5 Steps to Set Magento 2 Search Weight

5 Steps to Set Magento 2 Search Weight

Looking to enhance your e-commerce store's search functionality? Magento 2 search weight plays an essential role in this. It helps determine the order in which products appear in search results. This setting boosts the visibility of key items, improving customer experience. This tutorial provides a detailed guide to setting the Magento 2 search weight.

Key Takeaways

  • Set Magento 2 search weight easily to help customers find products.

  • Learn how to prioritize attributes for better search results.

  • Understand how search weight affects product visibility.

  • Improve customer experience with Magento 2 search weight.

  • Follow simple steps to set search weight effectively.

  • Avoid common mistakes when applying search weight in Magento 2.

What is Weighted Search in Magento 2?

Weighted search in Magento 2 allows store admins to prioritize certain product attributes over others in the search results.

Admins can ensure that products with key Magento product attributes are more visible to customers.

Magento 2 offers a versatile system of 10 levels of search weight, ranging from 1 to 10. The weight assigned to an attribute determines its priority in search results. A weight of 1 is the lowest. It indicates that the attribute is less likely to appear in Magento search results. Conversely, a weight of 10 is the highest. It ensures the attributes are prioritized first in search results.

It enables products with higher weighted attributes to appear before the lower weights in search results. For example, consider assigning a weight of 3 to a product's color attribute and a weight of 1 to its description. Searching for "red" will then show products with the color red before those with "red" in their description.

This approach not only streamlines the search process but also enhances customer satisfaction. It quickly directs them to the most relevant products. Implementing weighted search effectively requires careful planning. It also requires an understanding of which attributes matter most to customers.

5 Steps to Set Magento 2 Search Weight

Step 1: Login to the Magento admin panel.

Step 2: Navigate to Stores > Attributes > Product in the admin sidebar.

Navigating to product attributes in Magento 2 admin panel for search weight configuration

Step 3: Locate the attribute you wish to edit and open it in edit mode.

Editing a product attribute in Magento 2 to set search weights

Step 4: In the left panel, choose Storefront Properties and do the following:

Configuring search weight settings from 1 to 10 and saving changes in Magento 2

  • Enable the attribute for search by setting Use in Search to Yes.
  • Assign a search weight between 1 and 10 under Search Weight. Remember, 10 signals the highest visibility in search results. Attributes default to a weight of 1 if no value is specified.

Step 5: Finalize your adjustments by clicking Save Attribute.

What is the Search Weight Impact on Product Visibility in Magento 2?

Search Weight Visibility Impact
1 Lowest visibility. Products are less likely to appear at the top.
2-3 Low visibility. Products start to appear but behind higher weights.
4-6 Medium visibility. Products are more likely to show up in searches.
7-9 High visibility. Products appear towards the top of search results.
10 Highest visibility. These products appear first in search results.

Benefits of Magento 2 Search Weight

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Magento 2’s search weight improves how quickly and accurately customers find products. By setting higher weights for key attributes, shoppers are directed to the most relevant items. It reduces frustration and enhances the shopping experience, encouraging repeat visits.

2. Greater Product Visibility

With Magento 2's search weight, you can strategically promote your products. By assigning a higher search weight to select items, you ensure they appear at the top of catalog search results. It effectively showcases new releases or highlights special deals. It influences purchasing decisions and makes these items more noticeable.

3. Tailored Search Results for Strategic Alignment

Adjusting the weight allows businesses to align their online store with strategic goals. For example, if the goal is to clear out inventory, Magento items in stock can be given a higher weight. It helps them to appear first in search results.

4. Streamlined Product Listing Management

Retailers can control the order in which products are displayed. It allows for a more organized presentation of items. It supports strategic product placement and inventory management.

5. Adaptable Marketing Strategies

The flexibility to adjust search weights enables stores to adapt their marketing strategies. For example, increasing the search weight of seasonal products can boost visibility and sales. It is especially beneficial during peak periods. It aligns product offerings with market demand.

