MGT Varnish Cache for Magento

Make your Magento store fly using Varnish Cache - Up to 250x Faster Magento

What is Varnish Cache?

Varnish Cache is a web accelerator, sometimes referred to as a HTTP accelerator or a reverse HTTP proxy, that will significantly enhance your web performance. Varnish speeds up your Magento Store by storing a copy of the page in ram the first time a user visits that page. This means you can handle much more traffic and your Magento Store's performance and scalability go through the roof.

E-commerce shops require a fast and great user experience in their online retail and selling environments. Ensuring efficiency and performance requires that you constantly care for your Magento Shop. Aberdeen research concluded as far back as 2007 (and reiterated in 2016) that every second of load time on your e-commerce site equals an approximately eight percent abandonment rate, eleven percent drop in page views and a seven percent decrease in conversions.


Turnkey Solution

We provide a fully managed Varnish Cache solution which comes with our own developed Magento Module. Our experts will handle Varnish as part of your solution.

Improved User Experience

Visitors don't enjoy waiting for a page to load. Improved page speed will make your customers feel comfortable spending screen time on your Magento Store.

Better Search Ranking

High performance is an important factor in SEO and will increase your visibility. The faster your page is, the better it ranks in search engines like Google or Bing.

Specialised Experience

Over 7 years of integration experience made us experts in this field. Our clients benefit from our know-how and the professional support that comes along with it.

Blazing Fast Page Loads

The speed at which your Magento Shop loads is critical. Loading time determines user engagement and how long your customers stick around to browse or shop.

Savings in Infrastructure

Varnish Cache not only decreases your Magento shop's page loading time, it also relieves your server.
This can save up to 80% of your infrastructure costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can i use Varnish Cache with https?

Yes, it's possible because we use NGINX in front and use a reverse proxy to forward all requests to Varnish.
The advantage is that https will be terminated at NGINX and we can bypass Varnish for some parts of a website.

Q: Do you provide a Magento Module to control Varnish Cache?

Yes, we have developed a Varnish Cache Module for Magento 1 and Magento 2.
You get a turnkey solution, we take full care of Varnish and make sure it is properly up and running all the time.

Q: Can i order additional domain licenses?

Yes, you can order additional domain licenses. All further information can be found on our "Pricing" page.

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