The Complete Guide to Fully Managed Magento Hosting in 2024

The Complete Guide to Fully Managed Magento Hosting in 2024

Fully managed Magento hosting is a specialized service. The hosting provider handles all technical aspects of running a Magento store. It includes server maintenance, site security, backups, and optimization. They also monitor your site for security breaches, technical issues, and other concerns. This article covers fully managed Magento hosting, including its definition and reasons for choosing this service. It also highlights its benefits and provides guidance for selecting the best-managed hosting provider.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore how to optimize your Magento store's performance by choosing fully managed hosting services that handle server maintenance, security, and scalability effortlessly.

  • Discover the advantages of SSL certificate installation, enhancing your ecommerce store's security and building trust with customers for secure transactions.

  • Learn how reputable managed hosting providers support Magento 2 store owners by offering comprehensive assistance, backups, and dedicated customer support.

  • Explore the role of data centers and firewalls in safeguarding your Magento ecommerce store against cyber threats and unauthorized access on managed hosting plans.

  • Understand the impact of choosing the right web hosting plan for Magento store owners, influencing site speeds, reliability, and improving customer satisfaction.

What is Managed Magento Hosting?

Managed Magento Hosting Definition

Managed Magento Hosting is a service provided by hosting providers. You are responsible for setting up and maintaining your server in unmanaged hosting. Managed hosting involves your hosting provider handling the server and related software management.

Managed Magento hosting encompasses three key aspects:

  1. In-depth knowledge of the Magento application.
  2. Proficiency in server configurations, including performance, security, and backups.
  3. Expertise in cloud infrastructure.

With managed hosting, experts manage server deployment, perform operating system and plugin updates, and monitor security. They work behind the scenes to ensure your website runs smoothly, even as you expand your product offerings, introduce new features, and experience increased traffic.

This service also includes Magento migration, scalability, improved performance, and enhanced security.

6 Advantages of Fully Managed Magento Hosting for Ecommerce Businesses

1. Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency in Managed Magento Hosting

In unmanaged Magento hosting, businesses may encounter hidden costs. The costs include hiring additional personnel, such as system administrators and database administrators, to oversee technical aspects. These expenses can accumulate significantly.

In contrast, Managed Magento Hosting offers an efficient solution. Expert server administrators and other professionals handle all technical aspects. They ensure the smooth operation of your online store, even during traffic spikes and server loads. It saves costs and allows you to redirect your resources, leading to an improved return on investment (ROI).

2. Increased Security Features

Increased Security Features in Magento Hosting

Managed Magento Hosting offers security packages that include:

These security measures are meticulously managed by hosting providers, ensuring that your ecommerce site remains shielded from various vulnerabilities and potential data breaches.

3. Application-Level Assistance

Application-Level Assistance in Magento Hosting

Operating a Magento Store requires a high level of expertise and experience. It is necessary for server misconfiguration, Magento integration problems, and incorrect caching settings.

Managed Magento support provides professional assistance for managing the Magento infrastructure. Whether customizing your store or integrating new features, these experts ensure a seamless experience. Moreover, in the event of unexpected errors, experts swiftly identify and resolve them before they impact your operations.

4. Scalability

Scalability in Managed Magento Hosting

As your business grows, you need a hosting solution that effortlessly accommodates these changes. With Managed Magento Hosting, scaling your online store becomes hassle-free.

Magento hosting providers can efficiently transition your store to new servers, whether you need to upgrade for increased capacity or downgrade to reduce costs. This seamless Magento scalability ensures that your online operations remain uninterrupted without the complexities of server management.

5. Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization in Magento Hosting

The performance and speed at which your ecommerce website loads directly impact various critical metrics, including bounce rates, conversion rates, sales, and overall revenue.

Managed Magento Support Providers prioritize Magento performance optimization through round-the-clock monitoring and fine-tuning. This proactive approach ensures that your website consistently delivers a fast and reliable shopping experience. It also reduces the likelihood of cart abandonment and customer attrition.

6. Streamlined Operations

Streamlined Operations in Magento Hosting

Managed hosting services entrust all operational and maintenance tasks to specialists, guaranteeing your Magento platform's smooth and reliable performance.

Server administrators quickly address maintenance issues, alleviating you from the burden of managing technical aspects. It frees up your valuable time and provides peace of mind, enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Why Choose Managed Magento Hosting for Your Business?

