Managed Magento Cloud Hosting for High Performance

Managed Magento Cloud Hosting for High Performance

Managed Magento cloud hosting is a flexible solution for online store owners and developers. A managed Magento cloud hosting solution allows you to run your Magento website on a cloud server. It provides the hosting infrastructure and support to manage the complexity of the Magento software. Your Magento website gets high performance, security, and scalability.

We have created a helpful guide to learn the benefits of managed Magento cloud hosting and the consequences of getting unoptimized hosting.

You’ll get details on managing a high-performance Magento store and choosing the best hosting provider for your business needs.

What is Managed Magento Cloud Hosting?

What is Managed Magento Cloud Hosting?

Managed cloud hosting allows you to share and access resources over a remote network via multiple servers.

Managed Magento cloud hosting helps you run the Magento store on a cloud infrastructure.

It offers a range of benefits such as -

  • Advanced Security
  • High Performance
  • Reliability and Uptime
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Magento 2 Managed Migration
  • Continuous server monitoring
  • Scaling the Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery and Backups

Unlike shared hosting, which may be unreliable and slow, managed Magento cloud hosting delivers the best possible performance and reliability for your online store.

8 Reasons to Choose Managed Cloud Hosting for Magento Websites

A list of the top reasons to choose managed cloud hosting for Magento

1. Fast Page Loading Time

Managed hosting providers use top-of-the-line hardware and server software. For example, at MGT-Commerce, you get the latest AWS Graviton processors for hosting your Magento site on AWS.

It also includes other components such as -

Cloud hosting on AWS can get you page loading times of under 0.3 seconds with hosting providers such as MGT Commerce. Managed cloud hosting ensures your store will load quickly and reliably, even during peak traffic times.

2. Server Scalability

One of the critical advantages of managed Magento cloud hosting is scalability. You can adjust the hosting environment automatically to meet changing demand and traffic spikes.

You won't need to worry about server capacity or performance with managed cloud hosting. Your cloud hosting provider will take care of it for you.

3. Increased Server Security

Another essential benefit of managed Magento cloud hosting is security. Magento is a popular target for hackers and cybercriminals. An Astra security report shows 62% of Magento 2 stores have at least one security issue.

It is essential to keep your online store secure to avoid any risks. Managed hosting providers offer advanced security features. It includes -

  • Web Application Firewall
  • SSL certificates
  • DDoS protection
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Malware scanning
  • Server-side software updates
  • Regular Cloud Backups

4. Customer Support

Managed hosting for Magento has 24/7 technical support from cloud hosting experts. It ensures that your online store is always up and running without interruptions. If you experience any issues or problems, you can rely on the support team to resolve them quickly.

5. Fully Managed Magento Hosting

Magento cloud hosting can be fully managed. The Magento hosting provider handles all the technical details, such as server maintenance, security, and updates.

It frees up your time and resources, allowing you to focus on serving your customers and growing your store.

6. Increased Flexibility

Cloud hosting provides access to a flexible hosting environment. You can customize the infrastructure to your specific needs.

It enables you to adjust your resources, such as storage and processing power. For example, if you experience a surge in traffic during the holiday season.

Magento cloud hosting allows you to scale up your resources to handle the increased demand easily. The Magento website always performs at its best despite any changes in traffic or usage.

7. Better Disaster Recovery for your Magento Store

Cloud hosting for Magento 2 provides enhanced disaster recovery options compared to traditional hosting services.

The website data is stored in multiple global locations. If one server goes down, your Magento store can quickly and easily be moved to another. It ensures your store is available during server outages or other technical issues.

Cloud hosting providers typically offer automatic backups and snapshots. You can quickly restore your Magento store in case of a data loss.

8. Cost-Effective

Managed Magento cloud hosting can be cost-effective. It saves time and resources otherwise spent managing your Magento hosting environment.

Additionally, managed hosting providers often offer competitive pricing. The Magento hosting plans have many affordable options for businesses of all sizes.