6. Optimized Search Functionality Enhances Site Usability

You can refine search results to prioritize relevance and customer preference. It improves the overall usability of the e-commerce platform. It not only aids in customer retention but also attracts new customers through a superior search experience.

Effective Strategies for Setting Search Weight in Magento 2

1. Prioritize Customer Search Behavior

Understand how your customers search for products. Analyze search data to identify which attributes they prioritize, such as color, size, or brand. This insight helps in assigning appropriate weights to these attributes. It also makes search results more relevant.

2. Balance Between Bestsellers and Niche Products

Assign higher weights to bestsellers to maintain their visibility. However, niche products should also be considered. It helps attract specific customer segments. This balanced approach ensures a diverse range of products appears in search results. It ensures your ecommerce caters to a wider audience.

3. Regularly Update Search Weights

Consumer trends and preferences change over time. Regularly review and adjust the search weights of product attributes to reflect these changes. This responsiveness to market dynamics helps keep your product listings relevant and aligned.

4. Test and Optimize Search Weight Settings

Implement A/B testing to compare different ecommerce product search weight configurations. Evaluate their impact on search result relevance and sales conversion. Use these insights to optimize weight settings.

5. Consider the Weight of Non-Product Attributes

Beyond product attributes, consider setting weights for other search-related factors. It includes product reviews or ratings. Higher weights for products with better reviews can improve customer trust and satisfaction.

6. Educate Your Team on Search Weight Importance

Ensure your team understands the importance of search weights and how they impact customer experience and sales. Training can empower them to contribute effectively to the store's search optimization efforts.

Common Errors in Applying Search Weight in Magento 2

1. Uniform Weights Across Attributes

Assigning the same weight to all attributes neglects their varying importance. Differentiate weights based on the attribute's significance to enhance search relevancy.

2. Overlooking Ratings and Reviews

Products with higher ratings often signify better customer satisfaction. Ignoring this in your search strategy can result in lower-quality products appearing first. Consider incorporating product ratings into your weight decisions.

3. Skipping Testing and Feedback Integration

Not testing the impact of search weights or ignoring customer feedback can hinder optimization. Implement testing phases and user feedback to fine-tune your strategy.


1. What does the tutorial cover regarding Magento 2 Search Weight?

This tutorial comprehensively explains how to set the search weight for product attributes in Magento 2. It guides users through the process of prioritizing specific attributes. It enhances product visibility in search results. It also ensures customers easily find relevant items.

2. How can I enable a property to be searched in Magento 2?

To enable a property for search, navigate to "Storefront Properties" for the desired attribute in the Magento admin panel. Then, set "Use in Search" to "Yes." This action allows the attribute to influence search results based on its assigned search weight.

3. Can I assign a search weight of 1 to multiple attributes simultaneously?

Yes, you can assign a search weight of 1 to multiple attributes concurrently. Magento 2's system allows for the flexible assignment of weights for various attributes. It ensures control over the search prioritization process.

4. How does assigning a search weight impact products with a color attribute?

Assigning a higher search weight to a color attribute ensures that products with that attribute appear in search results. For example, giving "red" a weight of 3 would prioritize Magento products available in that color. It would prioritize them over others with a lower weight or without the "red" attribute.

5. Can I assign a search weight based on a word or number attribute?

Yes, you can assign a search weight to both word and number attributes in Magento 2. This flexibility allows for precise control over how various attributes influence the ordering of search results. It facilitates an optimized search experience for customers.


Magento 2 search weight ensures that specific product attributes receive prioritized visibility in search results. By following these simple steps and implementing effective strategies, you can:

  1. Enhance customer experience by helping shoppers find products easily
  2. Increase product visibility and showcase your best offerings
  3. Tailor search results to align with your strategic goals
  4. Streamline product listing management for better organization
  5. Adapt your marketing strategies to meet market demands
  6. Optimize search functionality to improve site usability

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