Why Choose Managed Magento Hosting for Your Business

1. Autoscaling for Enhanced Performance

As your business expands, these hosting plans effortlessly accommodate the increased traffic and demands. With options to scale up in bandwidth, RAM, and storage, these plans ensure your online shop operates smoothly, handling thousands of users without issue.

AWS Autoscaling ensures that your Magento website consistently performs well, even during periods of high visitor traffic. Managed hosting automatically adjusts your site's resources to match the number of visitors, ensuring a fast and reliable online shopping experience.

2. PCI Compliance for Payment Security

PCI compliance is of utmost importance for Magento hosting. It entails strict adherence to rules of compliance such as Magento GDPR for safeguarding credit card information.

Opting for fully managed Magento hosting simplifies the task of maintaining PCI compliance, guaranteeing the continuous availability of your online store.

3. Developer-Friendly Environments for Efficiency

Managed Magento hosting simplifies the need of a Magento developer by providing servers optimized for running Magento sites. It eliminates the need to contend with server-related issues.

It prioritizes seamless functionality, security, and high uptime, creating an environment where developers can excel without the burden of technical problems or website crashes.

4. Dedicated Customer Support

Reliable customer support is essential for the smooth operation of your Magento store. Managed hosting services offer access to a team of Magento experts available 24/7 through phone, chat, or email.

These experts possess an in-depth understanding of Magento and are committed to promptly resolving any issues that may arise. This dependable support ensures you receive consistent assistance whenever needed.

5. Enhanced Website Speed

Fully managed Magento hosting improves website speed by:

  • Fine-tuning server settings for optimal resource utilization.
  • Distributing network traffic evenly across servers to prevent overload.
  • Implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for rapid content delivery.
  • Regularly updating server software to reduce issues and enhance speed.
  • Efficiently compressing data for faster transfer.
  • Employing effective caching strategies (Redis, Varnish, Memcached) for quick retrieval of frequently accessed data.
  • Optimizing server software (MySQL, Elasticsearch, Nginx/Apache) to boost site responsiveness.
  • Strategically placing databases across multiple servers for increased speed.
  • Conducting load testing and system monitoring to prevent overloading or slowdowns, with expert server management during peak traffic hours.

6. Utilization of Cutting-Edge Hosting Technologies

Reliable managed hosting providers harness the most current technology stack, which includes Cloud services like AWS and Google Cloud, alongside tools such as PHP7+, Varnish, and Docker. This strategic utilization of advanced technologies notably enhances the performance of your online store. It also contributes to your Magento-based business platform's efficiency, scalability, and enhancement.

7. Streamlined Migration Processes

Managed hosting provides valuable support by offering complimentary migration assistance to new customers. This service ensures a seamless transition. It includes data transfer and compatibility assessments for add-ons with the updated version of Magento. It minimizes the complexities of transitioning to Managed Magento Hosting. It also allows businesses to transfer their online stores smoothly and efficiently to a more efficient and capable platform.

Key Considerations for Choosing a Managed Magento Hosting Provider

1. Server Location and Its Impact on Speed

Server Location and Its Impact on Speed

The geographical location of your server plays a pivotal role in your website's loading speed for users. Proximity to the server results in faster load times, potentially enhancing sales. Housing your server in a dependable data center is crucial for maintaining consistent uptime.

For instance, MGT Commerce leverages AWS's global infrastructure for Magento hosting. It offers customers access to over 30 geographical regions worldwide to host online stores. This strategic approach involves selecting the nearest server based on your primary audience's location, ensuring high-speed performance.

2. Server Uptime and Reliability

Server Uptime and Reliability in Magento Hosting

Managed Magento hosting ensures high server uptime, which is essential for online stores, as downtime can lead to lost sales. Reputable managed hosting providers excel in delivering excellent server uptime, reducing the risk of website outages. MGT Commerce, for example, offers an impressive Magento page loading time of just 0.3 seconds, emphasizing its commitment to reliability.

3. Expertise in Cloud Hosting

Expertise in Cloud Hosting for Magento

Managed Magento hosting providers with expertise in cloud hosting possess the necessary experience to optimize websites for performance, scalability, and reliability. They harness cloud infrastructure to achieve rapid page loading times and effectively manage increased traffic.