Choosing the Right Managed Magento Hosting Plan

Finding the Best Managed Hosting Plan for Your Magento Site

Here are some of the primary factors to see when evaluating different managed Magento hosting plans:

1. Server location

The location of the server can impact the loading times of your website. Choose a hosting provider with data centers close to your target audience to minimize latency.

2. Server Uptime

Server uptime ensures that your Magento 2 store remains accessible to customers and you don’t miss any orders. When evaluating different managed Magento cloud hosting plans, it's essential to consider the uptime guarantees.

Look for managed Magento cloud hosting plans with at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can check if the provider offers any refunds in the event of downtime.

3. Cloud Hosting Expertise

Look for a hosting provider that has technical expertise in Magento Hosting. An experienced cloud hosting provider can offer support for any issues that you may encounter.

4. Number of Support Requests

Consider the level of technical support that you need and look for a hosting provider that offers 24/7 support. Ask about their average response times and how proactively they respond to queries.

5. Scalable Hosting

Look for managed Magento cloud hosting providers that offer fast, scalable server resources. You should easily upgrade your server resources without migrating to a new hosting environment.

Additionally, consider the provider's load-balancing capabilities. It spreads the traffic across multiple servers to prevent overloading and downtime.

6. Cache Technologies

Advanced cache technologies such as Redis and Varnish Cache are used to improve Magento 2 stores’ performance. A fast ecommerce site leads to more conversions and higher SEO rankings on search engines.

Whenever a cached page is loaded, it only needs a little time and server resources. Ensure the Magento 2 hosting solution has advanced cache systems for a fast-loading Magento store.

7. Customizability

Look for a provider with customizable solutions that meet your specific Magento web hosting requirements. It includes customized server configurations, custom software installations, and specialized support services.

Some hosting providers offer additional tools designed for Magento platforms. For example, MGT Commerce managed Magento hosting offers --

  • MGT Code Deploy - A zero downtime deployment solution for Magento on AWS. MGT Code Deploy is AutoScaling-ready and offers support for multiple environments and users.

  • MGT Development Environment - The MGT Development Environment is a local development environment based on Docker. It is used to make the development of Magento and other PHP applications easier.

  • MGT Cloud Log - A fully-managed Magento logging solution for rapid troubleshooting and exploration. You can check Magento, NGINX, PHP-FPM, MySQL, and System Logs in one central place.

Learn more about Centralized Magento 2 Logging solution.

8. Level of Managed Magento Services

You may get different levels of managed services based on the Magento cloud hosting provider. Going for fully managed Magento hosting plans is recommended.

It includes all tasks required on the server side, such as automatic updates, security patches, server configurations, and more.

9. Magento Hosting Pricing Plans

Pricing is an essential consideration when evaluating different cloud hosting plans. Magento store owners should look for transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

Check for the following before subscription -

  • Billing frequency
  • Payment options
  • Discounts or promotions
  • Cloud server costs are billed separately
  • Server set-up fees
  • Contract length and SLAs
  • Add-ons and extra services
  • Multi-server environment costs
  • Free services and money-back guarantees.

The Consequences of Un-Optimized Managed Magento Cloud Hosting

Unoptimized Managed Magento Cloud Hosting Consequences

1. Slow Website Performance

  • Insufficient Server Resources

Without optimized cloud hosting, your server resources may get limited. It can lead to slow website performance and lower SEO rankings.

  • Poor Server Location

The Magento server should not be geographically far from your target audience. The distance leads to slower loading times and poor website performance.

  • Lack of CDN Support

Content delivery networks (CDNs) ensure that Magento content reaches your customers quickly. It caches content and serves it from servers closer to the end-user location. You may only have access to a global CDN with optimized cloud hosting.

2. Security Vulnerabilities

  • Outdated Server Software

Without optimized cloud hosting, you may be running outdated server software. It makes the server more vulnerable to security risks and exploits.

  • Lack of Regular Security Updates

Regular security updates can help prevent security breaches and protect your store from cyberattacks.

  • DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks on Magento involve overwhelming a server with traffic from multiple sources. It makes the server unable to handle genuine requests from customers. As a result, your online store becomes inaccessible or unusable.

