in the longer run.

You also get the flexibility to switch to a bigger instance if needed. Our professional cloud engineers have now made it easy for you to choose which instances work best.

Get precise and detailed information about the instance types, their advantages, disadvantages, prices, and more from our Documentation website.

2. Amazon VPC

Through the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), you get complete control of your virtual networking environment by provisioning an isolated section of AWS Cloud.

You can launch AWS resources into your defined virtual network with the help of Amazon VPC.

The virtual network resembles your traditional network (that you operate in your own data centers) to some extent, but with added advantages of the scalable architecture of AWS.

Amazon VPC has no additional charges but only charges its services. Get more information on Amazon VPC pricing.

3. AWS CloudFormation

This service enables creating and provisioning the AWS deployments infrastructure repeatedly and predictably in an orderly fashion.

You can create and delete a collection of resources together as a single stack using a template file with Amazon CloudFormation.

4. Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling, also referred to as automatic scaling, is a cloud computing method that automatically adjusts virtual machines’ capacity in Amazon EC2, scaling up or scaling out according to your defined conditions, to maintain predictable and steady performance at the lowest price possible.

5. Elastic Load balancing

Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes the incoming traffic on your website across different Amazon EC2 containers, instances, and IP addresses in more than one availability zone.

As the incoming traffic changes over time, it automatically scales your load balancer to the vast majority of workloads.

Load balancers supported by Elastic load balancing are:

  • Network Load Balancers
  • Application Load Balancers
  • Classic Load Balancers
  • Gateway Load Balancers

Get a much exact product comparison and select the load balancer types that best suit your needs.

6. Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache, a web service that allows you to deploy, scale, and operate high-performance, cost-effective, and resizable in-memory cache in the cloud is one of the most important AWS services.

Get a more detailed and general overview of the Amazon ElastiCache products, pricing, and service highlights.

7. Amazon EFS

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) provides secure, simple, highly durable, and scalable file storage for EC2 instances.

You can easily and quickly create and configure file systems through simple web service interfaces of Amazon EFS. Get a detailed overview of the products and prices of Amazon EFS.

8. Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS)

RDS is a relational and distributed relational database service by AWS designed to simplify setup, operation, and scale relational databases in the cloud.

Amazon RDS provides cost-efficient services and takes over the tedious and challenging relational database management tasks.

Refer to the pricing section of Amazon RDS to get more insight into its pricing structure.

9. IAM

AWS Identity and Access Management provide you with secure control access to your users’ AWS resources and services.

You can control the authentication (sign-in) and authorization (access permission) to your resources through IAM.

IAM is free to use and provides the following features:

  • Granular permissions
  • Shared access to one’s AWS account
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Secure access to AWS resources for specific applications running under Amazon EC2
  • Eventually consistent
  • Identity federation
  • Identity information for assurance
  • Integrated AWS services
  • PCI DSS Compliance

Nine reasons Amazon’s Cloud is best for Magento hosting

1. Reliability

The back-up power and excellent global computing infrastructure provided by Amazon web services to protect your e-commerce website make them highly reliable.

Another factor of reliability is the 99.99% uptime commitment of Amazon EC2 for every Amazon EC2 region.

2. Performance

The website’s ability to perform better depends on its speed, and AWS infrastructure is built to achieve it.

Amazon invests millions in their data centers to provide the best infrastructure.

They have added a larger number of resources to furnish it with better, efficient, and fast management, which allows you to rest assured that your Magento website will always remain online.

If major outages occur, then services are disrupted, but the AWS major outage is not that frequent. Such problems and outages often result in website downtime with other standard hosting service providers. You can monitor any minor or major service disruption using the service health dashboard.

With the enhanced storage scaling capabilities, almost unlimited bandwidth, and 99.99% reliability provided by Amazon AWS, your Magento store will bloom with full speed and reach higher heights.

In our service of supporting Amazon AWS customers, we never experienced any problems because of its redundancy.

3. Flexibility

It is one of the crucial features of Amazon’s Cloud.

The continually changing market of web stores demands flexible functions as it makes the program easy to handle.

The API of AWS offers all-new external databases (RDS), storage (NFS), and load balancer. You can use all these services just at the moment they are created.

These brilliant API integration options allow creating the newly mentioned instances (server), load balancers, storage (NFS), and external databases (RDS) on demand. They also make it possible to add any additional functionalities conveniently if required. You can increase the EC2 instance type to add more compute and memory power to handle your increasing website load.

According to your changing needs, you can resize your instance by changing its instance type appropriate for the workload if you find that your instance is under-utilized or over-utilized.

All the services offered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) communicate with each other perfectly and conveniently.

4. Pocket-friendly

For Amazon web servers, you only have to pay for your running services, unlike other web hosting services that demand a stipulated month’s subscription even if you’re not using the services.

This feature makes it pocket-friendly. Even with a large Magento store, you can tune your website’s server infrastructure according to the traffic or other related information.

5. Security

AWS Security

AWS is the most secure and flexible hosting service for any online e-commerce website.

Through AWS, you can improve your website’s ability to meet core security compliance requirements such as protection, confidentiality, and data locality with its excellent security features and services.

The safe cloud computing environment of AWS offers secure access.

