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Over the last eight years, we from MGT-Commerce have learned from our customers how business-critical errors are, especially if you don’t notice them directly.
To profit from all cloud benefits, it is essential to make sure your e-commerce system runs reliably at all times:
If you run an online shop, for example, a Magento shop with an auto-scaling environment with multiple web servers you need a convenient logging solution to have an overview of the health of your online shop. In case of problems, you want to get notified as soon as possible not to lose revenue or to make a potential customer unsatisfied.

MGT Cloud Log - Makes log management easy

More Information

In the following blog post, I will explain why we have decided to develop our own logging solution and what are the benefits compared to the existing solutions on the market.

What our customers asked for

We got very often asked what solution we would recommend as a centralized logging solution in order to have all log files and other information in one central place.

The requirements from our customers:

  • All log messages from log files like NGINX, PHP-FPM, Magento, System centralized in one place
  • Searchable and Filterable interface
  • Easy possibility to add additional log files or to send messages via API
  • Saved Searches to get quick access to filtered log messages
  • Alerting
  • Data security: Data should be encrypted and remain in the same network
  • Custom retention period of each log stream to pass compliance requirements
  • Support

Existing solutions on the market

If you search for centralized logging solutions you find plenty of them. Actually, there are very good solutions on the market like the ELK Stack with Kibana.
The “problem” of these solutions is that you need to invest a lot of time to learn how they work and how to ingest data.

Time is always critical and if you run an online shop you have many high priority tasks which are more important than setting up a centralized logging. Our customers asked if we could set up and maintain these solutions for them. We would love to do this but if we offer a service with 24/7 support we need to train our entire team and in case of bigger problems or bugs we can’t solve it and that’s not our claim.
Our claim is not only to provide first-class solutions for our customers, but we also want to provide great support in case something is not working as expected.

MGT Cloud Log

With MGT Cloud Log we provide a fully managed turnkey solution for our customers with pre-configured log streams like:

  • NGINX Access and Error Log
  • PHP-FPM Error Log
  • MySQL Slow Query Log
  • Magento Exception and System Logs
  • Magento Reports
  • Mail Log

Live Demo

MGT Cloud Log is included in our Auto-Scaling Plans and smaller plans can order it as an add-on.

Read here everything about the benefits of AWS Auto Scaling with Varnish for your e-commerce business.

Why your business need it

Rapid troubleshooting
and exploration

Enable developers to
identify and fix issues.

Strengthen Security
and Compliance

Ensure compliance with HIPAA, PCI,
GDPR and much more.

Lightning Search

Search hours of logs
typically in seconds.


Identify and stop threats.
Trigger alerts from common threats.

Logging without Limits

Send and process every log produced
by your applications and infrastructure.

Fully Managed & Supported

Fully managed and supported
by your experts 24/7/365.

Feature Highlights

Easy to use dashboard with live stream

Innovative and easy to use graphical interface to manage your log messages.

MGT Cloud Log - Monitor and Troubleshoot in Real-Time

Message View & Share Link

Detailed log message information with a direct link to share with others.

MGT Cloud Log - Message View

Saved Searches for quick access and alerting

MGT Cloud Log - Saved searches

E-Mail and Webhook Alerting

Get notified via E-Mail or use Webhooks to send the notifications to third-party services like slack.

MGT Cloud Log- E-Mail and Webhook Alerting

User Management

Users with different roles and granular permissions can be created.

MGT Cloud Log - User Management

Any more questions on how to make your log management easy and convenient?
Our high performing plans for managed Magento hosting ensure your business has a bright future!

Contact us now for a free consultation about log management and high-performance Magento hosting on AWS.

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