Without proper server optimization and WAF, your Magento store may be at risk of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

  • Weak passwords

Unoptimized Magento hosting servers may not have strong passwords set up. It may lack two-factor authentication. It leaves your Magento website vulnerable to brute-force attacks.

  • Lack of SSL encryption

Without proper optimization, your Magento site may not have proper SSL encryption. The sensitive data transmitted may be intercepted and stolen by third parties.

  • Lack of Automated Backups

Without Managed cloud hosting for Magento, you won’t benefit from regular website backups. It can lead to data loss during a security breach or technical issue.

  • Access control vulnerabilities

An unreliable Magento hosting server has weak access control mechanisms. It makes it an easy target for hackers to steal sensitive information.

3. Lack of Technical Support

  • No Dedicated Support Team

You may struggle to resolve technical issues independently without a dedicated server support team. It may be frustrating and time-consuming if you don’t have cloud hosting experts.

You won’t get access to support benefits such as -

  • Fast response times - Solving an issue alone may take up much time.

  • Multiple support channels - live chat, ticketing system, emails, phone.

  • Knowledge Base - tutorials, articles, expert advice on Magento optimized hosting.

  • Technical Expertise - Cloud hosting is evolving, and you won’t get access to up-to-date expert support to host your site.

4. Less Flexible Scaling Options

You may not get access to flexible scaling options without optimized cloud hosting. It includes scaling options such as -

  • Load balancing
  • Auto Scaling
  • On-demand resources

5. Higher Hosting Costs

  • Lost of Business

Slow website performance, security breaches, and other issues can lead to lost business and may damage the brand reputation.

It may end up being more costly than investing in optimized cloud hosting from the beginning.

  • Long-Term Self Hosting Costs

Un-optimized hosting plans may be cheaper upfront. However, you may incur significant long-term costs associated with managing your cloud server.

The expenses may relate to hardware, software, maintenance, and upgrades. You would also have to hire IT staff or consultants to manage your server, which can be an ongoing expense. Over time, these costs can add up and cost much more than managed Magento cloud hosting.

Managing a High-Performance Managed Magento Store with Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting to Maintain a High-Performance Managed Magento Store

Managing a Magento store that delivers high performance is challenging for any eCommerce business. It may be harder for those new to the Magento ecommerce platform.

With managed Magento cloud hosting, store owners can enjoy various services. The cloud hosting provider optimizes the store's performance for a smooth customer experience.

Here are some strategies for improving site speed, managing traffic spikes, and scaling resources with managed Magento cloud hosting:

1. Reducing Server Response Time

Server response time is an essential factor for Magento 2 performance. Managed Magento cloud hosting providers offer high-performance servers with fast response times.

The hosting provider uses CDN, caching, the latest server hardware, and software. The team constantly optimizes the server configurations. Fine-tuning the server ensures optimal server response time, even during traffic spikes.

2. Load Balancing

Load balancing distributes traffic across multiple servers. It ensures that your store is available even during high-traffic periods.

3. Optimizing Images

Images are a critical part of any eCommerce store. It can also slow down the Magento page loading speed.

Many Magento cloud hosting providers offer image optimization services. It helps compress or reduce image file sizes to improve site speed.

4. Auto-Scaling

Auto Scaling helps manage sudden spikes in Magento traffic by adjusting server resources automatically.

Your store can handle increased traffic volumes without compromising on performance.

Managed Magento cloud hosting providers offer auto-scaling services that allow you to scale your resources up or down on demand.

Additionally, you can access additional resources and expertise by partnering with a managed Magento cloud hosting provider. It helps to optimize your store's performance and drive your business forward.


We have explored the benefits and features of managed Magento cloud hosting. Managed Magento cloud hosting offers several advantages over traditional hosting solutions.

Cloud hosting for Magento offers high performance, security, and support from an experienced team of experts. We shared tips on choosing the right managed Magento hosting provider.

Managed Magento cloud hosting is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. You get the flexibility and scalability you need to grow and expand your online store.

You can get more information about Magento hosting on the MGT Commerce Blog.

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