How to Use Magento Live Search to Drive Conversions!

How to Use Magento Live Search to Drive Conversions!

In today’s ecommerce landscape. It is essential to make sure customers can find what they want quickly. One way to do this is by having a good search function on your website. This article will discuss how Magento Live Search in Adobe Commerce can help improve your site search.

Why Site Search is Important in Online Shopping

Some interesting facts about site search in online shopping include:

  • According to a Forrester report, 43% of site visitors go immediately to the search box.

  • Consumers who use search are 2.4 times more likely to make a purchase.

  • Conversion rates improved by nearly 50% from people who used on-site search and found what they were looking for.

These facts show that having a good search function helps keep customers and increase sales.

What Makes Adobe Commerce Live Search Great?

Adobe Commerce Live Search benefits

The Live Search service in Adobe Commerce has many features that make searching on a site better for customers and the people running the online store. These features are:

1. Smart Search Results

Adobe Sensei AI automatically shows the best search results for each search. Store owners do not have to set the rules manually.

This feature allows customers to find what they seek more quickly and efficiently while freeing merchants' time for other Magento optimization tasks.

2. Synonym Management

Live Search lets store owners connect related search words so shoppers get better results. Store owners can manage these connections in two ways:

  • One-way connections (helping shoppers find products in one direction)

  • Two-way connections (showing more related products in search results).

3. Facets

You might see various options in the filters on certain pages, like product listing pages. These options are known as facets. To add new options, just go to Admin -> Attributes -> Product.

Once you've added them, they will show up in the Facet synonyms area of the Live Search Configuration. You can choose their order and how they're sorted, and even pin some options so they're always at the top of the filter panel.

4. Category Search

Shoppers can look at products by category, price, brand, and more without typing a keyword. This makes searching faster and easier for the customer.

5. Rules for Managing Search Results

Magento store owners can make rules to change search results. It includes making some products appear more, hiding products, or putting popular products at the top of the search results.

6. Flexible developer framework

Flexible developer framework comes with GraphQL coverage. It offers headless commerce capabilities and a built-in API test bench

How Adobe Sensei AI Helps Live Search

Adobe Sensei AI improving Live Search performance

Adobe Sensei is the artificial intelligence technology that makes Live Search work well.

It uses real-time data to show shoppers better and more personalized search results. The AI also helps organize search results so store owners don't have to spend time on it themselves.

How to Set Up Magento Live Search

Setting up Live Search in Adobe Commerce is easy:

  1. Get an API key from your Magento account. This key is used to talk with other Adobe Commerce services.

  2. Install the Live Search module from the marketplace, similar to installing other modules.

  3. After the Live Search plugin is installed and configured, wait for the data to be organized.

  4. Find the Live Search feature in the marketing tab of your Admin Panel.

The Future of Site Search with Live Search in Adobe Commerce

As online shopping keeps changing, so do the expectations of shoppers. To stay ahead, store owners must keep improving their site search. Live Search, powered by Adobe Sensei AI, can help with that by adding new features, like:

  • Voice Search

More people are using voice assistants, so adding voice search to Live Search can make finding products even more accessible.

  • Better Personalization

As AI and machine learning improve, search results can become more personalized. Live Search could use customer data, like browsing history, to show even better search results.

  • Visual Search

Another new trend is searching with images. If Live Search adds visual search, customers can find products faster, especially if they don't know how to describe the item.

  • Working on Multiple Devices

Ensuring Live Search works well on phones, tablets, and computers is important for a smooth user experience.

  • Feature Enhancements

The AI in Live Search can learn from user behavior and searches to improve over time. This can make searching even more effective and enjoyable for customers.

By staying updated and adding new features, Adobe Commerce Live Search can keep helping store owners have a great site search that keeps customers happy and helps the business grow.


Adobe Commerce Live Search can help online store owners offer a great search experience, making customers happier and more likely to buy things.

With its helpful features, AI-driven abilities, and easy setup, Live Search can give your online store an advantage in online shopping.

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