  • IAM (AWS Identity and Access Management): This web service provides secure control over the AWS resources, and you can assign different access privileges by creating IAM roles according to your organization’s requirement. You can add MFA ( Multi-Factor Authentication) to add an extra layer of security.

  • OS Security: We recommend that you regularly patch, update, and secure the operating system and applications on your EC2 instances. You have to create an SSH key pair that allows you to connect to your instance securely. Under the shared responsibility model, AWS is not responsible for storing SSH keys, and if you lose access to them, you also lose access to these instances.

  • Security Groups: A security group, which acts as a virtual firewall, controls the flow of inbound and outbound traffic from your instances. You can create security rules to allow particular IP addresses or network ports when you launch an Instance and also modify them later according to the requirements. Learn more about the Security Groups and the Whitelisting IPs.

Security services by AWS:

  • Data protection Ensuring your data security has always been of utmost importance. If you are unsure about your data’s safety, trusting a larger hosting provider like Amazon AWS is a smart choice. Amazon AWS secures your data in rest and transit through strong encryption and provides AWS Key Management Service (KMS) services to manage your encryption keys. Using AWS services, you can protect your data, workloads, and accounts from any unauthorized access.

  • Identity and access management Through AWS IAM services, you can securely manage resources, permissions, and identities at scale.

  • Infrastructure protection Based on the rules you create, AWS filters the traffic to protect your web applications.

  • Continuous monitoring and threat detection AWS continuously monitors the activity behavior and network activity within your cloud environment and identifies threats, if any.

  • Compliance & data privacy AWS continuously monitors your cloud environment using automated compliance checks and provides you with a comprehensive view of your compliance status.

  • AWS WAF AWS WAF- Web Application Firewall enables customers to create application-specific and custom rules that block common attacks and their patterns meant to compromise security, affect application availability, or consume excessive resources. AWS WAF Security Automations solution makes use of AWS CloudFormation to deploy a set of AWS WAF rules designed to filter common web-based attacks.

You don’t have to work on the manual security tasks as AWS automates them to focus on the many vital tasks of boosting and scaling your online business.

6. Deployment Speed

Amazon’s web services for Magento hosting reduce deployment time, unlike other traditional hosting services that make provision for their services and require 48-96 hrs (2-4 days) to set up a new server.

Going for more memory and hard drive space is inefficient and rarely possible, as you need to rent the servers on a long-term basis.

This deployment speed is especially beneficial in the case of updating Magento or running big promotions.

7. Global

Global Amazon data centers

Another primary reason why you should use Amazon’s cloud for Magento hosting is that Amazon’s data centers enable you to target several locations around the globe. If you think of growing your business globally, this is an important feature to consider.

8. Back-up and testing

You can back-up your Instance by creating Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and launch multiple instances from the single AMI.

There is a huge reduction in the deployment time when Amazon’s Cloud powers your Magento website. This reduction enables you to make a Testing System with a single click, which helps update your Magento or run promotional events.

You can also opt for additional back-up services provided by AWS.

9. Perfect Architecture for complex deployments

Magento’s complex architecture makes it even more challenging to take care of all the technology dependencies for optimized hosting. Amazon AWS overcomes this challenge. AWS enables the setting up the infrastructure for Magento deployment in a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective manner on the AWS Cloud.

All in all, investing in Amazon AWS for your Magento hosting will give the website advanced tools, a superior framework, and an excellent network.


Amazon AWS benefits

Arguably, Magento AWS hosting is the best approach for hosting your e-commerce website, as cloud hosting is way beneficial compared to shared VPS and dedicated hosting.

A proper configuration of Magento with suitable software configuration and hardware capabilities will significantly improve overall system performance.

When Amazon AWS hosts a Magento website, it has the strongest framework ever, with excellent user experience and maximum potential growth.

With the robust global architecture of Amazon AWS, your website never has to experience downtime.

Concluding the advantages of Amazon AWS:

  • On-demand scalability
  • Broad platform support
  • Excellent web performance and page loading times
  • Reliable server environment
  • Top security
  • Global Amazon data centers
  • Flexible pricing plans to fit your needs
  • Excellent deployment speed compared to other hosting services

MGT-Commerce for Magento hosting

With over a decade of cloud hosting expertise, we at MGT-Commerce, offer reliable, professional, and cost-effective Magento hosting services using Amazon’s Cloud by maintaining maximum performance and high security.

Configuring your website with AWS hosting is not as easy and requires in-depth knowledge in both the AWS and Magento domains. That is when our professional and experienced cloud engineers come in handy.

MGT-commerce server hosting managed on AWS caters to all your website requirements, and makes web hosting easy and convenient for you by offering the best services under one roof.

Please look at our plans and pricing and get started with our top-class and high-performance Magento AWS hosting.

Your customers can’t have any unpleasant experiences on your website when you host it with Amazon AWS and with our high-performance services.

Learn more about our plans and services.


There are several cloud hosting options available, but Magento hosting on Amazon’s Cloud is the wisest and the most recommended solution to boost your online business.

According to Amazon, the number of active AWS users exceeds over 1.000.000 and the number is continually increasing as we are speaking.

Don’t feel left out! Contact us to get started with hosting your Magento website with Amazon’s Cloud.

If in doubt, you should always try out our free demo!

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