When seeking managed hosting providers, consider those specializing in a specific cloud provider. MGT Commerce, known for its top-tier hardware and technical support, remains a prominent player in Magento cloud hosting. It also offers valuable add-ons such as Varnish cache and MGT Code Deploy. The MGT Control Panel streamlines server settings, deployment, and performance monitoring, enhancing overall efficiency.

4. Level of Managed Magento Hosting Services

Levels of Managed Magento Hosting Services

Managed Magento hosting services offer diverse levels of support and management tailored to meet the specific needs of eCommerce businesses. Managed hosting providers like MGT, Nexcess, and other reputable hosts have earned trust through their excellent hosting experience.

The engineers and Magento support teams step in at each stage, aiding migrations, handling security patches, and optimizing server resources. With partners specializing in Magento 2, Linux, and WordPress hosting, merchants have options for their specific projects.

Fully managed Magento hosting by MGT Commerce comprehensively addresses all hosting requirements. It provides security measures such as MGT WAF, AWS Shield for DDoS mitigation, VPN access, and Automated Magento Backups.

5. Comparison and Customization

Comparison and Customization in Magento Hosting

When reviewing hosting options, assessing the range of hosting plans is crucial. Managed Magento hosting offers a variety of packages, each tailored to different merchant needs. The difference lies in scale, security, and pricing, from VPS plans to cloud servers. Customization options for plugins, themes, and features also set these hosting solutions apart.

  • Examine the provider's reputation, Magento security features, and track record in safeguarding against malware and attacks.
  • Explore the customization options for your Magento store, including the ability to add plugins, themes, and other features.
  • Assess the provider's ability to handle migrations seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition for your ecommerce projects.
  • Look into the availability of SSL certificates, IP addresses, and domain name options.
  • Finally, compare web hosting plans in detail, examining server resources, disk space, and prices to make an informed decision that aligns with your business's goals and requirements.


1. What factors should I consider when choosing a hosting plan for my Magento store?

Several factors are crucial when selecting a hosting service for your Magento store. These include server speeds, security features, scalability options, pricing, reputation of the hosting provider, and the types of web hosting plans available. Assessing these aspects ensures you make an informed choice for the success of your e-commerce platform.

2. How does the installation of an SSL certificate impact the security of my ecommerce store?

SSL certificate installation significantly enhances the safety of your ecommerce store. It encrypts data transmitted between your customers and your site, ensuring secure transactions. SSL certificates also build trust with your clients, ensuring a safe browsing and purchasing experience.

3. What are the advantages of choosing a fully managed hosting service for my Magento 2 store?

Opting for a fully managed hosting service ensures that your Magento 2 store receives comprehensive support. It includes regular security patches, backups, server management, and dedicated customer support. This level of assistance alleviates the burden of technical issues, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

4. How do data centers and firewalls contribute to the safety of my ecommerce store on a managed hosting plan?

Data centers and firewalls are pivotal in securing your ecommerce store on a managed hosting plan. Data centers ensure reliable and secure server infrastructure, while firewalls prevent unauthorized access and potential cyber threats. This combined protection protects your ecommerce platform against various attacks and vulnerabilities.

5. What sets different web hosting plans apart, and how do these plans impact conversions?

Web hosting plans for Magento store owners vary in scale, features, and pricing. These plans affect Magento conversions by influencing site speeds, reliability, and security. Choosing the right plan tailored to your store's needs ensures optimal performance. It positively impacts conversions and customer satisfaction.

6. Can managed hosting providers handle seamless migrations for ecommerce projects?

Managed hosting providers often offer seamless migration assistance, aiding in the smooth transition of ecommerce projects. This service includes data transfer and compatibility assessments. It reduces complexities associated with migrating to a more efficient hosting platform. This seamless migration contributes to improved site performance and enhanced customer experience.

7. How do reputable hosting providers support ecommerce agencies and companies in their projects?

Reputable hosting providers offer dedicated support to ecommerce agencies and companies by providing scalable hosting solutions, expert technical support, and tailored web hosting plans. This support ensures agencies and companies can focus on their projects without worrying about technical issues or server management.


Fully managed Magento hosting offers a specialized service tailored for ecommerce platforms. It provides many advantages, such as enhanced security, scalability, and seamless operations for your project. Explore Magento server hosting for an all-encompassing solution that ensures flexibility and feature-rich support for your ecommerce platform.

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