Difference Between Group Product and Bundle Product in Magento

Difference Between Group Product and Bundle Product in Magento

Magento is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for eCommerce in the market.

The eCommerce platform supports multiple product types in the catalog. Magento also provides a simple and convenient product management interface.

By default, Magento 2 supports 6 product types:

  • Simple Product
  • Configurable Product
  • Virtual Product
  • Downloadable Product
  • Grouped Product
  • Bundle Product

All product types are saved in a single grid. You can search, add or edit any Magento product types as required.

Each online store can opt for different Magento 2 Product types.

Based on the specified needs of the product and services.

Grouped and Bundled are among the product types that offer different functions.

In this article, we compare Grouped and Bundled product types in Magento.

What is Grouped Product in Magento?

What is Grouped Product in Magento

A Grouped Product represents a cluster of simple products forming a group. It is a unique set of different simple products related to each other. Grouped Products create an impulse to purchase additional items and are often used for bundled promotions.

Grouped products complement each other. The products can be grouped with simple, virtual, and downloadable products, which is different from grouped products WooCommerce.

By creating multiple variations of similar products (Quantity), Magento grouped product special price can be offered. There is no scope for the purchaser to personalize items from the group. The buyer can only add or remove products from the cart.

For a grouped product, the stock is regulated at the simple product level. Any stock changes should be reflected at a simple product level. While the inventory for grouped products is executed separately.

The grouped products are fixed. Characteristics such as product name, SKU, size, price, and weight are predefined. These specifications are not variable.

What is Bundled Product in Magento?

What is Bundled Product in Magento

A bundle product indicates a customizable product combination, which can be used for bundle product discount Magento promotions. Each item in the bundle product can be based on one of the product types: Simple and Virtual Products.

Bundle products enable you to:

  • Increase sales
  • Clear inventories
  • Provide complete solutions to customers

Bundled products are both dynamic and fixed. Each product is unique and different from the main composite unit. When combined, they integrate as a single unit. Bundled products can be altered by SKU, size, price, and weight. These options are visible when a customer either clicks on ‘customize’ or ‘add to cart’.

A bundled product is also referred to as a ‘kit’. Every single product acts as the decision maker for the final cart. The customers can get all products from a single page in Bundled Product. Magento 2 bundle extension can be used to enhance the functionality of bundled products.

Grouped Product vs. Bundled Product

1. Associated Product

Associated Product -Grouped Product vs. Bundled Product Magento

  • Grouped Product

The customers can purchase single products separately. Options are present to select either a single product or the entire group.

For Example:

A Grouped Product can represent a set of 3 bags for sale. The customer has a choice to make an individual purchase or buy all 3 bags.

  • Bundled Product

In Bundle products, there is no scope for individual purchase. The customers cannot separate simple products.

The entire bundle kit has to be purchased. Every single product is part of the final cart.

Computer RAM+ CPU +Mouse sold at an online store is an example of a Bundled Product. Here the customer has no option but to select all products from the cart.

2. Shopping Cart Display

Shopping Cart Display - Magento Grouped Product vs. Bundled Product

  • Grouped Products

In grouped products, every single product is displayed individually. The customers can select the desired quantity from each product.

  • Bundled Products

On the Bundle product page, single products are not displayed separately. All selected products will be displayed under a single bundle cart. Only when the drop-down box is clicked, the list of single products is shown. Here, every single product can be customized.

3. Customizing Options

Customizing Options -Grouped Product vs. Bundled Product in Magento 2

Customization is one of the defining attributes of both product types.

  • Grouped Products

For Grouped Product, customization is restricted. Custom options are provided for only selecting individual items and their quantity.

For example:

A large formal shirt and medium black trousers are in a group. The customer can only customize the quantity. There is no scope for color and size customization.

  • Bundled Products

For a Bundled Product, customization is infinite. You can add products from the given options to build your own cart. Each integration results in a unique product with a unique identity.

For example:

When purchasing a camera, different features can be considered. There are variations in types of lenses, memory cards, and tripod stands. Each of these configurations makes a unique product.

4. Usages & Benefits

Usages & Benefits -Grouped Product vs. Bundled Product in Magento 2

  • Grouped Products

Buyers can add any of the grouped products in their shopping cart without having to browse for them separately.

Grouped products help in gaining the right target audience. It promotes sales or promotion campaigns toward potential customers.

For example:

Different types of forks, spoons and knives are present in an online store. You can offer multiple variations of it or even represent them in group sets.

  • Bundled Products

The Bundled Products help in simplifying the customer experience.

Different products are tailored in a single kit as per the customer’s needs. This helps manage customers' demands for quick decision making.

Overall marketing and distribution costs are saved by using bundled products.


In Magento, Grouped Products are ideal for complementary products. It integrates simple products for the convenience of customers to shop more. This helps to increase the revenue and creates a great shopping experience.

Bundled Products are more suitable for complex products that offer customization. Example: A T-Shirt available in different sizes and colors.

Business Goals and strategies decide the type of product page for your online store.

To learn more about Magento product types explained, check out the MGT Commerce blog.

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