Why Managed Magento Hosting Leads to Better Sales?

Why Managed Magento Hosting Leads to Better Sales?

Still considering why managed Magento hosting? If your investments and marketing efforts do not deliver the expected sales results, it's time to optimize your Magento website.

Managed Magento hosting providers offer potential solutions to enhance your online store's performance and sales. This article explores the benefits and insights of managed Magento hosting.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why businesses need fully managed Magento hosting.

  • Discover how managed Magento hosting boosts sales.

  • Explore the differences between managed and unmanaged Magento hosting.

  • Gain insights into expert optimization techniques for enhancing Magento site speed and performance.

What is Managed Magento Hosting?

In managed Magento hosting, the hosting providers handle all the technical aspects of running a Magento ecommerce business. It maintains the infrastructure necessary to run Magento efficiently.

It includes features like an optimized server, free SSL certificates, and fast Magento hosting. This comprehensive web hosting solution addresses server-related issues. It ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and uptime for your Magento ecommerce store.

The service integrates application expertise, Magento server configurations, and the benefits of Magento cloud hosting. Experts work diligently for your site to function seamlessly, even with new products, features, and increased traffic.

Overcoming technical obstacles helps businesses foster growth in the dynamic ecommerce landscape.

Why Do Businesses Need Managed Magento Hosting?

Businesses running a Magento store benefit from managed Magento web hosting. It addresses various technical challenges that may arise, including:

  • Server misconfigurations
  • Cache issues
  • Compatibility with third-party apps
  • Patch management
  • SSL configuration.

Configuration of correct server components for Magento 2. x can be intricate. It requires ongoing technical support for optimizations. The expertise of a managed Magento hosting provider helps set up a flexible infrastructure. It ensures uninterrupted store operations.

Along with configuration complexities, it also handles ongoing tasks such as:

  • Hosting updates
  • Backups
  • Magento server management
  • Magento site security

Managing these daily responsibilities without a dedicated technical team can be time-consuming. It distracts businesses from focusing on other essential aspects of their ecommerce operations.

How Does Managed Magento Hosting Boost Sales?

1. Improved Magento Performance

Improved Magento Performance

Managed hosting providers ensure that your Magento store operates at peak performance levels by:

Magento site performance leads to faster page loading times, correlated with increased conversion rates. It also enhances user experience and the likelihood of users engaging meaningfully with your webpage's content.

2. Increased Magento Security

Increased Magento Security

Cyber attacks targeting online businesses are more prevalent with the growth of ecommerce businesses. These threats pose risks to data privacy, financial security, and customer trust. Some of the common attacks include the following:

  • Phishing Attacks
  • Malware Infections
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) Attacks
  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attacks
  • Payment Card Skimming

It also results in cart abandonment as customers lose trust in the safety of their personal and financial information.

Managed hosting providers implement robust server security measures, including:

  • Regular malware scans
  • Web application firewalls
  • SSL certificates
  • Secure backups to protect sensitive information.

These security features help adhere to PCI compliance for processing sensitive credit card data in e-commerce.

Displaying compliance badges and the SSL padlock during checkout builds customer trust in your site's security. It safeguards the integrity of your online business.

3. Expert Technical Support for Operational Efficiency

Expert Technical Support for Operational Efficiency

Running your Magento site with managed Magento hosting services provides experts to handle operational and maintenance tasks. This enhances operational efficiency with prompt resolution of maintenance issues.

Technical support is available 24/7, eliminating the need to hire in-house staff for system maintenance.

This technical support structure enables timely identification and resolution of issues before they cause downtime. It includes:

  • Troubleshooting Magento errors
  • Optimizing performance
  • Addressing security concerns
  • Maintaining seamless operations

It ensures a seamless customer shopping experience, drives increased traffic and sales, and fosters business growth and success.

4. Scalability for Increased Traffic

Scalability for Increased Traffic

Managed Magento hosting offers scalability to accommodate increased traffic for online stores. It handles the increased demand as the business expands and attracts more visitors. It also maintains a smooth operation, preventing lost sales opportunities.

Managed hosting scale resources rapidly to manage the higher load effectively. This ensures consistent site performance during peak traffic, enhancing sales and maximizing revenue potential.

5. Cost-effective Solution for Better ROI

Cost-effective Solution for Better ROI

Managed Magento hosting boosts website performance and sales. It also provides a cost-effective solution for a better return on investment (ROI).

