Configure Magento 2 Extra Fee Extensions: Top 5 Extensions

Configure Magento 2 Extra Fee Extensions: Top 5 Extensions

Magento 2 extra fee extension allows e-commerce businesses to implement additional charges for add-on services. Stores can use it to charge customers for extra services, such as expedited shipping, gift wrapping, installation fees, etc. This tutorial covers Magento 2 extensions to add extra fees and their configuration.

Key Takeaways

  • Magento 2 extra fee extensions enhance pricing strategy, the checkout experience, and Adobe Commerce functionality.

  • Extensions offer better customization and improve user engagement, supporting multiple browser versions.

  • Options like fixed or percentage fees and conditions tailored by customer groups or regions provide flexibility.

  • Customers appreciate transparent pricing and having choices in additional services at checkout.

  • Regular updates and documentation of extra fee extensions ensure ease of use and integration for developers.

Why use the Magento 2 Extra Fee module?

The extra fee Magento extension simplifies offering optional paid services to customers. With this extension, you can easily set up different fees and automatically apply them at checkout. Customers can choose their desired fee option before purchasing, enhancing the flexibility of your online store.

The key reasons behind using Magento 2 extra fee extensions are:

1. Enhanced Pricing Strategy

Adding surcharges through the extra fee extension offers merchants a sophisticated pricing strategy. It goes beyond basic product pricing. Merchants can introduce fees like expedited shipping or gift wrapping. This way, they can cater to specific customer needs without affecting the base price of items. It leads to transparent pricing and enhances customer satisfaction.

2. Streamlined Checkout Experience

Integrating the extra fee feature into the checkout page can simplify the buying process. With the help of the plugin, customers can conveniently select services like insurance or gift wrapping directly on the checkout page. It is made possible by JavaScript's dynamic capabilities, which reduce cart abandonment rates.

3. Increased Adobe Commerce Functionality

The implementation of extra fee extensions is a type of upgrade. It can significantly enhance your Adobe Commerce site's functionality. It opens up new possibilities for service offerings. For example, premium installation or extended warranty options. This helps your online store stand out amongst competitors.

4. Better Customization Options

Customization is essential for online store platforms, and the Magento 2 extra fee module provides extensive options. It enables businesses to tailor fees based on categories or specific items. This gives customers a personalized shopping experience and developers the flexibility to handle various pricing cases.

5. Improved User Engagement

By leveraging the extra fee extension, users can be given choices leading to better engagement. For example, they may add a gift card or choose from various types of insurance plans for their purchase. This empowerment can lead to stronger loyalty and positive reviews from users who appreciate the added control over their shopping experience.

6. Support for Multiple Browser Versions

Good software development takes into account the need for cross-browser compatibility. A robust Magento 2 extra fee extension ensures that all your users have a seamless experience, whether using the latest version of their preferred browser or an earlier one, mitigating any potential issue that could arise from browser inconsistencies.

7. Accessibility for all Developers

Whether you're handling the development in-house or seeking external developers' help, Magento 2 extra fee extensions are designed to be accessible and straightforward to implement. Additionally, extensive documentation typically accompanies these modules. This documentation assists developers in troubleshooting any pages or invoice-related issues during the integration.

5 Magento 2 Extra Fee Extensions

1. Magento 2 Extra Fee by MageComp

MageComp Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension

The Magento 2 Extra Fee extension allows store owners to add extra fees or charges effortlessly. These can be for payment methods, small orders, customer groups, specific countries/regions, etc.

With the ability to apply fixed or percentage-based fees, this extension provides a flexible solution to optimize store expenditure. It even allows for refunds if needed. This functionality helps enhance revenue and improve overall store performance.

Price: $129.00

2. Extra Fee for Magento 2 by Amasty

Amasty Magento Extra Fee Extension

The Magento 2 Extra Fee extension enhances your online store. It allows you to generate extra fees for various services. You can add multiple pay blocks, providing customers with charge options before completing their purchase. This flexible module empowers you to create various types of fees.

You can display additional information and apply conditions based on payment and shipping methods, product selection, and cart attributes. Boost your revenue and comply with tax laws by implementing extra fees that work for your success. Enjoy the convenience of GraphQL compatibility and API support.

Price: €205

3. Multi Fees extension for Magento 2 by MageWorx

MageWorx Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension

The Multi Fees module for Magento allows for easy setup of various fees such as product, payment, shopping cart, and shipping fees. This module provides flexible fee calculation options.

It allows for personalized charges based on customer location or group. It also offers a convenient way to add additional charges as needed. It also supports advanced conditions and seamlessly integrates with Magento 2 REST API and GraphQL API.

Price: $199

4. Mage Array Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension

Mage Array Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension

The Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension allows you to charge additional fees for products, categories, orders, and payments easily. You can customize fees to suit your needs. Choose from unlimited fee options, fixed or percentage amounts.

The extension also supports multiple languages. It provides a seamless user experience. You can review and apply fees at different stages of the purchasing process.

