Magento 2 Features You Need to Know

Magento 2 Features You Need to Know

Magento is a feature-rich platform that lets you create unique stores for customers.

You require these features to manage the internal store processes effectively. Without the features, the store cannot handle complex ecommerce tasks.

Magento features enable B2B & B2C selling via the same platform.

You also get the tools to personalize the shopping experience for your customers.

Magento has an extensive list of features that you can use to manage your store.

In this article, learn essential Magento 2 features that you can use for smooth business workflows.

1. Catalog Management

Magento Catalog Management -Magento 2 Features

Magento provides tools to manage your product catalog. You can add products and create categories to navigate the store quickly.

The product images & videos are rendered in different sizes. Users can see the product images on many devices.

It lets you add product types within the catalog. Product attributes help specify the product data.

You can also add scheduled price changes. Using advanced pricing tools, you can offer the best product rates.

The catalog managing features include:

  • Group products in size, color, and more.
  • Create many price points
  • Virtual product downloads
  • Product attributes
  • Automatic image resizing
  • Advanced pricing
  • Product tags & reviews

2. Marketing & Promotions

Marketing & Promotions -Magento 2 Features

Magento offers native marketing features. It helps to improve engagements & sales.

The Shopping Tool adds wish lists and reviews on the product pages. It allows your customers to interact with your store smoothly.

Promotions tools allow you to set up price rules and product discounts. You can add promotions for target customers, such as free shipping.

Curate emails & newsletters about your products. You can also add social media accounts in the store.

Magento offers advanced search features such as Live Search. Catalog Search & Search Terms ensure that users find relevant products quickly.

Magento also provides SEO features for the site content. It helps to rank higher in SERPs and increase conversions.

The Magento 2 marketing features include:

  • Related products, upsells & cross-sells
  • Discounts & coupons
  • Minimum Advertised Price
  • Recently viewed & compared products
  • New items promotion tool
  • Polls & social media accounts
  • Free shipping options
  • Send wishlists & blogs by email

3. Inventory & Order Management

Inventory & Order Management  -Features of Magento 2 Platform

Managing your inventory involves many processes. You get advanced tools for single stores as well as multiple warehouses.
It comes with pick-up locations and drop-off centers.

You can use the features to maintain product quantities. It lets you manage orders efficiently.

Track stocks for available quantities & get shipment matching algorithms.

Order management helps with the order workflow and processing orders. It comes with managing invoices and shipments.

You can design checkout processes & set up billing. These features help create a seamless order managing workflow.

The features of managing orders & inventory include:

  • Product quantities & source locations
  • Single & multi-source support
  • Add stocks & bulk actions
  • Manage shipments
  • Fulfill orders from the admin panel
  • Create invoices & credit memos
  • Customize order status
  • Create re-orders
  • Email notifications of orders

4. B2B Functions

Magento B2B Functions  -Features of Magento 2 Platform

Magento offers native B2B functions to enhance the buyer experience. You can add company accounts and set up many buyers.

Configure custom catalogs for your business customers. You can ensure buyers get contract terms during purchase. Add payments directly on buyers’ accounts.

You can create order forms and requisition lists. Such functions help increase repeat orders & customer loyalty.

The B2B functions include:

  • Manage company accounts and quotes
  • Enable many buyers per company
  • Accept payments on accounts
  • Custom catalogs
  • Enable quick ordering
  • Create requisition lists
  • Re-order from previous orders
  • Get B2B reports on the dashboard

5. Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce feature for Magento 2

In headless ecommerce, the frontend & backend of the ecommerce store is separated. It lets you build personalized customer experiences on many touch-points.

The backend layer does all the complex processes. You can customize the front end without breaking the backend system.

The API-based method lets you create multiple storefronts.

Benefits of using headless commerce are:

  • Flexibility to build custom front-ends
  • Consistent branding across all channels
  • GraphQL API layer
  • Make frontend changes without upgrading the backend.

6. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications -Magento 2 Features

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is next-gen web technology. Using PWAs, you can deliver app-like shopping experiences.

Add optimized content on mobile friendly & desktop devices.

Customers are increasingly shopping using their mobile phones. Magento’s PWA Studio helps leverage mobile commerce.

You can create content & visuals that are tailored for the small screen.

Some of the benefits of PWAs are:

  • Create a custom PWA storefront
  • Optimize performance
  • Highly responsive sites
  • User-friendly mobile sites
  • Offline mode serves content offline
  • Content is easily shared on social media

7. Payments & Financing

Magento Payments & Financing -Magento 2 Features

Magento offers many payment methods to store owners worldwide. The solutions include PayPal Express Checkout and Braintree.

You can add multiple payment gateways in your store. Get built-in offline payment methods such as Cash on Delivery.

Magento offers support for PCI Compliance guidelines.

You can securely pass credit card data directly to the payment gateway. As a result, the sensitive data bypasses the Magento system.

The payments & financing features come with:

  • Many payment methods to add to your store
  • PayPal Credit as a payment option
  • Accept money orders
  • Accept bank transfer payments
  • Increase conversions with PayPal Smart Payment Buttons
  • Get PCI compliance guidelines
  • You can add secure payment gateways

8. Reporting & Business Intelligence

Magento 2 Reporting & Business Intelligence Features

The Magento Open Source features make it easier to turn tracking data into visual reports. The reporting function gives metrics about your ecommerce site.

You can check sales reports, customer behavior, and so on. The admin dashboard gives a report overview for quick analysis.

Business Intelligence gives real-time insights into data. See the retention rates and sales reports on the dashboard.

You can drive value from the data & improve the buying experience. It provides a place for central analysis and removes data challenges.

Features of Reporting include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Sales & tax reports
  • Best viewed products
  • Low stock & searched items report
  • Total sales invoices
  • Abandoned shopping cart report
  • Admin dashboard provides a report overview

Magento Commerce Business Intelligence features:

  • Customize business metrics
  • Add insights to the database
  • Pre-built reports to visualize data
  • Schedule & send analysis via email


Magento is an excellent ecommerce platform for merchants worldwide. It is due to the wide range of features offered by the platform.

You get all the tools to create engaging webshops for customers.

Managing orders & products are very efficient with Magento. Along with that, you can promote your online store with marketing tools.

Add new methods such as headless commerce & PWA’s. Magento is at the forefront of digital commerce so that you can custom-build your store.

To learn more about Magento, check out Beginner’s Guide to Magento Ecommerce Platform.

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