With managed hosting, businesses can avoid hiring additional IT staff or investing in expensive hardware and software. It saves time and resources while ensuring optimal performance for the Magento store.

Managed hosting experts employ auto-scaling, load balancing, and caching strategies to optimize server resource usage. These techniques based on traffic patterns ensure efficient resource utilization.

How does Managed Hosting Help Improve Magento Site Speed?

How does Managed Hosting Help Improve Magento Site Speed

A reliable Magento hosting provider can load a page in less than 1 second, regardless of the store's size.

MGT-Commerce boasts an impressive page loading time of 0.3 seconds. This exceptional site performance is achieved through a combination of expert optimization techniques:

  1. Server Configuration: The hosting provider fine-tunes Magento dedicated server settings to ensure optimal resource usage. It enhances the Magento page load speed.

  2. Load Balancing: It distributes network traffic evenly across its servers. This prevents any single server from getting overwhelmed. It helps the site to keep running smoothly and prevent overload.

  3. CDN: A Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures quick content delivery to users worldwide. It reduces latency and improves user experience.

  4. Regular Server Updates: The team keeps server software up-to-date. It reduces server issues and enhances the overall operation of the ecommerce store.

  5. Data Compression: They compress all the data available on the website. This results in faster and more efficient data transfer, leading to quicker page loading times.

  6. Caching: It implements effective caching strategies such as Redis, Varnish, and Memcached. This enables the storage and quick delivery of frequently accessed data.

  7. Database Optimization: Regularly optimizing the database ensures it runs smoothly and efficiently. This optimizes the overall shopping experience and minimizes cart abandonment.

  8. Server Software Optimization: It configures MySQL, Elasticsearch, and Nginx/Apache server software. This improves the responsiveness and speed of the Magento store.

  9. Database Partitioning: They strategically divide databases across multiple servers to enhance the speed and efficiency of Magento sites.

  10. Load Testing & System Monitoring: Periodic testing of server load capacity is conducted. The expert team handles the server during peak traffic hours. It also prevents overloading or slow-downs of the server.

  11. Use of Latest Hosting Technologies: A reliable provider will use the latest tech stack, including AWS and Google Cloud services. It also uses tools like PHP7+, Varnish, and Docker. It can significantly enhance store performance.

Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Magento Hosting

Feature Managed Magento Hosting Unmanaged Magento Hosting
Server Configuration Server configuration, server setup, and optimization are fully managed by the hosting provider. Users are responsible for configuring and optimizing the server settings themselves. It requires technical expertise and time investment.
Technical Support 24/7 technical support to assist users with any issues or concerns related to hosting, server management, or the Magento platform. Limited or no support from the hosting provider. Any technical issues or troubleshooting is the user's responsibility.
Security The hosting provider manages security measures, including updates and patches. Users are responsible for implementing and managing security measures.
Performance Optimization Hosting providers optimize server and site performance through various techniques. Users must optimize performance independently.
Backup and Recovery The hosting provider provides automated backup and recovery services. Users must set up and manage backup and recovery processes themselves.
Scalability Providers manage Magento scalability based on demand. It ensures that resources are dynamically allocated to accommodate fluctuations. Users are responsible for scaling the hosting environment as needed.
Cost Managed hosting comes at a higher cost due to the added services and support provided by the provider. Unmanaged hosting typically has a lower cost. Users may incur additional expenses for technical expertise or support services.
Expertise Needed Requires minimal technical expertise from the user. Users may need advanced technical knowledge to configure and manage the hosting environment.
Convenience Offers a convenient and hassle-free hosting experience. Requires more effort and time from the user to configure, optimize, and manage the hosting environment.


1. Does managed Magento hosting comes with support for migration?

Many fully managed Magento hosts offer help installing magento and migrating your existing store data to their servers.

2. Do we get any additional tools with managed hosting to help operate Magento?

Managed Magento hosting plans typically provide additional tools to ease Magento operations. Some examples include MGT Web Application Firewall, MGT Code Deploy, and MGT Varnish Cache.

3. Can I launch my new online store using managed Magento hosting?

Managed Magneto plans provide all the resources ecommerce platforms need to host small sites or large-scale projects.


This article covered why managed Magento hosting is important to optimize your online business. Check out Magento hosting services to enhance the features of your Magento store and make it more effective.

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