Magento Development Environment Version 2

Magento Development Environment Version 2

A local development environment is a workspace for developers. You can make changes without breaking anything in the live environment. The local machine needs to be as close to the production server as possible. The environment must meet the system and application requirements.

To develop your code locally, you need:

  • Easy to setup solution
  • An environment that runs all common OS
  • Same server components like in the productive system
  • An environment that comes with a perfect stack to run the application

The MGT Development Environment provides all these features so that you will develop much faster.

There are many ways to install Magento 2 locally. You can do it manually or use a virtual machine. The MGT Development Environment works on Docker.

Docker uses OS-level virtualization and lets you deliver the software in containers. Using containers, you create stable environments. These are isolated from other apps.

With the MGT Development Environment, you can deploy any PHP application. Testing new updates for Magento is now a no-brainer. We recommend a local development environment for testing new Magento extensions. You develop solutions for the Magento eCommerce site or add a new codebase without breaking the live system.

We are happy to introduce the new version for MGT Development Environment. In this article, you will learn everything about the new version.

What’s new with MGT Development Environment Version 2

Magento and PHP app development is easier with the new version of the MGT Development Environment. It is easy to set up and built for agile development. It allows you to build, ship, and run Magento effectively.

Now you can set and change multiple PHP versions on the domain level. The new version comes with MySQL 8.0, Elasticsearch 7, and Varnish 6 support.

MGT Development Environment Version 2 comes with a new GUI interface. The MGT documentation includes new guides such as installing Magento 2.

Technology Stack

Technology stack for Magento Development Environment

The high-performing stack offers robust development capabilities.

Our lightweight technology stack includes:

  • Docker
  • Debian 10 (Buster)
  • PHP 7.1 - 8.0
  • NGINX 1.19
  • MySQL 8.0
  • Elasticsearch 7
  • Varnish Cache 6
  • Redis 5
  • RabbitMQ 3.7

The sleek interface helps you to stay organized. You can manage domains and logs easily.

It enables you to add and remove domains. Apply rewrites and redirects with NGINX Vhost. The dashboard gives access to PHP Error Logs using the Log Viewer.

You can create and manage databases. Import and export Database dump with MySQL.

MGT Development Environment

Benefits of MGT Development Environment Version 2

Save time with a configured stack for Magento.

Save time with Magento Development Environment

The Magento 2 DevDocs recommend using the latest PHP versions. It also recommends a virtual environment tool such as Vagrant or Docker.

The MGT Development Environment makes Magento development easier.

You can directly start coding from your local machine. There is no need to waste time on prerequisites. You already get an optimal Magento development environment. It has the latest PHP versions and Docker.

Easy setup and installation

Easy setup of Magento Development Environment

The MGT Development Environment is up and running in less than 60 seconds.

The installation steps are easy to do. You can get started with the development process in no time. You would need to install the Docker desktop version.

It is easy to set up and reduces workloads of local configurations.

Test new releases before going live

Testing new developments before going live

You can test updates before moving to the production system. The new version allows you to run as many tests on the local environment.

Testing updates are essential for code quality. Work freely on the local environment and build new features. Testing makes sure you give the best Magento development services. We are not a Magento development company, but we came from a development background.

To find any Magento Commerce bug, you use tools and extensions such as MGT Developer Toolbar for Magento debugging. Easy template path hints let you enable or disable template path hints for storefront or admin.

The updates are then shifted to the live site after testing.

Benefits of Docker

Magento Development Environment is based on Docker

The MGT Development Environment is based on Docker. It runs on all standard operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.

With Docker, you create, deploy and run apps in containers. These containers can spin up quickly.

The Docker environment is lightweight and helps in rapid deployment. By creating a container for each process, you share those processes with new apps quickly. The operating system doesn’t need to boot, making the deployment times shorter.

Latest technology

Latest technology for Magento Development Environment

You get the latest technology with the MGT development environment. The stack comes with PHP, NGINX, MySQL, Varnish Cache, Redis, and more.

MGT Development Environment is shipped with RabbitMQ and with the RabbitMQ Management Console. With the new version, you get the RabbitMQ 3.7 by default.

It also comes with Elasticsearch, which is required for Magento 2. It is used for catalog and search. You use File Sync to sync the files from the host system into the container. File syncing helps improve performance.

The technology stack is optimized for Magento.

Faster deployment and market release

Faster deployment with Magento development environment

Online stores need constant upgrades and security patches. You need to respond to consumer demands quickly. That means you need an easy and fast deployment solution.

MGT Development Environment offers agility and efficiency. You get consistent environments from development to production. It helps to roll out new updates into production quickly.

Our new version helps speed up the deployment process for Magento. You release your products into the market faster.


The Magento eCommerce platform relies on development. With Magento 2 release in 2015, the platform has improved its features. It offers better performance with NGINX and Varnish support.

You need to ensure you have suitable Magento development tools to build the best Magento store. For Magento development, you also need the right development solution.

Magento development requires:

  • A local Magento Development Environment
  • A Magento optimized stack with the latest components
  • A solution that runs on all OS

The MGT Development Environment provides an efficient development environment for Magento.

As mentioned above in the article, it comes with the latest technologies. Besides the development environment, we offer the MGT Developer Toolbar as well for free.

Get started for a seamless Magento development experience.

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