Price: $149

5. Aitoc Extra Fee for Magento 2

Aitoc Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension

With the extension, you can easily add unlimited additional fees to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Whether gift-wrapping, rush delivery, or check commissions, you can customize fee options based on different store views.

The admin panel is user-friendly. It allows you to manage fee displays with flexible conditions. With this powerful tool, you can increase your average order value, drive more sales, and save on billing expenses.

Price: $99.00

Configuring Magento 2 Extra Fee MageComp Extension

After successfully installing the extension, navigate to Stores -> Configuration to set up and configure the extension for usage.

Magento Extra Fee Extension Configuration

  • Extra Fee: Enable or disable extension.

  • Fee Name: Custom title for extra fee in-store front.

  • Extra Fee Amount: Set charges for an extra fee.

  • Minimum Order Amount to Display Extra Fee: Specify the minimum order amount for enabling extra fee in-store frontend.

After configuring the extension correctly, an additional fee will be visible on the shopping cart page of the store's front end.

Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension Shopping Cart Page

Additionally, note that your order summary may reflect an additional fee during checkout.

Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension Addition Fee

After a customer orders through the storefront, the admin can view any additional fee charges applied in the backend order view.

Magento 2 Extra Fee Extension Backend Order View

Benefits of Using Magento 2 Extra Fee Extensions

1. Flexible Surcharging Options

With the Magento 2 Extra Fee extension, merchants can add surcharges to specific conditions tailored to their business needs. Whether for handling delivery fees in remote locations or levying payment fees for certain product types, the extension's flexibility ensures that additional costs are transparent to customers. Customers know these extra charges from the beginning of their shopping experience to the end.

2. Enhanced Product Presentation

Create a more compelling product page. Include surcharges for premium features like gift wrap or an expansive images gallery. Showcasing these options upfront helps customers visualize the added value to their purchase. This leads to higher expectations and more informed decision-making.

3. Dynamic Tax Management

The extension simplifies the complexity of handling taxes and payment fees for different categories or regulations. Sellers can configure tax rules to calculate additional costs automatically based on the product type, category, or payment method. This ensures accuracy and compliance with tax regulations.

4. Geotargeted Fee Rules

Business owners can optimize their pricing strategy by applying surcharges based on customers' locations. The Magento 2 Extra Fee extension supports conditional settings. This allows merchants to set up location-specific fees that reflect the cost of serving those areas. They can then adjust prices accordingly.

5. Streamlined Checkout Process

Minimize friction during checkout. Provide a detailed description of additional fees. Empower customers with clear expectations. This reduces abandonment due to unexpected costs. Enhance the user experience by making all necessary information accessible before the final click.

6. Robust Reporting and Analytics

Gain insightful data on the surcharges applied. Discover the most common extra fees and how they impact your shop's bottom line. Tailored reports equip merchants with the information needed to optimize their fee strategies. Adapt to changes in consumer behavior or business requirements.

7. Developer and Merchant Support

Leverage a comprehensive user guide and developer-centric updates subscription. This ensures stability and smooth integration. Continuous access to updates and robust support channels. It means developers and merchants can maintain EE (Enterprise Edition) stability. They can also meet evolving expectations while committing to resolving issues promptly.


1. What happens in case of a pricing error in my store?

If a pricing error occurs, update the product price immediately. Communicate the correction to affected customers. Offer store credit or a refund if money has been overcharged.

2. How do I add a product photo with specific conditions in Magento?

Select the 'Add Image' link within the product listing under the 'Images & Videos' section. Ensure the photo meets the stated size, resolution, and content conditions before uploading.

3. Can I create a credit memo in Magento 2 for partial refunds?

Yes, Magento 2 allows the creation of credit memos. Go to the 'Credit Memos' section, select the corresponding order, click 'View,' and initiate a partial or full refund action.

4. How can I ensure my product prices are competitive with Google Shopping results?

Regularly monitor Google Shopping for competitor pricing. Adjust your product prices accordingly, and consider using dynamic pricing tools for automatic updates. Also, leverage Magento's built-in analytics to track and analyze pricing trends in the market.

5. How can I create a seamless checkout experience for my customers?

Remove unnecessary steps, offer multiple payment options, and ensure fast page loading times. Additionally, regularly test and optimize the checkout process based on customer feedback. Use reliable Magento hosting and consider implementing features like guest checkout, one-click ordering, and saved payment options.

6. How can I prevent fraudulent transactions in my store?

Implement security measures such as two-factor authentication, address verification, and fraud detection software. Regularly monitor transaction activity and investigate any suspicious patterns or activities. Consider implementing a fraud prevention policy for your employees to follow.


Using Magento 2 extra fee extensions, merchants can easily create additional fees for their products or services. These extensions provide flexibility in setting up different fees, such as handling fees, convenience fees, and custom product options. For optimal performance and scalability of your Magento store, consider leveraging managed Magento hosting solutions.

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