Managed Migration

Moving your Magento shop to the cloud has never been easier and faster

Our managed hosting service includes a seamless migration of your websites to the new setup in your AWS account free of charge. You can fully concentrate on your business and stay hands-off while our skilled experts take care of the full migration for you. All website migrations are handled by our experienced and AWS Certified expert team, dedicating all their skill to deliver a smooth migration.

Managed Magento Migration Step By Step

1. Sign Up

To get started, simply sign up for a managed plan on our site.

2. Providing Credentials

After signing up, you will be forwarded to a form to enter some credentials like ssh access to your current server and access to your DNS management.

3. Migration Preview

To make sure that everything is running well, we set up your website(s) under the subdomain www1 and send you all information, including new logins for the new server(s). With the www1 subdomain, you can browse your website to check if everything is working as expected. Once everything works well, we'll schedule an appointment for the final migration.

4. Final Migration

During the final migration, we make sure you don't lose any data. We set your old website in maintenance mode, export the database again and recopy all dynamic files like the media directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a website migration take?

For simple sites, we can usually complete the move within one business day. 

Complex migrations, like for websites with many domains may take 2-3 business days to complete.

Q: Is there any downtime during the migration of my site?

Yes. The average downtime during the final migration is about 5 to 15 minutes. 
Downtime depends on the database size. The bigger the database, the longer it takes to copy and import.

Q: How do you make sure the website works exactly as it did before the migration?

First, we perform a test migration and use a detailed checklist to asses its completeness.
Afterwards, we send the test migration to your team to review before we schedule an appointment for the final migration.

Q: Why do you switch the name servers to Amazon Route 53?

Amazon Route 53 is designed for highest performance, reliability and security.
The DNS is crucial for high availability and needs to be protected against DDoS attacks.

Q: Can i manage the DNS by myself?

It's possible of course. However, we recommend using a service like Amazon Route 53.

Q: Will you transfer my SSL / TLS certificate as well?

Yes, your SSL certificate will be transferred, too.