How to Create Magento Catalog Price Rules

How to Create Magento Catalog Price Rules

Catalog price rules are applied before a product is placed into the shopping cart. It is visible in the catalog, motivating customers to add the product to the cart.

Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules offer store owners a powerful built-in marketing tool for applying discounts and running promotional campaigns. This easy-to-use feature allows you to manage product prices and discounts without needing third-party solutions.

This tutorial covers Catalog Price Rules and how to set them up for your products.

What is a Magento Catalog Price Rule?

A Magento Catalog Price Rule is a set of conditions you can create. It is based on customer groups, product attributes, and other factors to apply discounts to your products in the catalog.

The discount is automatically applied and displayed in the customer catalog when a product meets these conditions. Catalog price rules don't require coupon codes. Customers can view deals while browsing your store, encouraging them to buy even more.

How to Create Magento 2 Catalog Price Rules

1. Navigate to the Admin Panel

  • Log in to your Magento 2 admin panel
  • Go to Marketing > Promotions > Catalog Price Rules

Accessing Magento 2 admin panel for catalog price rules

2. Add a New Rule

  • Click on "Add New Rule"
  • Fill in the required information in the Rule Information section, such as rule name, description, and status (Active/Inactive)
  • Define the rule's scope by selecting the website and customer group to which it applies

Adding a new catalog price rule in Magento 2

3. Set the Conditions

  • In the Conditions section, create the rule's conditions based on product attributes
  • Leave the conditions blank if you want to apply the rule to all products

Setting conditions for Magento catalog price rule

4. Define the Actions

  • In the Actions section, choose how the discount will be applied. It includes percentage, fixed amount, or adjusted final price.
  • Set the discount amount and any additional settings, such as discarding subsequent rules

Actions settings in Magento catalog price rule

5. Save and Test the Rule

  • Click "Save" to save your new catalog price rule
  • Test the rule on your storefront to ensure it works correctly

Saving and testing a catalog price rule in Magento 2

Benefits of Using Price Rules for Store Owners and Customers

Price rules in Magento 2 offer several benefits for both store owners and customers:

  1. Store owners can create targeted promotions. It encourages customers to make instant purchase decisions.
  2. Customers can enjoy discounted prices on selected products, increasing their satisfaction and likelihood of returning to the store

Differences Between Cart Price and Catalog Price Rules

  • Cart price rules are applied during the checkout process. Catalog price rules are used before a product is placed into the cart.
  • Cart price rules are based on shopping cart attributes. Catalog price rules are based on product attributes.
  • Cart price rules allow for discounts on shipping amounts, and catalog price rules do not.

Best Practices for Launching Promotional Campaigns

  • Duration: Create time-limited promotions or event-based campaigns to create a sense of urgency.

  • Target audience: Set price rules for specific customer groups or the entire customer pool.

  • Advertising: Prominently display relevant banners and promotions to make them visible to customers.

FAQs for Magento Cart Price Rules

1. What is the difference between the final and original prices in Magento 2?

The original price is the price set for a product before any price rules are applied. The final price to discounted price after any applicable catalog or cart price rules have been used.

2. How are price rules applied in Magento 2?

Price rules are applied based on the conditions and actions set up in the admin panel. Discounts are applied to products for catalog price rules before they are added to the cart.

3. How do I adjust the final price of a product using a catalog price rule in Magento 2?

In the catalog price rule's "Action" section, you can apply the discount as a percentage of the original price or a fixed amount. Or you can adjust the final price to this percentage or fixed value. This will change the final product price according to the chosen method.

4. What is a rule-based price rule in Magento?

A rule-based price rule in Magento is a pricing strategy that allows you to create discounts and promotions based on specific conditions. These conditions can be related to product attributes, customer groups, or other factors.

Rule-based price rules can be catalog or cart price rules, depending on when the discounts are applied.

5. How do I apply a fixed amount discount using a cart price rule in Magento 2?

To apply a fixed amount discount using a cart price rule, first, create a new shopping cart price rule in the admin panel. In the "Actions" section, select "Fixed Amount Discount" as the discount type and enter the desired discount amount.

Set the conditions and save the rule to apply the fixed discount to the eligible products during checkout.

6. What is an attribute set in Magento 2?

An attribute set in Magento 2 is a collection of product attributes that define the characteristics of a product. Attribute sets can create catalog or cart price rules based on specific product attributes, allowing you to apply discounts and promotions to a group of products with similar attributes.

7. How do I select the shopping cart price rule in Magento 2?

To select a shopping cart price rule in Magento 2, navigate to Marketing > Promotions > Cart Price Rules in the admin panel. You will see a list of existing cart price rules. Click on the rule you want to edit or select "Add New Rule" to create a new cart price rule.

8. How do we add and navigate to the marketing promotions catalog price rule in Magento 2?

To add products to a marketing promotions catalog price rule, you need to set up conditions based on product attributes in the "Conditions" section. Once the conditions are set, the rule will automatically apply to the products that match the specified criteria.

9. How do I apply a discount as a fixed amount in Magento 2?

To apply a discount as a fixed amount in Magento 2, create a new price rule, either catalog or cart and in the "Actions" section, choose "Apply as Fixed Amount."

Enter the fixed discount amount and set up the conditions for the rule. Save the rule, and the fixed amount discount will be applied to the eligible products.


Magento 2's catalog price rules help create effective promotional campaigns that boost sales and customer engagement.

By understanding how to set it up and applying the best practices, you can maximize its benefits for your online store.

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